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  1. Which Band/Bands will be representing Canada? Rush? BTO?
  2. I'd like to see a little black included, the black gloves go well with the Green and White. Gonna do Canada?
  3. Man I wish I could get this many responses to my concepts.
  4. Minnesota: So glad people are realizing that red needs to stay as a minor trim colour. I like the home and road... maybe a cream coloured alt? Green again a little redundant and too much red makes it look xmas-y.
  5. This post should be this guys last chance. If he doesn't take your advice then we all need to move on and let this die. You are 100%, the purpose of posting here is to get help refining your product. You (OP) seem to not want that, then that's too bad but don't expect us to like the crappy product that you don't seem to want to get help making better. Now, do you want help making these better or not?
  6. If this is still going, I'd love to have any of these that haven't bee done yet: St. Louis LA Rams Texas Longhorns (football) Vancouver Canucks BC Lions Toronto Blue Jays Vancouver Giants (CHL)
  7. My point wasn't about how much they changed....
  8. I wouldn't say any of them went through "major" changes. The colours have remained the same, and the logos have remained mostly the same. They've done smaller stuff like adding or removing shoulder yokes and sleeve stripes, and changing details in their logos. As a Canucks fan, I know about MAJOR uniform changes. We've done it 3 times.
  9. I don't think Original 6 jerseys are that much better than some of the better, newer jerseys in the NHL. It's just the fact that they've been relatively unchanged for 60-100 years gives it a sense of superiority. Detroit and Toronto especially. If they didn't exist and a new team from Las Vegas or Seattle came in with plain red/blue and white uniforms, people would say "They're ok, but kinda boring". If I am being as objective as possible, I would say Chicago home and away, Boston home, Montreal home are among the best in the league. The Rangers home and away are very nice too, top 3rd in the league for sure. Detroit and Toronto are kind plain, not a huge fan. Montreal and Boston's away are nothing special either. But they are still better than a lot around the league that have ugly components.
  10. Looking for vintage NHL templates dating back as far as the league's inception. Any out there?
  11. Not crazy about the Canucks set. I get the inspiration for everything, but it seems like you adjusting the blue and green to a less appealing level. And the logo is OK, but I like the original johnny head inside a V logo better.
  12. LOL I followed ecah post and each line with such anticipation! Wasn't a fan of the first edition. Loved the original green 3rd introduction, and was upset when the were taken away. Didn't much care for the waves at the bottom. But alas, you bring back the green and finish with easily the best of the set. Well done!
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