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  1. Spoken as someone who grew up in the region, Wrigleyville is a very common term for folks in Northern IL to describe the neighborhood around Wrigley field. It's a geographic location of the city. Probably more of a "you'd have to live there" type-thing, but it definitely is very widely used. That said, it's not really anything that needs to find itself on a Cubs uniform.
  2. "But...why?" comes to mind here. These are so incredibly devoid of life. I can't even figure out who those are for. They're the clear definition of nonoffensive. There's a lack of color, creativity...I just don't understand why these exist. I can't imagine who would buy these in a merch sense (I may not have liked the Sox uniform but you knew they'd have a fan base). Why bother if you're going to produce something so...blah. They just feel lazy. Almost like Tom forgot to design them until midnight before the project was due, or had his mom do it for him. I can't "hate" them...because there's hardly any emotional response that could be illicted from any of this.
  3. There are elements of the uniform I like (the black pants/pinstripes idea is kind of fun), return of the Socks on the sleeve. But the "Chi" logo, the "SOUTHSIDE" wormark, the superfluous pattern...it looks like a knockoff "lifestyle" branded uniform being sold. It's just unnecessary. Is it the worst thing ever? Absolutely not. Is it totally unnecessary? Yes. It doesn't make me excited to see what the Cubs drop.
  4. That Gulf livery for McLaren this weekend is going to look great. What a show stopper. Inject that into my veins.
  5. You know, I don't hate it. I really want to hate a lot of the city-edition uniforms because I find them so damn superfluous but these are a fine uniform. The colors are funky and loud (which seem fitting of a Miami team) and more of these types of things should be what the Marlins embrace. Color wise they don't clash as much with their identity as, say the Boston ones did. I wouldn't necessarily say these should be their full time stitches, but definitely this is more like what the Marlins should be (use those bright reds and blues, guys). Not awful, not awful at all.
  6. I think the worst part about it is all of the :censored: RP took last year for being the "Pink Merc". Now, it's just the slower Merc. That green looks amazing under the right light. So wish it looked that way on track right now.
  7. Agreed. I hated the Williams livery when originally posed, but it's...palatable under the night lights. And it pains to say with AM, the green is a bit dark under the night lights, too. Hard to tell it wasn't the Mercs. Alpine was beautiful, that blue pops. I think AM will look better in the day (I missed most of FP1/2/3 this weekend)
  8. Woof. That Williams livery looks like something generic you'd get in a video game. Russian-Haas controversy aside (design alone its...fine), the Williams is my least favorite car on the grid right now (and barring insanity from Ferrari, which I think we can count out; it'll be red and Ferrari like), will remain in the last spot (at least for me). Is it the worst ever? Nope. But its busy, generic feeling and very disjointed. Yeesh.
  9. Finally. Now here's hoping they do them right. Those uniforms were dated as could be. As much as it's overdue, at the very least, hopefully they get this right and Joe Burrow and the new Bengals have a look they can be proud of again.
  10. Yeah, it's a little close to home. Honestly, this could all be solved if the Reds just dropped the black and went to a red and white team, but now we're traveling down a hole that won't happen into "Things 1908 would do to fix the world". Keep the navy and red if you really want to keep the separation. Or make them a black heavy team with red accents. I think you'll keep the differences enough between the two franchises where it won't really be that hard to distinguish them.
  11. The name the Cleveland Spiders both excites and scares me. I think Cleveland has a beautiful chance here to go Spiders, stick with a black and red scheme (and eliminate a navy/red team on top of it) and go with a nice, minimalistic logo and keep a traditional feel, to a team who's been around for a very long time. They also have a chance to go big, and bold, with a spider holding like, eight bats and feel like a AAA team if they wanted to with that name, too. Thankfully, I'm not super worried about that, I just know it's possible. So it still remains a small fear. Just do the low hanging fruit here. One color, block spider. Black and red. Traditional look, make the red pop on the black. It's easy, people will love it for the color scheme and the name alone. It will sell.
  12. This is fun. I don't particularly love some of them (sad to say I don't really like the Flyers' look, it's a little...too funky and weird). But some are fun nostalgia trips, or cool ideas to be seen as a one-off. And listen, I think this is a good compromise, as well, for the NHL. They'll sell a lot and this should reset any worry of ad-patches. Do I want to see this become a yearly thing? I mean, if it's every team gets a one-off? Fine. Don't go down the NBA "City edition" slope, though. But if it comes down to ad-patches or this? I'll pick this. The league needs to find some extra revenue sources after covid this year. So I don't mind it.
  13. Yeeeeesh, I do not like that Flyers uniform. It looks like a horrible knockoff you'd get off of Wish.Com where they accidentally inverted the colors, and used an upside down 5 for the 2. The Pittsburgh uniform almost, kind of works because it's just a home version of their 90's roadies. The Flyers just looks like someone accidentally colored in the wrong numbers on a color-by-numbers. I really hope that's just a good fake job, though fear we're going to have to deal with that for a one-off. *Just for clarity's sake...yes, someone with a Cubs username who lives in Lexington, KY is also a Philadelphia Flyers fan because as a small child, I decided "Hey, how much pain can I have? Cubs baseball? Flyers hockey? Kentucky football? Check Check Check" At least over the last few years it's gotten better. Finally*
  14. I've seen some images that make it seem like they may not which is why I stated that. Hopefully with that much gold they give that look off. In that aspect, I think they'll fit as a unique curiosity within a team who can probably pull it off with their identity. It wont be my favorite. But as a 3rd...I think it'll fall into the "fine" category. As a primary? Hell no.
  15. I'm going to wait to see these under arena lights and on the ice before I really hate them too much. I know I should probably hate these things, but if they come off with a real gold sparkle...I might be able to get behind these as a uniform you see on "Special Sunday Games" or whatever. Yeah they're going to be gaudy, but if they look shiny like the gold on their dark-gray's, and not mustard like, well, almost any other gold uniform we've seen, I think they could fill a unique void, for a unique market that is kind of known for the "show". They'll be gaudy, but I think they're gaudy on purpose, and that gives them enough purpose. If they're mustard, I'll hate 'em, and they'll ruin the whole thing, but if they can maintain the shine...they might be a unique curiosity I could get behind as a 3rd (though please, never elevate these things past that. Keep them as a "special" night thing and never as the primary. The primary uniform is good as is).
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