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  1. I recall the first time I saw the new Bucs helmet was in some football magazine as a graphic. They didn’t print the pewter correct, so for a couple months I thought they were going to be a silver and red team.
  2. Font certainly looks serpentine. I’m such a sucker for double greens. This is hideously ugly, yet I love it.
  3. Those don’t look like red socks. It seems to be flesh. It matches the arms exactly.
  4. Mismatched jersey and shorts don’t belong in basketball. There is only one combination that will ever work in my eyes, but you need a time machine to go back the 70s and 80s. please dont @ me with their current set which is garbage.
  5. Technically that’s the 2000 logo.
  6. Hated both of those.
  7. I never knew Lombardi coached Bobby Boucher.
  8. It’s a great looking set, but I much prefer the current set less the logo.
  9. Adjust the uniforms to the helmet, not the helmet to the uniforms.
  10. Nikespeak doesn’t adhere to the laws of common sense.