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  1. As a Jazz fan, I get it. I really do. Silly name, SLC’s not a Jazz music hotbed, blah blah blah. But the name’s not going anywhere. Hasn’t in 40 years, and won’t in the next 40 and probably ever. Let’s all accept and deal with that, and move along. They definitely could make some improvements in other aspects of the brand, no doubt about that, and I’d like to see a few of those things happen. A name change will never be one of those things, though.
  2. Man, I miss the Fiesta. They don’t need new uniforms at all (well, they could scrap the camo alts), but I’d sure love a Fiesta court again.
  3. I still think this was the D they should’ve unified: And though it’s not the same one, the flat top makes it looks close enough to one that has some historical precedence on the cap:
  4. The Chargers did a few things right here, the gold face mask is a huge win (can’t believe how good that looks) and though I’m used to them in navy, I do think switching to powder blue is ultimately the right move brand-wise. But for pete’s sake, how hard is it to match up the background of the bolt all the way? Still bugs the crap out of me that they insist on having some kind of solid stripe background behind the bolt on the white pants and road jersey sleeves. Leave the bolt on white, keep it consistent all across the board. They’d look so much better that way. I know the road version of this set didn’t do it, but this is how it’s done:
  5. To be honest, I’ve never been that big a fan of the Warriors’ uniforms. The full name on the jersey has always been a bit much, I don’t like the crest fill being a contrasting color than the jersey (rather than same color as the jersey and the bridge + roundel be the contrasting color instead) and the side panels have always bugged me. The best way I can describe that particular problem is that, to me, they really clutter things up when they already have a big blob of a crest on the front and I’d much rather the side panels not be there on the jersey at all in that case (don’t mind them on the shorts though; they’re not cluttering there). I vastly prefer something closer to the 1975 championship set or Run TMC. Either or is fine with me and much better than what they’ve got now in my opinion.
  6. Pants like that are pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. That’s great news.
  7. Definitely white, and I’d change the front number to white too. After that, it’d be perfect in my opinion.
  8. Baylor’s a little plain and safe, but that gold and green work well enough together that I’m not necessarily bored by it. I hope they bust out gold-green-gold a few times. And I have nothing good to say about Michigan State.
  9. That’s horrible. Nothing on that jersey is legible. I’d like to believe they considered legibility when designing and producing it, but it really doesn’t seem like it was thought through hard enough. How that jersey got approved is absolutely beyond me.
  10. Yeah, “Make it Right” is a weird one. Almost as bad as “Row the Boat”. I’m kind of done with all of these cheesy mantras, if you don’t have an established one like “Boomer Sooner” or something then just stick with “Go *Nickname* Go” or something and call it a day. That’s always gonna be better than “Make it Right”, which makes it sound like they need to fess up to something. The helmets look really nice. The white outline of the paw could be a little thicker and more visible, but otherwise I like it. I think the oval tiger head logo looks really good with that stripe pairing too. Now if they just take these jerseys: ...and make the pants stripes on their different pants match the helmet? Then they’ll have themselves a darn good set.
  11. Forget alternate, I’d make a whole set out of that. Yes please.
  12. Honestly, the only thing bugging me about the Pitt redesign is that the helmet and pants stripes have different outline widths. The helmet stripe outline should be a bit thicker to match. Otherwise, really nice redesign.
  13. I’m not in the camp wanting Carolina wearing black helmets, and don’t think I’ll ever be. I haven’t seen a single concept yet that’s made that idea work, in my opinion. Especially not with the logo as-is. I feel like when Carolina wears the right combinations, all the colors are balanced out really well. Sure you could maybe tweak a few parts of the uniform here or there if you wanted, but that’s really all they should do. I think they’ve got a better thing going for them than they’re given credit for and I’d really hate to see them muck it up. Anything can happen, and they may prove me wrong, but I just see too much potential for them to go Titans level bad on a redesign and we’ll be looking for that “S#!+ GO BACK” button to mash.
  14. You mean top-seeded as in the higher seed in the matchup? Because Utah wasn’t the top seed that year; they haven’t been top seed in the West since 1997-98. Anyways, that’s quite the nostalgia trip watching those Warriors sets. I actually think they translate really well to the nike cut and I’m pleasantly surprised that they still look pretty good to me overall. Also pretty glad to see that if a team really wants to, they can apparently have an extra throwback/classic edition/whatever even if for just one game and a special occasion.
  15. I get there’s history and sentimentality behind this Pirates throwback, but it’s still awfully ugly and I wish they’d get rid of it. It’s much better left in 1979. If they want a World Series nod throwback, the 1960 or 1971 sets are much better uniforms by a country mile in my opinion. LATE EDIT: Just realized it’s the 40th anniversary of the ‘79 team, so I guess it makes sense to keep wearing it this year. But scrap it after the end of this season and go ‘60 or ‘71 instead, please!