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  1. Malone, Stockton, and Sloan are definitely there; it’s the fourth spot that gets interesting. As far the Jazz are concerned, you could go in a few directions. When it comes to players, I think Dantley is a very great and worthy pick (first long-term star in Utah, Hall of Famer). Rudy Gobert could possibly make a case as well, though; if not now, then soon. He’s been here long enough and been great enough that I think he’s at least entered the conversation. If you consider ownership, Larry H. Miller could make a very good case to be the fourth spot too. There’s a good chance the Jazz aren’t still here in Utah without him. Just throwing it out there to cover both SLC teams’ bases: if an RSL player were to get squeaked in somehow, it’d be Kyle Beckerman or Nick Rimando. I don’t think I’d have either of them in ahead of the other Jazz figures though. They’re pretty revered here, but the Jazz are in a league of thier own when it comes to local significance here.
  2. Amazing to read this and realize the NBA was actually considerate about this once upon a time. They certainly don’t give a rip about it now.
  3. I’ve always been a bit torn when it comes to managers in uniform. One one hand, there’s something quintessentially “baseball” about a guy like, say, Casey Stengel in uniform; he absolutely looked goofy in it, and that was part of the charm. I don’t think he’d have looked the right part of “Stengel” as we know him if he were in a suit: On the other hand, I can also see the argument for more variety, more personality, and something that helps the manager stand out a bit. I see nothing wrong with a manager branching out a bit in that regard. I’ve always liked what Chris Woodward has worn on occasion and think that strikes a fine balance between team-wear and uniform: I don’t think managers should ever go full suit, though. I know Connie Mack did it, and he should have been the most professional looking manager of all-time, but to me he looked far more like a lost spectator who wandered out of the stands and onto the field than a manager. The suit just didn’t look right for baseball.
  4. That Ohtani homer was legit one of the loudest baseball sounds I’ve ever heard. He is insanely strong. Really hoping he’s okay after that plate collision. I’m glad he got back on his feet, but that little limp didn’t look good. I’m not going to pretend I know more about baseball than Joe Maddon, but I was floored he didn’t take Ohtani out when Abreu came up. That decision is going to have been an extra bad one if he’s hurt. I can appreciate trusting him to get out of a jam (and to Maddon’s credit, Ohtani did get the strikeout on Moncada before the ball got away), but still. The time to pull him really, really felt like Abreu’s at-bat.
  5. I don’t mind Germany’s adidas stripes being tonal, but the crest and adidas logo being tonal is too much. The numbers and sleeve trim being just about the only thing you can see on the kit makes it look like a very generic, video game placeholder kit. I’m really not a fan of it and feel like they could’ve done much better. The 2018 set as a whole really blows this current set out of the water, in my opinion.
  6. I suppose I understand the reasoning for keeping black from a marketing standpoint, but it sure doesn’t look that good with wine. Cleveland would look so much better if they’d just simplify to wine, gold, and white. Regarding Cleveland’s historical identity crisis, I’ve never really known what the “essential” Cavs identity is, and I don’t think the Cavs have ever really known either. They’ve seemed to chase after different identities thier whole existence, and to a detrimental fault. They’re in a weird spot in my head where they’re both relevant and irrelevant at the same time; relevant because of Lebron and a recent title, yet irrelevant because they suck again and I have no bearing on what thier brand or identity is or ever was. If I were ever hired to rebrand them, I honestly have no idea what I’d do with them nor would I trust the brand would last five years at this point. They’re perpetual shapeshifters and I just don’t understand how or why they insist on being such time and time again.
  7. See, for me I just have a really hard time with the navy and forest green together. They contrast poorly and look too dark when paired with one another. Sure it helps the gold and white pop, but at what cost? You lose one or the other colors to contrast issues depending on which one’s the base, and it makes the other color look and seem really pointless. It’s never worked for me and I don’t think it ought to be forced any more than it already has. The Jazz really need to be using kelly as thier green instead, and I was thrilled that at least the new earned edition ran with it. Given the general mess thier identity is, I’ll take what I can get from them at this point.
  8. My best guess is the era mash set would be a special “Classic” designation that every team gets rather than a City set. If they’re going to turn out like that potential Phoenix leak, though, I’d rather they not exist at all. A straight up throwback for every team would suffice for the anniversary. As far as rebrands go, I think Dallas is by far the most due. I’d love to see them finally make a change next year, though I doubt Cuban will ever part from his look. I don’t think the Pelicans have to scrap everything, but they sure could stand make a few changes here and there to freshen things up (and best to do it now with Zion on the rise).
  9. I’m gonna say my opinion, thier reverse retro is the best uniform in franchise history. So much better than the current and throwback “capiLals” sets, is a best of both worlds solution between the great 90’s look and those who prefer RWB, and it just looks right for them.
  10. Oh man, that’s nice. It’s really close to perfect: either an un-outlined “UK” or the “K” from the script on the cap instead would do it, in my opinion.
  11. And this within a week of Indiana wearing gold in LA? This league, man.
  12. Love the inspiration, and I really admire the effort to step outside the box here! I think you’ve really nailed the theme, I get a lot of hiking/outdoors/Eddie Bauer vibes from the look. The embossed leather crest patches are a brilliant idea, as well. I think those are the specific elements, among the others, that really drives that rugged outdoor look home. Very, very nice work! I’d love to see a series as well, I think your approach to kit design would make for an entertaining and interesting series for sure.
  13. I really like the double green and gold together, that’s a great color scheme! I’m curious to see how it’s utilized. I like the logo as well, though something about the way the text runs in the shield looks a little wonky for some reason. That aside, I really like the idea of it and find that particular shield shape visually interesting. It should stand out pretty well amongst the other logos in the league.
  14. This is hilariously bad, and the NBA ought to take this seriously. I can see how the apparent “glitch in the system” could cause the confusion, but why didn’t Atlanta know that OKC picked orange? OR if they did know, and the system just didn’t flag it correctly, then why didn’t somebody from Atlanta or the NBA itself raise a concern? Any way you look at it, this shows some problems in this system. If neither team was aware of the conflict, the league should’ve caught the problem as soon as the matchup was submitted and alerted the teams. If one or both teams were aware, someone from one or both teams ought to be aware enough of uniform guidelines and potential matchup conflicts to flag the matchup as an issue anyways. No matter what the story really was, it all makes it look like either 1) the league didn’t care/notice until they actually saw the game, or 2) the people responsible for submitting uniform selections, whoever that may be, dropped the ball. I know this’ll bother some, but in my opinion, this is precisely why strict home/road uniform designations are necessary. White (or gold if you’re the Lakers) at home vs. dark on the road will always prevent this problem, and no one ever has to worry about any “glitches” or miscommunications that causes messes like these.
  15. Sure, the Pirates have maintained many non-vest elements that are instantly recognizable, and maybe “not looking like the Pirates without vests” sounds a little harsh. But for some reason I can’t completely put my finger on, the Pirates look so right in vests that everything else doesn’t look right enough, if that makes sense. The “We Are Family” set and the current set seem like alternates in comparison. I think it’s partly because I grew up right when they went back to vests for a time and is what I’ve most associated with them in my lifetime, and partly because of the strong historical impact of these two: Clemente is one of the most iconic figures in baseball history, who wore the vest for the bulk of his career, and Mazeroski provided one of the most iconic moments in baseball history while wearing the vest. As great as Stargell was and as fun as “We Are Family” was (and considering there’s no player or moment of that stature associated with the current set), the vest just has so much more attached to it in my mind. Also, side note: I’m all-in on retiring Clemente’s number across baseball. I hope it happens someday.