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  1. Hoping if we get Bucs/Chiefs that the Bucs go white over pewter. I think it’s a better color balance. Using the old template for rough idea vs current for Bucs in Red.
  2. Since we had the red super bowl last year I’m really hoping for a Packers/Bills(in blue pants) to switch things up.
  3. Packers/Bills is my top choice. Runner Up: Packers/Chiefs Eyesore award: Saints or Bucs/Browns
  4. I was hoping the Rams would go with the “yellow” pants so we can get a closer look at how awful they are against the Packers gold pants.
  5. While not perfect...we must be careful what we wish for. The odds on a rebrand being an improvement is about 10%.
  6. That number should have been retired league-wide after Peterman.
  7. I recall a time when Z actually worked. Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn used the Boyz portion from the below movie logo as their helmet decal in the early 90s.
  8. Am I mistaken or don’t the Bengals do this?
  9. CFL did those wacky jerseys too.
  10. It was already awful with the color matching socks. Then they all had to jump on that awful white on white trend. The Giants are a major offender here. How are you wearing throwback uniforms with a dumb modern day fad?
  11. While I prefer the Chargers in white pants...they broke out the gold ones on the right day.
  12. Drop the silver. HOME White Helmet, Black Jersey, White Pants ROAD White Helmet, White Jersey, Black Pants ALT White Helmet, Blue Jersey, White Pants THE END
  13. Couldn’t agree more ^ I also didn’t mind them in mono white. The blue shoulders/yokes certainly helped give them a bit of life.
  14. Look how muddy the Rams got in the rain. Just kidding, bonehead white lol
  15. I’ve always liked 11. I associate it with a lot of “almost there but not quite” QBs. Trying to think if anyone other than Phil Simms won a Super Bowl in it.