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  1. Really like the purple alternate helmet. The Huskies are looking great.
  2. I feel like there is a creative way that you could fit an H into the primary but otherwise I think this is a nice looking logo set. Looking forward to seeing the jerseys.
  3. New York looks fantastic. Great work as per usual.
  4. That's funny because I am actually not really digging the metallic grey. Otherwise I think this is a really nice take on the Rams new uni set. I'd also like to see a white outline on the blue jersey. I am digging the throwback Colour Rush.
  5. You could be right. It does look good and Nashville is a very good example. Also agreed on the Bills in royal.
  6. The Rams in a yellow primary doesn't look bad at all as a concept. I question whether the players would want to wear those on a regular basis or if they'd petition to wear the whites on a more regular basis.
  7. While I think it would look great, the look might be too close to the rival Patriots than the Bills would like.
  8. Karnage84


    Personally, I really like the logo and even the uniform. Maybe it's not perfect but it is sharp and modern while retaining some of the traditional elements. That presentation video is something else. Very, very impressive IMO.
  9. I do like this a lot better. What you could look at trying is replacing the black in the logo with a darker shade of green. Then swapping out the silver on the arm band for your current shade of green and using the darker for the trees. This still looks really good but it is a way that you could tie everything in together and eliminate black from the colour scheme. I tried it out in Pixlr and thought it came out really nice. For your alt, I would still get rid of the dots. While this is a minor league it definitely gives me that ECHL vibe where things like Burger King night or Star Wars night with themed jerseys aren't out of the ordinary. Personally, I like seeing things in logos/uniforms that are incorporated in a clever way. Having that outline without the dots is a bit more subtle. Using the secondary logo might point it out a bit more, which would be helpful to someone not paying THAT much attention to uniforms like our collection of lunatics seem to do.
  10. Very fair points. Those were my thoughts in a vacuum without incorporating the longstanding history.
  11. I did a mock up of my thoughts on your Home (?) Sudbury design. Does have a bit of a Seattle Kraken feel with the muted colours and the bright red accent. I am just an amateur and use Pixlr. Essentially, I used the picker tool to select your green and then found a slightly darker version. I coloured the bottom in the darker green and replaced the dark grey with the dark green. It looked great in the trees but wasn't enough of a contrast in some ways with the principal green colour. I replaced white with the red accents. I coloured the numbers with the dark green replacing the dark grey and red replacing the light silver. Overall I got a Minnesota Wild meets the Seattle Kraken vibe. I was just curious to see how it might look with my suggestions. At the end of the day, these are your concepts.This has been an interesting series to watch from afar. Keep up the great work.
  12. I actually really like this combination. Only two critiques are that the logo should incorporate navy somehow as should the other elements which are grey. It makes the grey versions seem disjointed from the rest of the set IMO. I also found the number font to be a bit difficult to read. Maybe use an outline to help it pop or use another one in that ballpark.
  13. I'm not feeling Sudbury that much. A lot of your other concepts have been professional-ish while this has a majorly amateurish feel. I think that you could use red as an accent to tie it in more with the logo. Personally, I would be more in favour of a sublimated version of the trees (green on green and white on white). I think the alternate could work if you swapped out the primary with the secondary logo and then removed the grey dots while retaining the outline.
  14. Totally fair on your comments re: feedback. This looks much better. I had zero issues with the number font had they just made them solid as opposed to the clock number styling. Great job!