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  1. Really sharp update on QC. I think the FDL's bring something unique/texture-like (maybe not the right way to put it but I can't think of another way to describe it) to it without overpowering the rest of the design. Even if you removed the logo, someone would be able to determine which team that the jersey is for - which makes it iconic. So well done.
  2. It is a subtle difference (the shield/football shape) but once you see it, you can't unsee it. The design team really dropped the proverbial ball on this as that's almost a given for a lot of team logos. Team mascot + (insert sport ball/bat/stick). Nice job on doing what the pro's should have done in the first place. Definite improvement.
  3. Hey man, it's your show. We're just here to see what you come up with. Good point on Atlanta.
  4. Another really good solution. Out of curiousity, looked up the population for each Houston - 6.9M Atlanta - 6.0M Orlando - 2.6M
  5. I can understand the overall predicament and I think you've done a nice job overall in balancing things out. You might be able to achieve a similar result if you were to have a team based in Houston instead of Orlando while retaining the same division breakdowns. For being such a large state, it feels like it could support two NHL teams and you're not throwing the balance out that you've worked hard to achieve. Portland, Quebec and San Diego are all good choices and align well geographically. Regardless of which direction you go, I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  6. Hoping that this is not the end. Would love to see some expansion teams.
  7. Also.. you have to stop working on this until you've seen 'Semi-Pro', you jive turkey.
  8. I had been thinking of just straight 'OVO' style old gold on black (home) and black on old gold (away). This way if you went a "bottom left" type of colour scheme for Owen Sound, it would differentiate the two teams. Removing white in the jersey design would be reminiscent of the Senator's new-ish re-design. It also is a direct call back to the car. The flame on that gear should match the lines (in my opinion) of the birds wings.
  9. Yes - see Arizona State https://images.app.goo.gl/Tmy1oub31CTGtXz37 I don't love the design but the concept is similar enough.
  10. nah.. I was thinking like black on black or red on red.. sublimated. It's subtle, kind of like Oklahoma State has the barbed wire elements in their uniforms.
  11. Love the Tillman throwback. Great job there. I really like the overall set except for that odd salute to the flag alternate. Just doesn't really work for me. For the black, I'd go cardinal red on black without the white. Lean into the blackout but keep the red. What's the point of a team being called the "Cardinals" if you don't have cardinal red.
  12. Really not digging this Texas Tech concept. There are a lot of similarities to Ohio State without being OSU. The silver on white with subtle red accents just doesn't really seem to work. It also seems unbalanced because Silver isn't included anywhere else. Just seems a bit forced. With two minutes of research, I can see that Texas Tech already has its own history and has previously used a black on black throwback. It's a great look and I don't think you really need to reference the Falcons because TT already has this in their own history. What might be a cool feature is a sublimated star on the sleeves and using shoulder numbers. TT has tried to do Texas themed jerseys in the past. This would be a nod to that but more subtle. It would be a nod to the past but bringing in something a little more unique/modern to help attract the young recruits. It might work.. it might not.
  13. I hadn't heard about this but this is a fantastic concept. My only concern is that it seems to be connected to the Jets although the colour scheme says otherwise.
  14. It is minor league... I think you could have two exhaust pipes create opposing F's (FF). Maybe re-create the Pontiac Firebird logo but in the styling of the old Washington Capitals eagle. https://images.app.goo.gl/2yUEEYvm5vubSqKBA I don't think that you have a black/vegas gold team right now, so it would change things up from the usual red/blue or blue/red. For the orange - I would go with a "Semi-Pro/Flint Tropics" themed alternate BUT... do a much better job than what the Firebirds actually did. Because theirs looked like a crappy practice jersey. It isn't often that a fake team from your town is arguably more popular than your actual team. It's minor league - better to have some fun with it.
  15. I think that you need to work on this one. Flint calls itself "Vehicle City" and I have to imagine that the team is called the Firebirds because of the Pontiac Firebird. So I would lean into that with the logo, bringing in the muscle car inspiration, etc. They are mostly known for the gold on black or black on red. I like the orange but it just feels like a missed opportunity to really flesh out this identity.
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