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  1. True. But, I don't think they'll always stick with a 5 stripes design for their shirt. Atlanta can still be "The Five Stripes" because of their logo. I just like the idea of a 5 stripe design for an anniversary kit for nostalgia.
  2. Their inaugural uniform had 5 stripes, as does the logo, so they became known as “The Five Stripes”. The identity coincided with great success as well, so the fan base is partial to it.
  3. 2021 brings a new home kit for Atlanta United. I know gradients/fades are gimmicky and don't hold up well over time, but I don't hate it in this context for some reason. I'm at least hoping Atlanta goes back to the 5 stripes aesthetic that they're originally known for. I also hope they do something special for their 5th anniversary playing in ATL to make this edition more fun and collectible.