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  1. just realized this is the wrong year but it’s still pretty to look at
  2. I’m happy with the choice. Keeping with the same “…dians” sound in the name is nice.
  3. While I disagree here… you made me think of another fun topic that I won’t post. What is truly the best home/away-away/home team matchups? There could be an amazing matchup on home/away but fails on away/home.
  4. The Bucks can’t win tonight. This might the worst uniform to win it all since the short sleeve Cavs.
  5. Clamoring for the Dolphins to wear a superior uniform is a bad thing how?
  6. It’s making the silver look pretty matte.
  7. Derek Carr rocking this weird new helmet at minicamp.
  8. I’ve always found this exact matchup pleasing to the eyes. RIP
  9. I too never hear complaints. I think that’s sports talk nonsense. I’ve heard two complaints in my life and it came from NJ people wanting the “NY” Giants logo dropped because they were too dumb to understand part of NJ is in the NY Metropolitan region.
  10. That massive chest logo on football jerseys was an ugly trend that thankfully didn’t land in the NFL. NFL Europe CFL
  11. A minor miracle. edit: Since they seem to have retired the EE logo they should have gone all in and reversed the helmet/logo colors.
  12. Get that bleep outta here!
  13. I really wish the rule stated it can only be used if they ran out of eligible numbers. Similar to allowing WRs to branch out from the 80s. This is gonna be some college football nonsense.
  14. Backtracking on that chrome wall of hell. Why the hell did they make the Jags helmet chrome gold instead of black? Not that it really matters.
  15. When keeping it simple goes right. Take notes Jacksonville.
  16. I wonder how many rapid posts can make this thread hot and trick people into thinking there was a leak. And to stay on topic...the current set looked best on the road with white over black and orange socks. My two cents.
  17. The info well has dried up so much we’ve resorted to a Ken Anderson HoF debate? We need a leak to save this thread.
  18. I had been looking at some old WAFL shirts and then found my childhood one thought to be long gone lol. Thanks attic demon.
  19. It upsets me that the Foxboro team looks like the 90s Bills.
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