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  1. 1 hour ago, infrared41 said:


    You can't possibly be referring to one of the greatest looks of all time, can you? 




    I'm sorry, did you just call the worst pro sports logo of all time "one of the greatest looks of all time"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! I guess sarcasm really doesn't translate well on the internet (Cause there's no way you can be serious, I mean, common).

  2. 51 minutes ago, jp1409 said:

    Phantom yokes are one of the worst forced trend ever, the piping is ugly as always, the armpits are stupid and the numbers font is horrible. CHL uniforms are doomed with Reebok and their goddamn templates.

    This. I don't see why they're still trying to push them all these years later when it's never looked remotely good on anything they've tried them on. Also, these new black Hitmen jerseys would look so much better if they'd use the simple white mask logo they use on their website banner instead of the black on black mess they went with.

  3. On 2016-08-19 at 4:31 PM, M4One said:


    They can't, which is part of the reason why there is a team Europe.  There is truly only 6 top hockey countries and then there's everyone else.  That isn't to say the tournament shouldn't expand, but just don't expect those other countries to actually have a shot at winning this thing or even coming close.

    They can, that's why the Olympic quarterfinals had a bunch of teams that are not in this tournament but were competitive and entertaining. If the NHL want's a 6 nation tournament that's fine, but don't call it the World Cup, call it the Six Nation Cup, because the world is not there and doesn't care. Sure, there may be some occasional blowouts with more teams, but there were massive blowouts in the NBA Finals too, when only the best teams were on the court.

  4. 18 minutes ago, CreamSoda said:



    Look, its real simple.


    The NHL and the NHLPA will probably not play in the Olympics again.


    Would you rather have no World Cup or would you rather have the World Cup of Hockey with all the NHL stars .  Those are your two options.


    I'd rather have a World Cup that's an actual World Cup, which means nations competing against each other, not pointless gimmicky teams created by the NHL. Simply make it a 10 or 12 team tournament to give it some legitimacy. There's next to zero buzz about this tournament, even here in Toronto, and absolutely no international interest whatsoever. If it's as big of a dud as it's shaping up to be, it will be another 12 years before they try to trot it out again, Olympics or not.  

  5. On 2016-03-01 at 11:00 AM, ColeJ said:

    that dodgers hat instantly reminds me of dynamo moscow more than the dodgers, or even the sport of baseball in general. weird.

    Glad I'm not the only one who thought that.

  6. 8 hours ago, pepis21 said:


    That's intresting If you look at Czech Football (soccer) team which use single Lion crest.

    They use a crest featuring the single lion, but it's not the national crest, it has its own unique shape and features (as does their soccer federation logo).

  7. In other news, the Czech jerseys may have to be changed due to the small, single lion shield now being restricted in its use to just coins and stamps. According to a Czech newspaper, their hockey federation says the NHL was secretive about the design of the jerseys and did not share the finished result prior to the unveiling for approval.

  8. 12 minutes ago, Needschat said:


    And I'm surprised no one at adidas caught it.  I'm surprised they've allowed it to go forward.  

    You're not serious are you? You have to be a bit warped in the head to even think that. It's not at all an obvious connection most rational people would make. And can people please stop calling it orange? - It's RED.

  9. 2 hours ago, ieatstaples said:

    Designs aside, no jersey ads thus far.

    That's because it's probably not going to happen. To the surprise of no one, leading international companies are not too eager to throw away money by advertising at a gimmicky fringe tournament watched by next to no one outside of Canada, while at the same time alienating the hockey traditionalists actually watching the thing by insulting the sanctity of ad-less jerseys in traditional North American sports. It doesn't help that they laughably want $8 million for the privilege either. Adidas didn't even bother posting anything about their new jerseys on their main Twitter feed, just the NA ones.

  10. 4 hours ago, ICTknight said:

    I can't decide if I like the Europe white jersey. I do love the logo. Hopfully they release shirts or something. Not sure if i want to go all in on a jersey.

