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  1. Is it okay to dislike both? I dislike both. (old and new)
  2. The Bruins black socks look great with the current uniform. The yellow socks have absolutely zero continuity with any design aspect of the current uniforms and the only way they work is if they used a previous (or new) design. You can cling to nostalgia all you want, but just because something is old doesn't automatically mean it's good.
  3. Now that they're free from their cage the lion can maul the giraffe and zebra before getting in a fist-fight with the ape while both are trampled by the elephant. Everyone's wild ??? This is assuming they dumped the animals out in an open space and not just in some random town, otherwise granny will be the lion's dinner and the ape will be dragging little timmy around the neighborhood.
  4. Is it possible to have a lightning bolt logo that doesn't "look like a child drew it"? I mean the nature of sports logo-ized lightning bolts (or most other sports logos) tend to be more simplistic. If a logo gets too complicated it doesn't really make a good logo. Most good, or iconic, logos tend to be ones that you'd expect a child to be able to easily replicate.
  5. capn89

    NHL 2017-18

    Maple Leafs white shorts was never even an idea in anyone's head ever in the history of mankind.
  6. capn89

    NHL 2017-18

    What about a compromise where they sock stripes aren't random but mimic the shoulders? I think with the bruins (being a classic team) you're always going to run into a design that either looks wrong (black socks) or is uniformly wrong (the old socks) and never have a winner.
  7. Probably just a Quetzalcoatlus swooping in to pick up an Anky to do some mining.
  8. capn89

    NHL 2017-18

    While I am not really a fan of much about the Vegas identity, props to them for trying new things in a sport where fans (myself included) cling to tradition and are afraid to see things look different and crazy.
  9. capn89

    NHL 2017-18

    Scrolling through this thread I saw that the Hurricanes won't be revealing their white jersey until Friday. Think it will probably look something like this (without the black around the hurricane warning flags)?
  10. capn89

    NHL 2017-18

    Nice to see my design from 4 years ago come to life. Original Post
  11. It's nice, but for whatever reason I still like mine better.
  12. The Vikings is a downgrade, the Panthers looks like a sock puppet, but the Cardinals is really sharp. Take the good aspects of what you did with the Cardinals and try to carry it over to the other two logos (as well as the rest in this series). Nevertheless, good work.
  13. How about something like this? (sans the alt, of course)