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  1. I'm glad you guys hate them as much as I do. Wolves fans on twitter are eating this trash up for some reason. Hopefully once the rest of the NBA starts mocking them they'll change them. I don't want my team to look like this during their golden years.
  2. Those are just flat out ugly. I never thought they'd somehow turn out worse than the old set.
  3. Flip did say the team needed new uniforms. They had probably just started the process before he passed away.
  4. I know what you mean, I've called these some of the most underrated uniforms of all time. The fact they only lasted 2 seasons is an absolute tragedy.
  5. That's one thing that's disappointed me with the lime green direction. I've been dying for a green alt for years but there's no way a full lime green uniform will look good. Also count me among those who love everything about this identity. I proudly wore that blue Garnett jersey to the preseason game in Louisville last October.
  7. Lime green? Not what I expected, but it could be good. I can't wait to see the finished product. Hopefully the reveal is pretty early in the spring.
  8. That looks really good. Kelly green would be a perfect fit with it.
  9. Their old green alternate is honestly my favorite jersey of all time.
  10. None of them are exactly the same as last year's designs, The Wolves would've worn whatever they were calling the cream color and blue last year. Also, I have no idea why they eliminated the side designs from every other jersey but I'm so glad they didn't do it to the Wolves uni. It looks so good.
  11. A forced electricity pun? That's got to be the Thunder. And I'm guessing the gift from the heavens is the Clippers. I mean, there's no way they're going to ignore the complete and constant trashing of their logo and uniforms, right? So far I've heard that the Blazers are updating their uniforms, the Pistons should be making their new logo official, and the Wolves are rebranding completely. (Please don't mess this up. Please!) Are there any rumors of more that I've missed? In my opinion the uniforms they originally introduced with the logo update are some of the most underrated NBA unis ever. I love them. It's a shame they only lasted 2 seasons, the unis they have now don't pop the way these do. The old black alternate, on the other hand, is great. The white trees actually pop out against the black uniform. But of course they axed it and introduced a sleeved alternate instead.
  12. This. A lot of people are excited about the updated Bad Boys logo but they never should've changed the horse logo.
  13. I know I'll never get an answer to this, but I really want to know why the Bullets player in the background is wearing a blank road uniform. Since they wanted to do something other than a full stripe, they should've just left the shorts blank. I think the one on the jersey looks good, but trying to put the stripe on the shorts too was a bad decision.
  14. I'm so excited to hear this, I just wish I could read the whole story.
  15. I thought about asking him to make a Timberwolves one when I asked for my UK one a while back, but I figured one division championship wasn't really enough to make a signature for.
  16. Guess that's what I get for giving the Pistons the benefit of the doubt. I wonder why they decided not to rebrand this year. I didn't think I'd like the Kings new uniforms but I do, especially that black jersey. I just wish they'd have used the right lion logo on one of them though.
  17. There's no way they are. They're probably just trying to keep it a "surprise"
  18. I like the Wolves jersey. If they finally get to play their first Christmas game I'll pick one up. And maaaaaybe the fact that they used green in it means they'll bring the green back whenever they rebrand. Overall though these jerseys are a massive downgrade from last year's.
  19. Durant was the #2 pick. Greg Oden went first to the Trailblazers. That didn't end well.
  20. I'm seriously hoping that the owners realize that relatively small amount of money (to them) isn't worth pissing of their fans and decide to stop it once the three years are up. I have a terrible feeling that these aren't the only ads they'll push for though. I can see somebody trying to get an ad put below the numbers like many international basketball teams have. You have to let them know this isn't acceptable before it gets to that level. Soccer leagues justify their ads by keeping commercials out of matches or saying they keep ticket prices low. The NBA hasn't even pretended the ads will benefit its fans in any way. It's pure greed.
  21. Oh you definitely did. Though personally I think if you kept the siding design from these but used the color scheme from your first Jazz concept you'd have the most gorgeous uniforms of all time. And back to the Jazz designs, I've spent some time thinking about the ones that aren't abominations and I've decided I like it. The striping pattern is actually cool, and while the green alt would be perfect with the Jazz word mark on it, I still like it as it is.
  22. I really hope they really did lighten the green up a bit. I know this is an unpopular opinion here, but I've never cared for the newest Jazz uniforms. By making the new colors so dark they totally missed what made the original J-notes so good.
  23. I definitely agree, it'd be badass. I don't see why they'd be against it. The NFL let the Buccaneers use a skull in their logo, and I'm sure there are college teams that use skulls in their logos too.
  24. I have to agree here. I want my jerseys as close to the real thing as possible, but I'm not buying a jersey with an ad on it. Plus I like making fun of people who by soccer jerseys with ads on them.
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