    Here you go. I love how they get way ahead of the game with "It features a trendy design with internationally recognizable World Cup of Hockey graphics". :lol: It reminds me of the stickers record labels would put on newly released albums saying "featuring the hits..." well before any of the songs were actual hits. 



  11. 1 hour ago, spartacat_12 said:

    I'm a big fan of Europe's logo, but the jerseys are awful. The half and half look has never looked good in any sport, and I'm confused by the colour choice. There's already Finland, the US, and Sweden in blue, plus it's used by Russia & Czech Republic. I would've rather see them in a unique colour like purple or green.

     Because the EU flag is blue, whereas purple or green would represent absolutely nobody. They could have used them for the NA team, but it's quite obvious that there was a conscious effort to make them look more intimidating (perhaps due to a perceived disadvantage due to their restricted age and experience), which could not be achieved with the likes of purple, which is generally regarded as a more effeminate colour.

  12. 14 minutes ago, Solaris said:

    the only thing is that the same coach who coaches the russian national team is coaching the russian team for this tournament, unless they're the same team?

    this whole thing is confusing from an organizational standpoint.

    The tournament has the full support of the national hockey federations, it's simply not an official IIHF sanctioned event. Because of other year-round international tournaments, European teams tend to have full time national team coaches, like Znarok for Russia, to lead their team wherever they're playing, whereas North America tends to only appoint coaches on a per-tournament basis.  

    In other news (cause God knows I've posted enough in here already today so I don't want to make another separate post): Why does Team Canada seem to insist on having ugly collars? These are even worse than the regular Nike ones - I can't stand the red jerseys with the white trim that never meets, but rather gets cut off by the chest fabric à la the Edmonton Oilers' current monstrosities. It looks so beer league and cheap.

  13. 49 minutes ago, Solaris said:

    i honestly prefer the jerseys Russia u18 wore when they were in the chl series last year. crest just looks better in my opinion. hey, ill take a usual jersey over what monstrosity could have resulted from some designer tinkering too much and trying to create a new identity. also, non jersey question, why is this series being contested with NHL rules? doesn't that put the North American teams at an advantage because non-nhl players and goalies aren't used to certain things such as trapezoids?


    It's an NHL tournament, not a true international one. The whole tournament is set up so that non-NHL players are almost not a thing (that's why they created the gimmicky made-up teams of junior North American NHLers and Euro odds and ends, instead of having Slovakia and Switzerland, which would consist of mostly non NHL players). Only two Czech players of all of those announced today are not in the NHL, and other than perhaps a few Russians and a handful from others teams, the rest are sure to be NHLers as well. All of the goalies are already selected (the top two at least), and they're all NHL players except for Connor Hellebuyck, who plays in the AHL. 

    And since I didn't see this anywhere yet, the NHL posted this photo which shows the white USA jersey as well, which is slightly better. It will also put a tear in the eye of the people who were praising supposedly straight hemmed jerseys.


  14. 9 minutes ago, Ice_Cap said:

    I didn't make one, but sure.




    "Europe." "Represent my country."


    Anyway I'm moving on.

    Thank you for proving my point. I see reading comprehension is not your strong point. Let's just agree you're wrong and call it a day :)


    In other news, US is bland and boring



  15. 13 minutes ago, Ice_Cap said:

    Not really. It's just a collection of players who are from countries that can't field a team for any number of reasons. There's nothing indicating what nation the players will hail from.


    Look, Team Europe's sweater is terrible. Europe, however, isn't a country. Own the mistake man. Own the mistake.

    LOL. Usually the person in the wrong owns up to a mistake (that would be you), and I at no point said anything remotely close to calling Europe a country. I'll also bet that their individual country flags will be shoulder patches on the shoulder not occupied by the WCH logo.

  16. I don't particularly hate the North American U23 jerseys and logo, but it all has a very "Evil Corporation" vibe for me.


    Also, the Team Europe jerseys are nothing short of horrible. I'd be embarrassed to represent my country wearing this.



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