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    Calgary Flames

    Updated stripes as well as the version with red pants.
  2. capn89

    Calgary Flames

    I didn't think many would go for the white shorts on the road, but I wanted to keep the same uniformity as the home. I will throw together a version with the red pants just to show it off, though. Thank you for the comment! That was my goal, at least. I like the idea of merging a teams looks into something that is cohesive and still makes you instantly thing "(insert team)" when you glance at it. Thanks for commenting! omfg I see what you're saying about the arm stripes, I will fix that later on, thanks for pointing it out. Will be throwing that together today. Thank you for the comment.
  3. capn89

    Calgary Flames

    I will respond to the rest of the posts tomorrow, I'm tired. Have a good one everybody.
  4. capn89

    Calgary Flames

    You'll probably hate the road, but I am sharing it anyway.
  5. It's possible, for sure. Maybe I'll mess with it in the future, though I can say that orange pants in this application just doesn't look good. I feel like it would have to fit in with an overall aesthetic much better for it to be feasible in a uniform.
  6. It scares me... And for B-mer, two versions of the reversed striping. High Resolution Links: https://i.imgur.com/jeSiFKJ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/jBdn22u.jpg https://i.imgur.com/S2fdlhV.jpg
  7. Yeah, I definitely hear that. I will put it together when I've got some time and post it.
  8. Just some more random stuff. I am still learning Photoshop, so please ignore some of the inconsistencies and whatnot. Only time and practice will help me improve. (High Resolution Links) https://i.imgur.com/8hJ3n9E.jpg https://i.imgur.com/X6Renbo.jpg https://i.imgur.com/DlOBMpI.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Ehcv2U1.jpg
  9. Thank you. I could give it a try sometime. I am not opposed to wild ideas. :)
  10. Thanks a lot, scrim. It's hard to believe we've probably known each other for close to two decades without actually "knowing" each other. haha
  11. Sorry for the delay. Here are high def versions of the logo.
  12. I feel like randomly sharing some stuff, so have a gander. Some of these are the same design just in different flavors (color schemes). The write-ups are c&p from my silly little blog. Thoughts are always welcome. --- "On The Bright Side" Home & Away: The primary jerseys are designed with the Panthers' original red jersey arm stripes in mind. I've de-cluttered the shoulders and bottom hem, and attempted to create a matching white jersey in hopes of creating an effective take on a classic expansion-era design. Alternate: Riding the initial wave of a mid-to-late 2010's trend, the alternate uniform is a two-colored look. The thick, bright yellow stripes are a delightful contrast to the rich, dark blue uniform. Just as well, the logos and numbering, also in bright yellow, are eye-catching on their dark canvas. "Sunset" Thoughts: One thing that always bothered me about the Florida Panthers was their use of two different shades of yellow between their uniform's design and their logos. With these last two uniform sets I made things a bit more congruent. In the previous set I used the brighter yellow from their traditional design and swapped it into the logos and, conversely, I used the darker tone of the logos for the uniform designs in this set. "Traditional Style" Home & Away: The primary uniforms in this set are done in a very hockey-traditional three-stripe style. Yes, it is very simplistic, but it's a classic and aesthetically pleasing design. The home features no white in the design (aside from the logos) as to keep a strong continuity between the home and away kits. Alternate: The alternate uniform is also a somewhat classic style coupled with subtle two-tone blue striping in the jersey's torso and sleeve areas as well as the socks. A partially new logo adorns the chest with a stealthy panther laid across a red "X" as a loose representation of Florida's state flag. Rounding out the design, I decided to place the player's number just below the primary logo on the jersey. "White, Out" Home & Away: My theme for this entire set was to use only red, yellow and blue to create a fun group of jerseys without any white. I think I pulled it off and I hope you, dear reader(s) think so, too. The home and away are a pretty traditional style; stripes on the sleeves and socks while keeping the bottom hem of the jersey clean with a dark blue stripe that leads into the matching pants. Yellow, of course, stands in for white as the away uniform. Alternate: The alternate brings back the semi-new logo I created (creeping panther laid on a reference to the Florida state flag) on an entirely blue uniform with red striping. The yellow logos, numbers and letters brightly jump off the dark canvas. Just as well, the numbering below the primary logo returns on this design. "Fun In The Sun" Home & Away: The biggest takeaway from the home and away uniforms is the dramatic reduction of dark blue, as well as a liberal use of yellow. The goal was to make a primary set that was vibrant, colorful and evocative of, perhaps, a day at the beach. Alternate: The alternate features a striping pattern that plays off of the curves of the jersey's logo while also eliminating white from the color scheme. The panther-"X" logo is featured on the outside of each pant leg. The only difference here are the pants and gloves on the away white uniform.
  13. Is it okay to dislike both? I dislike both. (old and new)
  14. The Bruins black socks look great with the current uniform. The yellow socks have absolutely zero continuity with any design aspect of the current uniforms and the only way they work is if they used a previous (or new) design. You can cling to nostalgia all you want, but just because something is old doesn't automatically mean it's good.
  15. Now that they're free from their cage the lion can maul the giraffe and zebra before getting in a fist-fight with the ape while both are trampled by the elephant. Everyone's wild ??? This is assuming they dumped the animals out in an open space and not just in some random town, otherwise granny will be the lion's dinner and the ape will be dragging little timmy around the neighborhood.
  16. Is it possible to have a lightning bolt logo that doesn't "look like a child drew it"? I mean the nature of sports logo-ized lightning bolts (or most other sports logos) tend to be more simplistic. If a logo gets too complicated it doesn't really make a good logo. Most good, or iconic, logos tend to be ones that you'd expect a child to be able to easily replicate.
  17. Maple Leafs white shorts was never even an idea in anyone's head ever in the history of mankind.
  18. What about a compromise where they sock stripes aren't random but mimic the shoulders? I think with the bruins (being a classic team) you're always going to run into a design that either looks wrong (black socks) or is uniformly wrong (the old socks) and never have a winner.
  19. Probably just a Quetzalcoatlus swooping in to pick up an Anky to do some mining.
  20. While I am not really a fan of much about the Vegas identity, props to them for trying new things in a sport where fans (myself included) cling to tradition and are afraid to see things look different and crazy.
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