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  1. KEYS UNITED SOCCER CLUB “The Anchors” KEY WEST Founded: 1925 PL Championships: 0 Last Season Finish: 3rd in League 3 Kits By: Nike Sponsor: Ion Media Derbies: Marathon, Homestead Colors: Sky Blue and White Sorry about the wait, been dealing with a lot. Today is my birthday though, so I feel in the giving spirit. I'm leaving on Monday for 2 months to a place with minimal Wi-Fi so I'll try my best to keep posting. Until then, I'll post as much as I can. And with that we return with the first of the Keys' clubs, Keys United SC. KUSC was founded by local fishermen, many of who migrated south from Miami and Homestead. The team has experienced financial difficulties throughout its history, with their bankruptcy in 2007 the most recent. After being torn apart from top to bottom, The Anchors won the playoff to earn promotion back into the Championship. Their traditional home colors are all white, while two-toned blue is the away look. Since Key West is the southernmost city in the country, Keys United is the southernmost football club in the U.S. as well. Here's the old design for reference:
  2. SPRINGS UNITED SOCCER CLUB “The Pythons” CORAL SPRINGS Founded: 1970 PL Championships: 0 Last Season Finish: 16 Kits By: Macron Sponsor: Broward Health Derbies: Glades, Weston Colors: Blue and Green One of the most successful of the recently added clubs, Springs United was created in the early stages of its city's existence. The club experienced success early on with the population boom in West Broward County in the 70s and 80s. The club solidified itself as a Championship mainstay quickly, as well as a strong performer in the domestic cup tournament. The club's nickname comes from the many wild pythons in the Florida Everglades, where Coral Springs sits on the edge of. The club's traditional look is a light blue and dark green striped home shirt with a white away strip. Here's the old design for reference:
  3. SPORTING CLUB PENSACOLA “The Red Snappers” PENSACOLA Founded: 1905 PL Championships: 0 Last Season Finish: 2nd in League 3 Kits By: Puma Sponsor: University of West Florida Derbies: Panama City, Ybor City Colors: Red and Sky Blue One of the founding members of Florida Soccer, Sporting Pensacola are the only one to never win a championship. They have traditionally been a mainstay in the Premier League, with their recent seasons being played in the lower divisions. I felt like there were too many blue and green teams, so I opted for red and sky blue to represent the high red snapper population and Pensacola's presence as a gulf-side city. The away kit is inspired by the region's nickname of the Emerald Coast, and the third mimics the uniforms for the Blue Angels pilots, who are based in Pensacola. Here's the old design for reference:
  4. I think I'll run with the Cuban idea, I already have an Art-Deco look for another Miami team. Thanks for the idea, I'll post it at the end like last time!
  5. Yea I noticed that. I do like the look for Brickell, but I'll probably change it up. Do you have any suggestions for a new look?
  6. BRICKELL JUNIORS CLUB DE FÚTBOL “Los Blanco-Morados” MIAMI Founded: 1921 PL Championships: 0 Last Season Finish: 4 Kits By: Macron Sponsor: Ryder Derbies: Biscayne, Wynwood, Gateway Colors: Purple and White Brickell Juniors are often forgotten in the Miami soccer-sphere, but they have deep history in the league. In their early years, Brickell was a Premier League mainstay, forming a deep rivalry with Biscayne Athletic. The club eventually fell into irrelevancy in the 80s and 90s, and they became victim to the Championship doldrums. Since then, they have only made it back to the top flight once, where they came in 19th and were relegated the following season. Due to Brickell's failure in league competition, club owners decided to organize a Miami-only tournament that played games on the side. All Miami teams from the Florida soccer pyramid as well as semi-pro clubs were invited. Brickell has won this competition 4 times, and by doing so, they have rekindled their spirit and rivalry with other Miami clubs. They were a few points from promotion last season, and they look to get the job done this year. Brickell's crest, like Deportivo, features a central palm tree that mimics the Miami city seal. Brickell Juniors is a new club so there is no previous design.
