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  1. I absolutely love the color scheme. Those values of burgundy and gold work very well together. The uniforms themselves look excellent as well! I think they do a great job of having a look all thier own while still maintaining the basic historical Washington football aesthetic. Very nice work all around!
  2. Even though this is a Mitchell & Ness and not a Nike cut, I think this could be a decent enough visual of how a close-fitting Suns throwback could look.
  3. They should park a camper outside the stadium too. ”Are you crazy? A guy in a really nice camper wants to put our song on the radio!”
  4. I think what bothers me most about it is that the sloppy parts are extremely easy to correct, and the fact they weren’t makes the approach seem very lazy. Some designers use a grid to construct thier marks, some rather align it to a grid after construction to align things correctly. In any case, the top slant is something that should have been quite obvious with the aid of a grid, and I really question how thorough the work was here if they didn’t even bother to check how everything aligned.
  5. Are the logos on the article traced from the reveal footage? I can’t tell if the “CLT” is really that botched for real or not, but it does appear at the very least that the “C” really does have that slight tilt at the top in every instance I’m seeing it. I can’t unsee that tilt and if that’s real, then that’s really poorly done.
  6. Growing up as a Mountain West fan, I watched UNLV often and never realized there were any Confederacy ties, I too thought it was more of a “rebel frontiersman” kind of thing. I’ll never fault a school for being safe and taking action to right any wrongs they or others believe they’ve caused (or could cause) though, so if UNLV feels better about changing the mascot on those grounds, then by all means they should. As far as other names go, I thought about the wolf too but quickly remembered Nevada-Reno. Maybe “Stars”, referring to the 8-point star on the welcome sign? I can’t think of any “Stars” names at the university level off the top of my head. Maybe “Rattlers” if they want to go an animal route, or if they want to stay western, “Mavericks”.
  7. Very good of them to admit a mistake and work to rectify it so quickly. Also, from a strictly design standpoint, the change looks a lot cleaner and better altogether anyways. Good move all around.
  8. I don’t know what to think of the Raptors in terms of what their uniforms should look like, partly because I don’t think they’ve ever had a truly great look in thier whole history. The inaugural look was fun and nostalgic, but far too cartoony and pajama-ish to be timeless and work for long enough. The Vince-era was okay, but didn’t need the butt panel (?) and certainly didn’t need the contrasting back on the road. The red and black versions of those fixed the contrasting backs, but kept the butt panel and sucked a whole lot of life out of it by dropping purple. The championship set, while really not being that bare or over-simplified, still looked like really bland and lifeless imitations of the sets preceding it and have never inspired me visually, championship or not. And finally, the apparent news of the chevron fronts going full-time is just another disappointment; any wordmark you try to fit in that shape - “NORTH”, “TORONTO”, or “RAPTORS” - looks so forced and jacked-up, and the chevron front doesn’t seem so special to me when it merely looks like Toronto’s red-and-white answer to the Sonics’ jerseys (yes I know Seattle didn’t use a chevron, but text-in-a-filled-arch of some kind will always get me thinking of them). I don’t see the Raptors’ chevron front and think “oh, how unique/cool”, I truly just think “eh, the Sonics did it better”. To be clear, I think Toronto’s had good colors and brand elements scattered throughout thier history, but in my opinion they’ve really struggled to roll out a truly great uniform for some reason. There’s either enough wrong with it to pull it down despite good elements, or a whole lot wrong altogether.
  9. Apologies if this is somewhere in the thread already, but Larry Bird once played a doubleheader for Indiana State’s baseball team: The story:
  10. Vice is a cool alternate, but there’s nothing so wrong with thier current identity that it requires a full rebranding to Vice. I’ve always felt like a rebrand to Vice would be a change for change’s sake that would wear off in due time. IF they ever were to do a more extensive rebrand, I’d sooner they rebrand to Floridians colors because they’re a bolder look without being as stark a departure. In fact, I think it’d be a great difference splitter between all thier identities: the inaugural sets used orange trim, pink is a Vice color, and pairing the two with predominant black would still give off the same vibe as the current identity with a bolder twist.
  11. I have to be honest, I was surprised at how much I loved it after it was released. It’s one of those sets that looked only alright when I saw old pictures of it, but for some reason looked really good in action this past season. I’m not surprised that it was apparently so popular.
  12. A four-for-one in this video: Hall of Famers Luke Appling, Pee Wee Reese, Al Kaline, and Warren Spahn in pullovers.
  13. I quite like them in a vacuum, but I think some knocks on it usually have to do with them stepping into Mavericks territory or being followed by a set that had more character going for it. It’s really not bad in my eyes (I think it’s good), and I would like to see them throwback to it again, but overall it seems the Dallas comparisons and being followed by a much more charismatic and memorable set both have worked against them in retrospect. EDIT: Also didn’t occur to me that this set and the Pajama Rockets co-existed!
  14. Right? Wouldn’t surprise me if within a few years they rebrand again for a fresh start. Or maybe they don’t, who knows. But if anything, the Bucks have shown in 50+ years that they really don’t mind making changes often. The departure of the best player they’ve had since Kareem and Oscar would be an understandable reason to keep the trend going. EDIT: For the record, as a fellow small-market fan I really hope Giannis stays in Milwaukee, but I’m betting he leaves.