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  1. 50 minutes ago, BigRed618 said:

    Understandable. Doesn’t give them much leeway with shirt designs though.

    True. But, I don't think they'll always stick with a 5 stripes design for their shirt. Atlanta can still be "The Five Stripes" because of their logo. I just like the idea of a 5 stripe design for an anniversary kit for nostalgia.

  2. 14 hours ago, BigRed618 said:

    Is there some significance to there being five stripes?

    Their inaugural uniform had 5 stripes, as does the logo, so they became known as “The Five Stripes”. The identity coincided with great success as well, so the fan base is partial to it. 

  3. 2021 brings a new home kit for Atlanta United. I know gradients/fades are gimmicky and don't hold up well over time, but I don't hate it in this context for some reason. I'm at least hoping Atlanta goes back to the 5 stripes aesthetic that they're originally known for. I also hope they do something special for their 5th anniversary playing in ATL to make this edition more fun and collectible.



  4. On 10/1/2018 at 2:39 AM, OaklandIsBack said:

    I REALLLLLY want to like version 1 but I cant


    LOVE the Atl hat, wouldn't want to see it on-field. Maybe make it a BP hat so it's still "official" in some capacity but not game worn (but it's one of my favorite concepts I've seen. I would buy it and I don't wear hats and vowed long ago to only wear my favorite teams on the rare occasion I do)

    I agree that I'd rather see the ATL cap as a spring training or BP cap. I don't even like the red tomahawk A cap that they used to wear with the old red Sunday unis. The ATL mark may also be a decent sleeve patch.

  5. 19 hours ago, Pengin. said:

    Nice template. I like the second concept more than the first. The first is missing something. Obviously ATL is important to the City of Atlanta, but for some reason, I can't see the Braves representing that part of the city's identity. Maybe if it was a patch, or an element in a logo, but not as a wordmark like the Hawks. 

    You may be right. It may work better on a hat in combo with their main script on the uni.

  6. 12 hours ago, FALCON6 said:

    I like the current logo (see my profile pic), but this, as a much less drastic change from the old logo, offers an slight modernization and a fiercer look, while maintaining identifiability with an already established brand. Nice work. At the risk of defeating the whole purpose of the exercise, can we see what the logo would look like if the white outline and negative space were red?


    Just for you.



  7. The Falcons are overdue for a fresh look. In my opinion, their old look wasn't a bad one, but Arthur Blank wanted to forge a new winning identity, so I get why the brand was changed. It's unfortunate that such a classic and strong logo had to fall victim to association to decades of losing. My idea is to go back to the old branding, but not all the way. I kept the current forward tilt of the current logo, as well as the aggressive bird's eye and overall feel to the classic logo. I did some styling to the wing feathers for a more aerodynamic look, and updated the bird's head and beak to look more like a bird of prey than the old, docile head of the classic logo. I may play around with helmet/uniform concepts along this line, so stay tuned!


    Here are the old and current logos for reference:



  8. 1 minute ago, Brave-Bird 08 said:

    The original you posted here is right up my alley. Actually very similar to Newcastle's third kit, which happens to be my EPL team and is located in one of Atlanta's sister cities! 

    They're my EPL team too. Their 3rd kit definitely influenced this design.

  9. Figured I might as well post a home kit tweak. Nothing too different from the current version, but more black dominant, stripes continue on the back, and there are 3 red stripes instead of 2 to mimic the background of the Atl Utd logo.



  10. 19 minutes ago, Conrad. said:

    Looks good and reminds me of my "Midnight" concept from a while back:



    However, sadly, I don't think they'll be able to do a black / gold kit with LAFC coming in to the league next season. LAFC will own the black / gold look.


    Possibly, but our away kits in 2017 looked almost exactly like NY Red Bulls' so maybe black could work as a 3rd kit anyway.