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  1. Atlanta United came up with the logo that appears on the socks, or at least it’s approximately what they did. I’m not married to it being on the socks, I just thought it needed another element to tie in better with the top.
  2. True. But, I don't think they'll always stick with a 5 stripes design for their shirt. Atlanta can still be "The Five Stripes" because of their logo. I just like the idea of a 5 stripe design for an anniversary kit for nostalgia.
  3. Their inaugural uniform had 5 stripes, as does the logo, so they became known as “The Five Stripes”. The identity coincided with great success as well, so the fan base is partial to it.
  4. 2021 brings a new home kit for Atlanta United. I know gradients/fades are gimmicky and don't hold up well over time, but I don't hate it in this context for some reason. I'm at least hoping Atlanta goes back to the 5 stripes aesthetic that they're originally known for. I also hope they do something special for their 5th anniversary playing in ATL to make this edition more fun and collectible.
  5. I agree that I'd rather see the ATL cap as a spring training or BP cap. I don't even like the red tomahawk A cap that they used to wear with the old red Sunday unis. The ATL mark may also be a decent sleeve patch.
  6. You may be right. It may work better on a hat in combo with their main script on the uni.
  7. I recently had an idea for an alternate Braves road uniform. It falls more in line the Atlanta's ivory home alternate throwback. I think it's got the classic, simple aesthetic with the more modern "ATL" moniker.
  8. Home Uniform Concept inspired by mid-1980's.
  9. As much as I like the sharp, suggested line at the neck there’s just something about the completed line to the top of the wing that looks right to me. Which do you prefer?
  10. The Falcons are overdue for a fresh look. In my opinion, their old look wasn't a bad one, but Arthur Blank wanted to forge a new winning identity, so I get why the brand was changed. It's unfortunate that such a classic and strong logo had to fall victim to association to decades of losing. My idea is to go back to the old branding, but not all the way. I kept the current forward tilt of the current logo, as well as the aggressive bird's eye and overall feel to the classic logo. I did some styling to the wing feathers for a more aerodynamic look, and updated the bird's head and beak to look more like a bird of prey than the old, docile head of the classic logo. I may play around with helmet/uniform concepts along this line, so stay tuned! Here are the old and current logos for reference:
  11. They're my EPL team too. Their 3rd kit definitely influenced this design.
  12. Figured I might as well post a home kit tweak. Nothing too different from the current version, but more black dominant, stripes continue on the back, and there are 3 red stripes instead of 2 to mimic the background of the Atl Utd logo.
  13. So Atlanta United's Peach away kit has leaked and it's not going over very well. This is my take on the Peaches n' Cream concept.
  14. Played around with the black kit a little more tonight and came up with a sash concept and took away the vertical stripes. It adds a little more red to the overall look and possibly keeps it more "Atlanta" in scheme.
  15. Possibly, but our away kits in 2017 looked almost exactly like NY Red Bulls' so maybe black could work as a 3rd kit anyway.
  16. Here is a couple away kit concepts. I think I prefer the all white clean look, but I usually lean towards simple. I played around with red socks, black socks, black shorts, etc. but none of them seemed to look right.
  17. Here's the updated black concept with adidas logo and sleeve accent.