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  1. Hearing that they do have some alternate colors, I’ve got two guesses. 1) Some kind of purple or indigo, because of how tempting I imagine a Hornets nod (but with Panther blue instead of teal accents) would be for a clash kit. 2) Mint. Depending on how much of thier primary kit is Panther blue and allows for this as a clash, I could see them potentially pulling off something like Real Madrid’s awesome green kit:
  2. You keep equating “roots” to “peak”, but that’s not always true nor is it always the intended context. Ultimately, the audience for this rebrand and its story are Hawks fans. Most other NBA fans will likely “trace” the Hawks’ history back to Nique because that’s probably as far back as thier Hawks knowledge goes (if they even care much for NBA history at all, that is), but I would imagine most Hawks fans - as would fans of any team - understand thier history and the context of “roots” in this regard. Especially when the Hawks just celebrated thier 50th anniversary in Atlanta recently. If the Jazz changed uniforms tomorrow and said “we’re going back to our roots”, as a Jazz fan I know my team’s history: I know they wouldn’t be talking about the mountains (the team’s “peak”), they’d be talking about what Pistol Pete wore. I would imagine the context Hawks fans have of thier own history - coupled with recent celebrations of thier 50th anniversary and an inaugural Atlanta throwback - is something that helps “roots” make sense for this uniform. They’re the intended audience, after all; not outsiders. As I’ve stated before also, this uniform has very clear homages to the inaugural uniform and the inspiration to it is rather unmistakable when you look at the two side by side. This is a very good example of how, in some cases, “roots” =/= “peak”. They are equal and overlapping in the case of, say, the Arizona Diamondbacks. They are not in the case of the Atlanta Hawks.
  3. I’ve been trying to get on thier shop site for a while now, and I’m still having trouble. I’m guessing it’s striking up a lot of traffic! Yes I’m still not a fan of the name, but you better believe I’m still getting a cap. The rest of the identity is brilliantly done.
  4. Logo, colors, and uniform? Awesome. The name, though? This may be the biggest discrepancy between the quality of name and rest of identity that I can recall; yes, more so than “Wild”. For them to pick “Kraken”, they absolutely HAD to knock everything else out of the park to get by, and to thier credit, they really did. But yikes, the name.
  5. Love that blue and gold together. It kind of reminds me a little of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in a good way. That Adidas template has never been good, but I think Leicester City’s really made the best of it here.
  6. That is? My screen must be off then; that looks awfully close to royal blue on my end. It doesn’t look to have that same “pop” I associate with Panthers’ blue. Hopefully it’ll look brighter on kits and other applications. EDIT: Switched from phone to laptop, and I’ll be damned. That’s a little better! I’m a little more hopeful now that it’s going to pop a bit more on field than in these graphics.
  7. Yeah, @SFGiants58 beat me to it; that’s looking like modified Albertus for the font. I’ve always liked the font a lot; I’m a big Coldplay fan, and Coldplay used it often pre-Viva La Vida (and still do occasionally): I don’t know, it may be that association with a British band, but I’ve always thought Albertus had a very Euro/regal look to it, and I think that’s a great font pairing to go with the regal crown and ties for the identity. That all said, the name and colors are a bit disappointing. I was really hoping for Charlotte Town, and I worry the colors look a little too close to Montreal and San Jose. Perhaps if the blue was a little more electric or closer to Panthers blue, it’d be a bit more distinct. Overall the identity is okay, but could’ve done more to really separate itself from the rest of the league.
  8. I don’t know, it makes sense to me; there’s pretty obvious cues with the striping and drop shadow numbers pointing to the very first Atlanta set (one that was just thrown back to recently). The bones of the uniform are quite clearly intended to evoke the original, and though the color scheme is not the original, it’s the more traditional Hawks color scheme and serves as a bridge of sorts across different eras (red and gold also didn’t come that much later than the original, either; it came only four years after the Hawks arrived in Atlanta).
  9. Edmonton Emperors; they can keep the “EE” logo and colors, then have an emperor penguin alternate logo and mascot to help give a new, concrete brand direction. I really don’t know if that’s a good, meh, or bad idea, but it’s something I thought of and figured it may have some potential.
  10. PacMan is on the shorts, so it’s still in use. Don’t know yet if it’s on it’s own as the primary or tweaked with new text accompanying it as the primary, though.
  11. Sometimes a better view really helps; I couldn’t see that gold stripe down the side of the black jersey before, and that really helps it out. I still think I would’ve arranged the colors on the collar and trim a little differently myself, but I’m very glad to see some balance there that the first leak didn’t show. The white and red uniforms are very, very nice. That particular font is actually better in “ATLANTA” because you don’t have that rounded “S” sticking out, and the color distribution is really well done. I’ve got no complaints about either set. I’m assuming the logo package will get a tweak with the new font?
