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  1. It looks like the same design team behind the recent All-Star jersey is at play here - simple, clean, broad lines/cuts. I like the Czech's simplified/retro crest - the full coat of arms always seems too cluttered to me. Not liking the WCH on the collar, it cheapens the whole look. They should have either left it blank, or used the NHL logo, since this is their tournament. Somewhat surprised that there's no Adidas shoulder logo, but the triple stripes which are no doubt down the side of every jersey will likely provide enough marketing/branding presence.
  2. Surprised this isn't up already, but they released the logo yesterday. In keeping with the general feel of the tournament, they've gone with a "to hell with it, who cares?" look. Honestly, I have no idea what they're trying to do here. It's in no way appealing, and unless you're one of the very few people who know what Gehry's trophy looks like, you'd be hard pressed to make out what the hell that is in the middle.
  3. That makes zero sense. In past World Cups they simply took the top 8 teams based on their world rankings a year before the tournament. They had just as much time to adhere to that practice here and have Switzerland and Slovakia play instead of the gimmicky B.S. teams they've created. It's quite obvious that their goal was to flaunt more NHL players as opposed to having a legitimate international competition. These new jerseys are what fascinate me the most (I particularly want to see what ridiculousness they've come up with for the World team), after that, I couldn't care less for this pointless exhibition tournament (not that I won't watch a game here or there).
  4. They didn't. This is an NHL sanctioned tournament, not an official international one. Nike still holds the rights to IIHF international competitions and the Olympics. The NHL signed with Adidas just to make the World Cup jerseys (and rumour has it they'll most likely be taking over for Reebok with the NHL gear as well once that comes up for renewal - which isn't really too much of change, since Reebok is an Adidas subsidiary).
  5. Also, the NHL and NHLPA have had no luck in finding an advertiser willing to pay their ridiculous $8 million asking price for jersey ads, so it's probably not going to happen at this point. Advertisers are aware of the potential fan backlash, and they're also rightfully skeptical that this is just a Canadian tournament/NHL marketing ploy, with little international interest or buzz.
  6. It's entirely passable and decent, but it's also absolutely unnecessary. It's an improvement on the Nets' logo, but it's not an upgrade over the current ball and claw. Keeping purple out though was the right move. It's a dated look and the throwback this year proved it. Red/Black/White works well, and if they keep the uniforms similar to what they have now, no one will mistake them for the Blazers or Heat. The gold alternate version makes no sense however, other than trying to capitalize on those black and gold shirts Drake produced last season.
  7. I can't stand the way the Oilers Edge collars simply get cut off. It looks cheap and unprofessional. A standard new Reebok collar would have made them near perfect.
  8. This guy: Sure he's not a pro, but I like it
  9. As a logo Elvis is better than Pat. However, the uniforms Elvis has been associated with...suck, while the uniform Pat is associated with is timeless and could easily be one of the best in the league, still. Sacrificing Flying Elvis for a return to the old uniforms would be an awesome trade for Patriots fans. The old uniforms are only timeless in the sense that they're generic, boring and forgettable. The current ones are far superior to them in every way.
  10. Doubt I'll have much luck with this one since it's from the 1920's, but I may as well give it a shot. Anyone know what this (or something similar) would be? Closest I've found so far is Resavska.
  11. I agree with you if we're talking about the Yankees or Rangers, but the Isles, Mets, etc are like the little illegitimate brothers of those teams, they don't command, receive or deserve the same respect, and the orange and blue colour scheme never lends itself to an outright classy look no matter how hard you try. With those colours they'll never look truly "professional", so why not be aesthetically pleasing instead of boring? Too many horrid/boring brands are kept around simply because they're old, not because they're truly classic based on artistic merit (NY Giants anyone?)
  12. Count me in as another guy who never understood the hate for the Isle's Fisherman jersey. The logo is miles ahead of the original/what they have now, which is among the worst in all pro sports. Sure the lighter colours and waves might not have been all that timeless (which isn't really an issue, since jerseys are updated anyway every three or so years), but the logo was near perfect. Same goes for the Preds mustard jersey. I can see how the main crest might be a turnoff, being so colourful and busy, but the jersey design itself and colours work great. They should have simply put the skull logo that's on the shoulders as the main, and it would have been one of the best sets in the league.
  13. Brothers Regular and the fancy "of" is Brothers Word Logos. Egggcellent. Thank you.
  14. Can anyone tell me the font the Leafs are using here for their campaign this season?
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