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  1. Awesome work as usual man. I've been a close follower of this since the beginning and I think your crest designs are second to none. Damn near perfect. Thanks for the shoutout too, I've got something in the works
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Moving on with SKC, bringing back the ever-popular 90s Wizards jerseys, sponsored by Puma
  3. Seattle Sounders with Nike kits, incorporating the "Emerald City" into their identity
  4. San Jose Earthquakes with Nike kits, incorporating red back into the identity
  5. Here's the next expansion side, Sacramento Republic FC, with kits from Nike.
  6. Their colors are just too good to squander every year
  7. A bit of a different concept for RSL, with kits from New Balance
  8. Yeah I thought of that too, but then I'd have to flip the design to get the whole thing on there
  9. Portland Timbers with Adidas kits, and the return of the "Rose City"away strip.
  10. I think Charlotte would be a good spot too, I just am slightly biased with the Raleigh-Durham area, and these small market teams seem to do pretty well.
  11. Philadelphia Union with Puma kits
  12. Moving on, here's some Orlando City Umbro kits.
  13. Don't worry. Maybe in 2030, when the MLS expands to 40 teams and becomes the Heineken Super Soccer League, Charlotte will get a team.
  14. Here's the first "new" team added to the league. I figured with the addition of St. Louis, and potential addition of Sacramento, the MLS would want to round out their league to an even 30. This may be slightly biased as I have a soft spot for the Triangle area of North Carolina, but I decided to make North Carolina FC the 30th MLS team. I kept their USL identity because I think it captures the essence of the region and club pretty well already. I thought I'd give them a slight kit upgrade however. So here's North Carolina FC, with kits from Adidas.
  15. Sadly not I wanted to keep the cap at 30 teams, so I really had only creative leverage with 2 teams.