  12. I wonder if that crest shape on the page is a silhouette of the actual thing, or a placeholder. I could see how the top of the Gateway Arch could possibly fit within that rising center.
  13. That Man City font looks like a video game error, as if the font placement got stretched out a bit too much. Not good.
  14. I need to see the whole set to really see what’s going on in the identity, but the leaked jersey is falling kind of flat for me. I really don’t like that the collar and side trim appears to have no gold whatsoever (again, from what we can see). They could have easily slipped some gold trim into those areas to really balance things out a bit more, but as it is now it looks a bit incomplete with just red there. I can see what they’re trying to do, but I don’t think it’s executed as well as it should have been.
  15. Yeah, the logo still could’ve stood some more updating (like in the mothership mockups - I’ll admit I was a little shocked they didn’t go that kind of route), but otherwise this is still a better move than keeping what they have, in my opinion. Some might think this is a lazy move, but there is clearly a direction here to tap into nostalgia and this seems pretty purposeful and deliberate to me. You don’t pretty much dust off an old identity out of storage full-time without there being good reason for it. The gold trim on the cape is a little odd, but in all it doesn’t bother me too much because there will still be plenty of red trim on the uniforms from the sound of things. I don’t think it’s going to stand out in a bad way all that much when set against the whole uniform.
  16. That’s partly why I got a little excited; I knew the timeline would add up and it struck up a little bit of hope. Definitely a missed opportunity.
  17. I think this is kind of a different strokes sort of thing; I actually really enjoy symmetry such as that in some cases, and have always appreciated the way that Senators set worked. That’s not to say the white stripes looked awful or anything (I think they still looked good), and that’s also not to say that symmetry such as that is an absolute rule either. But there’s just some cases here and there where cohesive symmetry really speaks to me personally, and the black-striped Senators is one of those. I remember how satisfying it was as a kid playing EA NHL and realizing on the jersey select that when I switched back and forth between the two sweaters, the only thing that changed was the sweater base and number color. I dunno, that’s just me I also don’t feel the Senators have to do any kind of barberpole homages on thier primaries, either. I think they can easily do what they’re about to do for home and away, and have a barberpole alternate work great. I don’t see them clashing all that much as it is, with shared colors and all. If “best of both worlds” can work in your identity (as I believe they absolutely can in Ottawa’s case), there’s no reason to sacrifice one for the other.
  18. The color tease looks like it’s got a little more green in the blue than MCFC does (so a little closer to teal on the spectrum than sky blue), but otherwise I think that’s a good visual comparison. And if that’s the direction, then I’m totally on board.
  19. This may very well be absolutely nothing at all, but Donovan in throwback Stars gear is at least intriguing... I hope it at least opens up an internal discussion on honoring the Stars somehow down the road. They’d be great to throwback to; I’ve said it before, but I’m convinced that if the Stars were never in Utah, then the Jazz wouldn’t be here either.
  20. And people think Real sounds bad! In retrospect, though I don’t think there’s any turning back now, part of me wishes they had gone with “Salt Lake City” or “Salt Lake County”, the latter of which would make even more sense now that they play in Sandy. Anyways, to tie things back to Charlotte, the reason I love “Charlotte Town” as an option is precisely because of the aforementioned common English naming custom, which ties well into Charlotte being named for Queen Charlotte. Some kind of regal imagery in the identity would seal the deal.
  21. I don’t have a problem with it myself, UC Riverside has used a bear in some form for years. The use of a bear isn’t anything new from them in and of itself.
  22. Charlotte Town with teal as the primary color and either indigo or black as the secondary color would be awesome. Sure, either color scheme would be piggy backing off the Hornets or (kinda sorta*) Panthers, but they are both great color schemes that are already used in the region and aren’t being used in the MLS; might as well own one of them (or both if you want to use one for an alt/clash. They could feasibly do teal/indigo on one kit, heavy black/teal trim on another). *”Kinda sorta” meaning I get the Panthers aren’t exactly teal, but the right hue of teal paired with black could evoke a similar look.
  23. I absolutely love the color scheme. Those values of burgundy and gold work very well together. The uniforms themselves look excellent as well! I think they do a great job of having a look all thier own while still maintaining the basic historical Washington football aesthetic. Very nice work all around!
  24. Even though this is a Mitchell & Ness and not a Nike cut, I think this could be a decent enough visual of how a close-fitting Suns throwback could look.