  7. LAKELAND SWANS SOCCER CLUB “The Swans” LAKELAND Founded: 1922 PL Championships: 0 Last Season Finish: 20th in Premier League Kits By: Nike Sponsor: Publix Derbies: Osceola, Sebring Colors: Black and White Lakeland's identity remains relatively similar, with a new gold shade in the mix. The black becomes the home strip. I liked pink as a secondary color so I went with that and white for the "Pink Swan" away kit. The third is Publix all-around with the traditional green color the supermarket uses as the main color. Lakeland's roots as a city are based in European immigration, so it was natural that a club was created in the early 20th century. The club was technically founded in the 20s, however the Lakeland Swans Soccer Club today did not play until after World War II. They have very limited success historically, as they have spent the majority of their seasons in the second division. They have just recently been relegated from the Premier League after a 5-year spell there. The club's name derives from Lakeland's nickname as the Swan City. Here's the old design for reference:
  8. Now that the FPL is complete, we journey down the Florida soccer ladder to the FS Championship! The Championship was founded in 1925, after an influx of new clubs. It started with 16 founding clubs, and the winner was granted promotion to the Premier League. By the 40s, more and more clubs were being created, and the Championship upgraded to 24 and eventually 26 clubs. By the 60s, there were too many clubs in the Championship to sustain, so League 3 was implemented. The Championship went back down to 16 and eventually up to 20 again by the end of the 70s. The Championship has remained untouched since then. The top 2 are guaranteed promotion, while places 3 through 6 enter a playoff for the final spot (just like in England). The FS Championship is regarded as one of the best second division soccer leagues in the country, and many of its clubs are very historically and financially successful. Pompano Highlands are the most recent champions, as they gained promotion to the PL and earned a 13th place finish. The current campaign features a 3-horse title race between Ocala Riders, Orlando Rovers, and West Tampa Wanderers. Carnival FS Championship Clubs Bayshore United Soccer Club Brickell Juniors Club de Fútbol Carol City Soccer Club Duval Soccer Club Harbor City Soccer Club Association Football Club Homestead International Soccer Club of Hialeah Keys United Soccer Club Lakeland Swans Soccer Club Las Olas Soccer Club Miami Beach Soccer Club Nautica Soccer Club Ocala Riders Soccer Club Orlando Rovers Soccer Club Sporting Club Pensacola Springs United Soccer Club St. Lucie Union West Pines United Soccer Club West Tampa Wanderers Wynwood United Soccer Club Here's the logo for the league And now for the first club of 20... NAUTICA SOCCER CLUB “The Clippers” JACKSONVILLE Founded: 1905 PL Championships: 1 Last Season Finish: 9 Kits By: New Balance Sponsor: CSX Derbies: Brigade, River City, Duval City Colors: White, Navy Blue, Red Nautica's crest remains untouched (other than the title stars). All-white polo look becomes the home look with red and blue designs for the away and third as complements. The home kit also serves as an homage to the high Navy presence in Jacksonville. Historically, Nautica are one of the oldest clubs in Florida, as they were one of the founding members of the original Florida Soccer League. In 1917, they won their one and only Florida Soccer title. Despite their lack of titles since, they have remained a prevalent force in the top flight for decades. It was not until the early 90s when the club faced bankruptcy. Their liquidation forced a move from a top 5 finishing club in the Premier League to a bottom feeder in League 3. They worked their way up the ladder over the years and got back to the top in 2011. They are still facing the effects of their suspension today, as they have struggled to get over the hump in the Championship. Here's the old design for reference:
  9. Here's a few extras before we move on to the next league... Club Map 2020-2021 Final Table Top 5 gets USSL qualification, bottom 3 gets relegated to the FS Championship.
  10. Ok here's some updates to a few teams... River City: I changed the home pattern entirely to fit the bridge theme more like @vtgco suggested. Tampa Bay United: The kits stay the same, but I removed the text from the crest like @kerlonmoura suggested. Cascades: I decided to keep the home kit the same as I thought the stripe pattern was pretty unique, but I made the NOB more visible for the third kit. Palm Beach Maritime: I made a slight change to the home kit by making the striping less jarring. Daytona Racing Club Fixed up the third kit a little with a different color sponsor, different colored crest, and replaced the green and yellow socks for red ones.
