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  1. Which Band/Bands will be representing Canada? Rush? BTO?
  2. I'd like to see a little black included, the black gloves go well with the Green and White. Gonna do Canada?
  3. Canucks look like ugly Chistmas sweaters. And the colours are off, we are not Navy and Mint. The V does not work behind the whale logo.
  4. Just wanted to let everyone know, yes I will be finishing this project. However the last week or so has been crazy, and will continue to be for the next little bit here. Family stuff, taking on some extra stuff at work and house shopping takes up most of my free time right now. I've tried a couple times to finish off the last few teams, but the product is obviously rushed and not good enough quality. I will hold on until life settles down a bit, but this will be finished.
  5. What are you 12?? Far more flames fans I've talked to don't like them near as much as past uniforms as fans that do like them more than past ones.
  6. I would/should be an easy upgrade for them. They get to keep black as a prominent colour, don't have to change any logo colours or styles, and much better than their crazy ugle side panel things they currently have.
  7. I like all 3, but the black alternate I could actually get used to, much better than the previous black alts.
  8. Any thoughts on any of the changes I've made?
  9. This gotta be a joke. I agree with everyone else, they are a mess right now. Their first edition were awesome, their 90's ones were pretty good, their 2000's ones were just OK, now they plain suck. They steadily gone in the wrong direction for 30+ years.
  10. I do too, but originally I had way different designs for the home and away and started working on an alternate. That alternate came out as the current blue one, and realized it was way better that what I had from home/away at the time, so I did a complete re-do. I like the originally logo, but it doesn't work with this design, I think just the skate with the speed lines makes it so dynamic and fast looking. Kept the state outline with RACERS on a diagonal as the shoulder patch.
  11. It took a couple minutes for my eyes to adjust to not think it's just a faded black, and once they did, they liked what they saw!
  12. Home and away good, I'm not a fan of any of the alternates either. If this jersey isn't going to be your home, I should definitely be your alternate: