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  1. FWIW, I’ve always associated “Dynamo” (in soccer and hockey) with a more old-school look because of Dynamo Moscow and Kyiv, despite the more modern sounding name: If that’s Houston’s line of thinking here, I don’t think the new monogram is too far off in terms of feel. It hits on an old-school look of its own without being script-y and looking like Moscow and Kyiv. I think the global soccer/football audience who’d be more strongly familiar with Moscow and Kyiv could potentially catch that feel, too.
  2. If I remember correctly, I think the Cardinals used to do that as well when they played outdoors at Sun Devil Stadium.
  3. The sword blades on the Titans uniforms have always struck me as cheesy. I think had the shoulder yoke, helmet stripe, and pants stripe been just the shape of a blade but filled in one color (preferably powder blue), it wouldn’t have been so bad. Using grey tones to illustrate a blade, however, pushed it way overboard for me. It looks what I’d expect a semi-pro team in Las Vegas sponsored by The Excalibur to look like. And that’s only one of the uniform’s problems!
  4. If you zoom into the picture in the left, there’s a faint standalone “H” on the hexagon between the tips of Harden’s right index and middle finger. It looks different than the “H” in the crest, perhaps an alternate mark? The crest itself isn’t bad, but I also strongly prefer just the hexagon and monogram together without the text. I hope that’s what’s on the kits, and the crest w/ text is relegated to other uses.
  5. Yeah, at first I didn’t see pinstripes at all. It took me looking at an up-close picture for me to catch them, and even then it was faint. Even still, that uniform is the best of an underwhelming bunch by far, and I wish the new set had been built around its look instead. Arch the word mark in a rounded fashion instead of a chevron shape, make the pinstripes more pronounced, then make a white and red version, and they would’ve had something really good.
  6. Top one is better from the neck down, but bottom had the better helmet (and logo, for that matter). I’ve said this before, but the teal flake is one of my all-time favorite football helmets and should have survived.
  7. Yeah, Miami is a frustrating case of “so close yet so far”. The uniforms and colors themselves are excellent, but the belly-flop dolphin is such a gaffe of a logo that it ruins what should be an overall great identity. It doesn’t help things either that the logo looking like a belly-flop is much too associative of all the losing they’ve had during its run. That thing needs to get replaced yesterday.
  8. Unpopular opinion maybe, but that’s too much orange for my taste. The Browns have always looked much more balanced to me when they wear O/B/W.
  9. Exactly this. I never could articulate what it is about concrete home/road designations that appeals to me outside of “it’s tradition”, but this right here is it. There’s really something about looking at past historical moments and being able to quickly identify where it all happened based on the uniforms worn. I understand that there may be exceptions with regards to neutral sites (Super Bowl, NCAA tournaments/bowls, the bubbles), but - generally speaking - there’s really something enjoyable about, say, looking at pictures of Dikembe celebrating the upset over the Sonics in ‘93 wearing navy and remembering, “oh right! They did that on the road!” Or remembering Iverson stepping over Lue happened in LA because of the respective uniform colors. It’s not that you’ve never known where it happened, it’s just nice that in regards to historical moments, uniforms - depending on the sport, of course - served for years as a functional identifier of locale (especially when other identifiers, like the court/field or stadium architecture, aren’t clearly identifiable within the framing of said photos or footage).
  10. The Lakers wore white in Game 1 of the 2004 Finals:
  11. Side note of sorts, but I’d forgotten just how many colors that Predators logo had. I counted 10! That’s way too many. It might have worked for a Saturday morning cartoon character, but it really didn’t work here. I’ve also never understood why the Predators insisted on making the teeth look chrome-y back then, either.
  12. FWIW - and I understand the mothership isn’t always right - the mothership lists Orlando’s blue jersey as the primary road uniform from 1994/95-1997/98 (and includes a note about the black being reassigned to the alternate):
  13. I could be completely wrong, but if I remember correctly, Orlando may have designated the blue uniform to be the primary road uniform by that time (switching the black to alternate status). If that is indeed true, then...I’m thinking New Jersey in 2002 (grey alternates) would have been the first?
  14. Thought this was interesting. According to the Coyotes themselves, the Kachina coyote supposedly fills/forms the shape of an “A” for Arizona? Has that ever been explicitly said before? That seems very retroactive (seeing that they weren’t originally the “Arizona” Coyotes), but that’s what they are saying now.
  15. I’ve got a torn opinion on the Black Mamba uniform...I get the sentiment of it, I really do. I get that his nickname was the Black Mamba (I think we’re all plenty aware of that), and I get that the wound of him passing is still fairly fresh and it’s a feel-good story for Laker fans that they’re making this run right now. I think the frequency with which they’re wearing it, though, is a bit much. I didn’t mind them bringing it into the bubble and wearing it on 8/24 and in the early parts of the playoffs, but making it their de facto primary uniform for this playoff run is laying it on a bit thick, in my opinion. They’re already wearing a Kobe and Gianna patch, they’ve already pretty much dedicated the season to their memory, “Job’s not done” has been repeated again and again...I don’t think anyone would second-guess the sincerity of the Lakers’ tributes and devotion to their memory if they happened to win the Finals in a gold or purple uniform. It’s the colors Kobe won in, after all. As far as the title run itself - again, I don’t mean to downplay the difficulty of the bubble and certainly don’t mean to downplay the loss of Kobe - but I feel like the Lakers were going to have this steamroll run anyway, present circumstances or not. The fact they did it with the present circumstances makes it a compelling off-court story, absolutely, and they should by all means celebrate that to the fullest. But they’ve also blitzed through everyone in the playoffs and the on-court part of the run has been, if I’m being frank, kind of a bore. “Entertaining” or “compelling” are not words I’d use to describe the on-court product of thier run at all.