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  1. any chance, just for fun we could see this one in grey?
  2. There is currently definitely red being put in the chief EZ. I cant make out for sure but it looks like a red EZ for KC Hope im wrong
  3. That is sharp!!!!! Ravens EZ looks great with black helmet on purple background!!!!
  4. This one looks the best to me but i am very doubtful that they will actually outline the chiefs font unfortunately.
  5. 80's Broncos EZ easily one of the best of all time!!!!! Lifelong Cowboys fan growing up but my favorite player as a kid was John Elway. First Super Bowl I remember watching was Giants vs Broncos.
  6. The things I like most about the double helmet EZ: 1. It’s balanced. Makes the field uniform which you would think for the strict as heck NFL, they wouldn’t be so sloppy and complacent about the biggest sporting event in the U.S. 2. Contrasting colors .
  7. Amazing how even an all blue field can look amazing with the contrasting colors from the helmet. Hey NFL, take notice!!!!!!
  8. if you post this somewhere, let me know. love to look.
  9. love to see this!!!!! I messaged Roger Goodell on twitter but no response, lol.
  10. Love to see how each super bowl that didn’t have the double helmet EZ would have looked (Post SB 30). big fan of the work.