  11. Glad you guys like it! I'm super excited to show you the rest of the designs, there's some pretty cool stuff in the vault. I'll be posting updates to some of the FPL teams later today, as well as a few extra things for the league.
  12. And now for the final FPL team... DEPORTIVO MIAMI “Los Metros” MIAMI Founded: 1920 Championships: 16 Last Season Finish: 1 Kits By: Adidas Sponsor: Virgin Hotels Derbies: Biscayne, Atletico, Lauderdale Colors: Pink and Black Yet another design from a pre-existing club in the Florida Soccer universe. The pink and black home kit remains, with designs for the away and third reminiscent of the Heat’s Vice theme. Deportivo are one of the classic clubs in the FPL and are the only club who has spent every season in the top flight. Deportivo are also the only club to win the title in their first season. Despite their historical success, their best decade has been the 2010s. Deportivo has won 5 out of the last 6 league titles, and they are the champions from the most recent 2020 season. Their rivalry with Atletico Miami is the most historic and storied in the league, and their rivalry with Lauderdale Athletic Club has given many classic games in the past several decades. However, Deportivo is basically rivals with the whole league, as nobody likes them except for them. Here's the old design for reference:
  13. Thanks for the feedback, you read my mind with some of your comments. I was thinking of changing the Daytona third even before I saw this. Appreciate the compliments! Moving on to the penultimate club... ATHLETIC CLUB BOCA “The Blue-Greens” BOCA RATON Founded: 1925 Championships: 0 Last Season Finish: 5th in Championship Kits By: Umbro Sponsor: Office Depot Derbies: Palm Beach, Highlands, Deerfield Colors: Blue and Green A slight change to the team’s crest, but the colors remain untouched. The purple and gold third kit is inspired by the city’s lavish reputation. The crest is inspired by the city seal, with the ship and leaf branches mimicking the design. Unlike most Floridian soccer clubs, AC Boca was founded in the same year as its city's incorporation. This was due to city founder Addison Mizner's dream to make Boca Raton a premier resort town in America. He thought having a sport club in the town would be more attractive to tourists. It was not until the 1970s, when Boca Raton gained significant population, and the Athletic Club broke off to soccer only. They then started competing in the bottom tier of the Florida soccer pyramid. They gained promotion to the top flight in the early 2000s and kicked off a deep rivalry with neighboring club Palm Beach Maritime. Their recent 5th place finish allowed them to win the promotion playoff in the Championship and get back to the Premier League for just the 4th time in club history. Here's the old design for reference:
  14. Yeah I agree I think that does make sense, however I actually still have the Disney-themed team in League 3, so Rovers would have to go somewhere else.
  15. POMPANO HIGHLANDS SOCCER CLUB “The Tigers” POMPANO BEACH Founded: 1925 Championships: 0 Last Season Finish: 1st in Championship Kits By: Hummel Sponsor: AutoNation Derbies: Lauderdale, Deerfield, Boca Colors: Red and White A total rebrand from the original Pompano club, Lighthouse United. Highlands is a neighborhood in Pompano Beach, and the Tiger nickname comes from nearby Blanche Ely High School’s mascot. Founded as the Hillsboro Football Club in 1925, Highlands changed their name in the 80s, during the peak of population in the Pompano Beach Highlands region. It was during this time that Highlands experienced their first major success as a club. They won League 3 in 1991, giving them their first trophy. They quickly climbed up the ranks in the Championship and was promoted to the Premier League for the first time in 2001. They have been on and off in the top flight since then. Their identity changed in 2012 when the club was purchased by English side Southampton. They ditched their traditional black and gold color scheme for the red and white striped shirt look that the Saints wear. This move gained the club more global recognition, and an influx of English players. They recently won the Championship for the fourth time, and are expected to compete for a mid-table spot in the upcoming campaign. Here's the design for the previous Pompano club, Lighthouse United, for reference:
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