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  1. Latvia called, they want their flag back. Other than that, it's a nice jersey. I had no clue Saulietis had such a big influence on them
  2. vman

    NHL 2017-18

    There's nothing to debate. Linguists have for years teased the NBA due to their incorrect use of "Finals". The NHL has it right. Period.
  3. The original NY Islanders, Nordiques and Golden Seals logos all reside on the top tier of horrible NHL logos. Everything else in this thread is just nitpicking at logos vastly superior to those three.
  4. I'm sorry, did you just call the worst pro sports logo of all time "one of the greatest looks of all time"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! I guess sarcasm really doesn't translate well on the internet (Cause there's no way you can be serious, I mean, common).
  5. This. I don't see why they're still trying to push them all these years later when it's never looked remotely good on anything they've tried them on. Also, these new black Hitmen jerseys would look so much better if they'd use the simple white mask logo they use on their website banner instead of the black on black mess they went with.
  6. They can, that's why the Olympic quarterfinals had a bunch of teams that are not in this tournament but were competitive and entertaining. If the NHL want's a 6 nation tournament that's fine, but don't call it the World Cup, call it the Six Nation Cup, because the world is not there and doesn't care. Sure, there may be some occasional blowouts with more teams, but there were massive blowouts in the NBA Finals too, when only the best teams were on the court.
  7. I'd rather have a World Cup that's an actual World Cup, which means nations competing against each other, not pointless gimmicky teams created by the NHL. Simply make it a 10 or 12 team tournament to give it some legitimacy. There's next to zero buzz about this tournament, even here in Toronto, and absolutely no international interest whatsoever. If it's as big of a dud as it's shaping up to be, it will be another 12 years before they try to trot it out again, Olympics or not.
  8. Now the guy's saying that he's upset because the Sox put business in first place. What does he think MLB is? It IS a business, and he's hired to do what his bosses say. It's not some noble moral cause, it's a children's game being played by grown men. If there was a safety issue with the equipment then it would be another story, but it was simply a shirt that he didn't like. That's not a good enough reason to not do your job and do something that most other people would be arrested for, as opposed to being given the day off. If he didn't like the collar he could have simply cut his off and let the game go on without the childish behaviour.
  9. If we get away from North America, it's a fairly common thing to have teams with the same name across different sports. Just off the top of my head in Russia there's football (soccer), hockey and in some cases basketball versions of teams like Spartak, Dynamo, CSKA, SKA, etc, and they're all a lot more professional than these glorified beer-league Empire teams, while creating next to no confusion among fans.
  10. You'll probably want to take a second look at that new SAC jersey then, since it's just as much a part of this identity as any of the teams I mentioned.
  11. Yeah, except for the Colorado Rockies for 23 years, the LA Kings for 13 and the Toronto Raptors for most of their existence. Anyway, stupid and pointless abbreviations aside, I like the way it's shaping up. It will definitely be an improvement for a team with one of the weakest and most forgettable identities in NA pro sports. The lion head/b-ball logo is by far the best logo they've ever had. I'm not sure why they're not going with that as the main, as it would put them firmly at the top of the league (which mind you isn't hard in a league full of horrible logos).
  12. Can you give me a link to the article? Nike is still an official tournament sponsor of the World Championship, and has the contract for major IIHF tournaments at the elite level, so I find it hard to believe that the Finns would be allowed to wear Warrior products for anything other than exhibition games and non-IIHF sanctioned events. A lot of the European teams have these secondary jerseys for such games. They're currently playing in the Euro Hockey Challenge, which might be the tournament these are slated for. EDIT: According to this article, my suspicions are correct. These are for the Euro Hockey Challenge (which they started against Slovakia today), and other unsanctioned events. They will continue to use jerseys by other manufacturers for the World Cup, World Championships, etc.
  13. These look like they're for their exhibition matches before the World Championships. They'll still be wearing their Nike jerseys at the actual WC.
  14. Too bad for Hamilton that the OHL already has a team using Boston's get-up. The Bulldogs re-colouring looks great, but the logo looks a bit out of place on the Pens template IMHO. Smart of them to move to traditional Hammer colours though.
  15. Glad I'm not the only one who thought that.