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  1. History proves time and again that teams never EVER choose the right socks.
  2. Holy crap those gradient socks hahahahah
  3. I know someone joked earlier about FUBU...but seriously, besides the horrendous gradient check out that familiar font.
  4. The socks are an issue. I do not like this trend.
  5. Falcons should be sleek and quick. Switching the helmets to matte finish makes them heavy and slow.
  6. I think most of us are numb to that set now. And the red Jersey was certainly less in your face than the black one. I think it was shocking at the time. Hard to say which was the worst of that era; Bills, Falcons or Bengals.
  7. Didn’t that guy who saw the jerseys claim the Rams were the worst? How can something top this in horror?
  8. Colts silver was probably one of the worst uniform decisions ever made by a Super Bow era team IMO.
  9. This is good enough for me. There was never a need to change them in the first places take notes Jacksonville.
  10. Would love to see a Hunter Green heavy team with Powder Blue trim. Tulane for reference.