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  1. That slate and brick colour scheme is--as my Appalachian grandmother would say--"pure sex." It's just fits so well for Texas and is the perfect alternative for yet-another-blue-and-red. Kudos!
  2. Chiefs: Like the recoloured logo! 49er's: Logo looks a little naked without the black; I really like the secondary logo! Both Titans and Packers look good.
  3. ETSU alumnus here (Class of 2000)! I no longer live in the area and don't really keep up with the new football program, but these look very nice! I think I'm partial to Version 2. I like the subliminal mountains on the shoulders. Keep up the good work!
  4. The mountains on the caps look a little busy; the "CR" gets lost. Maybe if you raised the peak of the mountain and used just a "C" or "R" that would be centered below the peak? I love the mountains on the sleeves, though. Good job!
  5. That primary logo for the Padres is beyond perfection! A unique design fitting for the franchise. The higher-ups in that organization need to see this concept ASAP.
  6. This took me aback for a few minutes until I got adjusted to the green. It works! Other than some small details, you're essentially taking out the navy and replacing it with the green. Definitely has a Boston/Irish vibe to it. Plus it gets the BoSox away from the over-used red/white/blue colour schemes in major sports. Good work. Again, thanks for thinking outside the box!
  7. I have no specific criticisms for any of these...I think the only one that caught me off guard was the Kansas City uniforms. I have to commend you for really thinking outside the box on many of these, especially the "untouchable" uniforms and logos. Too many ballclubs and their fans are too hesitant of even considering something different; Pro sports teams need people like you to come in and shake things up! These are really terrific! I'm a Red Sox fan, so I'm excited to know they are next.
  8. Pats fan here...these look really cool! The uniforms are definitely a breath of fresh air. I've felt for the past few years that the flying Elvis has worn thin and I've wanted to return to the Pat Patriot logo or something similar. Yours is a good mix of the two. I doubt, however, that the Pats will change much of anything until the Brady/Belicheck era is over (superstition and all that).
  9. I know this is an old thread, but I'm a long time lurker and I've just now opened an account. These are all very well done. Montana, South Dakota, and Kansas are particularly brilliant.