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  1. I always felt like @LogoFan’s concept came as close an ideal Falcons logo as I’ve ever seen. It could stand to be a just a little bit more “swoopy”, and maybe the talon could be a smidge longer, but all in all this is as good as I’ve seen and is still my favorite Falcons concept. No comically swollen talon, the wings look larger and more imposing, and the craft problems of the original are well-addressed and cleaned up. It seems to me like the right solution.
  2. The thicker talon has been one of my biggest gripes with the logo; it has always looked terribly swollen and unnatural, and also (I believe) lends to an illusion that the falcon’s wings are too small due to its proportions looking off. Yes, the mockup in question’s talon does appear very small, but that doesn’t mean the swollen talon should stay. There can certainly be a middle-ground talon size somewhere, and that’s the one that should be pursued.
  3. It occurred to me a while ago that the Jaguars’ minimalist uniform style and approach is so much better suited for the Cardinals (due to their history) than a team like the Jaguars. If the Cardinals had the same helmet they do now, and from the neck down had cardinal and white version of the Jaguars’ idea, that would’ve really worked for them in my opinion. I wish they would’ve beaten the Jaguars to the punch there. In any case, it’s been time for them to change for long while now. Murray is right, they look very outdated and I hope their set’s days are numbered.
  4. I knew of that blue over white set (which I agree is absolutely beautiful), but I’m floored that I’ve never, ever seen that UCLA stripe uniform before. Wow. It’s such a nice uniform, and yet looks so bizarre and out of place all at the same time.
  5. Speaking as a Colts fan, I do like it as a once-a-year alternate (maybe Thanksgiving day/weekend), but not full-time. The shoulder stripes (no matter the template) are such a Colts staple that I’d never want to see them departed from.
  6. 100% agree, every time I’ve seen it removed it looks very bare and empty in that area. If the “B” were ever to be removed, something else would need to be placed there, even if just some extra head detail. If that can be pulled off then fine, otherwise I think the “B” needs to stay.
  7. I feel like the Seahawks’ present uniforms dated pretty fast, and I wasn’t the biggest fan of them to begin with either. They’ve always looked like they tried to fit too many elements together and though it isn’t the biggest mess in the league, it still strikes me as a bit messy anyways. Plus, I’m kind of done with the “action green” or whatever they call it, just kind of feel like these super bright greens and volt yellows in sports have been running their course for some time. On the other hand, the throwbacks still stand out to me as a stronger and more cohesive design that still encapsulates the northwest very well. The Canucks prove that royal blue and kelly green can still be a very relevant PNW color scheme, and I think it would look very much “in” place rather than “out of” for the Seahawks today. I wouldn’t be too worried about whether or not it encapsulates who the Seahawks are now either, considering the face of the franchise apparently loves them so much. That’s a pretty good endorsement to have! Keep the modern hawk head, go back to the original colors and a throwback-inspired set, and I think you call it good from there.
  8. I totally get the thought of red being a bit ironic because of redcoats, but I guess it never bothered me much because of some other patriotic themed teams wearing red uniforms at different times too (like the Capitals and 76ers) to the point where it seems like enough of a theme to work. The Capitals I understand are referring to something more broad and not at all pointing of course to the revolutionary period. However, I’ve assumed “76ers” to be basically referencing the same figures that the Patriots are, and they’ve also worn red uniforms off and on. So if the wearing of red really was that big an error for the Patriots, then it maybe should’ve been for the 76ers, too. With all that aside (and regardless of team record, too), in a vacuum I’ve always thought the Pat Patriot uniforms were beautiful, most especially the last iteration (with the red road pants) before the Flying Elvis rebrand. Pat needed some work, but the uniform itself was really well done in my opinion. I love all the matching stripes, it was just one of those “satisfying” uniforms in history to me.
  9. Jury’s still out until uniforms, but so far from what has been released, that’s what it’s looking like. And I think it all boils down to approach; the Rams seem to have tried way too hard, whereas the Chargers have apparently, simply, done what needed to be done. I had thought going into this offseason that the roles would’ve been reversed.
  10. I think this is a really great exemplification of what’s wrong with some areas of sports branding right now. Approaches are becoming way too complicated, layered, cutesy, and over-detailed. When it really comes down to it, one single logo shouldn’t have to have this much “story” packed into it, and I think some beliefs out there are that a great logo has to tell a full-length novel. In my opinion, it really doesn’t. There’s a big difference between designing a logo that communicates “Los Angeles Rams”, and one that communicates “Los Angeles sunsets and beaches and waves and Deacon Jones wore a helmet with white horns but we also wore yellow horns for a lot of years too so a little bit of both with a gradient because modern but historical too and now back to sunsets Rams”.
  11. Just taking a big guess: removal of side panels, removing the Flying Elvis from the jersey wordmark, and a Bledsoe throwback alternate (the latter being a hopeful guess based on the Edelman tweet). All of those would be really nice.
  12. I hadn’t thought of that, my mistake. I’ll edit above. Apologies, everyone.
  13. *EDIT*: Didn’t occur to me until after posting that this was using Madden 20 and not 21, and this is likely NOT a Colts leak. Probably just a screw-up with uniform select. My apologies.
  14. Given the ram head logo has “sol” (yellow) horns all the way through and no white gradient, I‘m hopeful that the helmet horns will mimic that instead. That’s a whole lot of emphasis on “hopeful”, though.
  15. Love the colors. The “LA” is a little better in this composition, but not much better. And I really want to like the ram head - the idea is great - but the execution and craft looks off. My first thought was that it looked digitally sketched with a stylus and never refined afterwards.