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  1. This looks really sharp and much better than what they currently wear. I'm not a huge fan of the logo patch and prefer a cleaner/professional look.
  2. I would also consider making the arrow yellow, the monogram red and outline white.
  3. Everything looks awesome except the Chiefs logo has this orange haze from a distance. The helmet logo looks like the red and the yellow kind of blend in together, at least it does for me.
  4. I actually really like the fisherman logo myself but this is a great job and a vast improvement over what was delivered.
  5. It's really not that bad. It might look too cluttered if you're looking at double digits but it's hard to say.
  6. I think this is a great look overall. How about using the diagonal stripes from the "Guelph" logo in the numbers in the alternate?
  7. Very sharp! That really finishes off the jersey set. Really like the alternate tornado logo. Not sold on the wordmark or the alternate jersey but I'm probably just being nitpicky.
  8. I was wrong, your Guelph logo (with the charcoal) really pops. The jerseys look fantastic. The slightest of feedback points - match the hem line of the away jersey with the home jersey. Add a small maroon stripe on the bottom. Otherwise, these are rock solid and possibly the best in the series.
  9. Which could be rectified with a silver/charcoal combo. Black (which they have been using for a while) just feels a bit too harsh and takes away from a nice albeit plain, maroon/silver combo. What about trying that G logo inside of the triangle and using that as the primary with your current primary as a fauxback? It has a vintage vibe while the G logo has a more modern feel.
  10. These are just my thoughts, take them for what you want. If you wanted to stick with the stripes, I would rather go maroon home and white away. The home jersey looks like an alternate IMO. For your alternate, I'd like to see you utilize that 'G' logo which was a nice callback to their past. I'd also like to see your Basilica logo utlized, probably in your primary's and the triangle used in your alternate. The Basilica is just too nice to not be used while the triangle would strengthen that throwback/fauxback vibe. Guelph uses black in their colour scheme. I wonder how a mix of maroon/white/silver/charcoal would work. Not a black but a dark grey reminiscent of storm clouds.
  11. I second this. Would also include white stripes in the black. The red is a really nice look and makes a great alternate with this setup.
  12. Agreed on the patch. I think it takes away more from the uniform than it adds. I had my hesitations on the red but it has been tastefully done. I'd consider adding a second stripe on the pants to match the jerseys. Overall, this is a really solid take which provides something different.
  13. The Guelph Storm really don't give you much help over their history. The throwback main (with the triangle) just does not look like anything related to a storm/tornado. I know it's a take off of that old school logo but that one looked a bit more like one with the different textures. It was still a horrible 90's era logo. I like your take on the Basilica better than the team's actual alternate logo. It's clean and simple but still very apparent on what it is intending to be.
  14. The dark grey feels somewhat forced. I feel like it would jibe better if there was some orange striping in the collar and cuff. I'd also think tri-color numbers would look sharp (Aqua jersey - white/gray/orange; white jersey - aqua/gray/orange; grey jersey - white/aqua/orange). I'd also want some form of orange in the pants striping. It's hard to tell visually which of the two colours doesn't belong but it feels like one of either gray or orange doesn't belong. Any thoughts on replacing the grey with navy?
  15. I could be alone on an island on this but I kind of like that silver Patriots jersey. There's enough contrast in the silver and the navy/red that they balance out nicely. Either way, it all looks good. Far from a Pats fan but I'd be happy to see them lose in those jerseys. At least they'd go out looking good.