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  1. Yes amazing to see the lawsuit uniforms applied to modern day.
  2. This gradient had these two colors and then some.
  3. Oh they could top it. Make the face mask white and boom you’ve gone up a notch. (ง'̀-'́)ง
  4. Two weeks out and not a sniff of a leak. No hints from the Jets or extreme close up sneak peaks.
  5. That is by far the most unique color vs color matchups ive seen.
  6. So obviously not size since we already discussed NFL guidelines regarding those. So are we talking... squared off number font? inclusion of lime? A division running between it? some sort of reflection/iridescence? And now did these people legit see the jersey or did they see this and think it was the real deal? Because there is a striking similarity. And now for a good question. Have we ever discovered the source of the above fake? Conspiracy Theory: did Nike mock up a fake with various elements to see a general consensus?
  7. I say go with Mystery Vans and go full on Scooby Doo themed.
  8. If Seattle hadn’t moved to the NFC we would have gotten Manning vs the LOB twice a year.
  9. Mine always sucked. The last year I decided I wasn’t going to try and win a race. They had a prize for best looking car. I cannibalized multiple model kits to create a golden thing of beauty. I took first place. My first race all of those parts started falling off.