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  1. Seeing the scribble/sketch texture in better detail on Cleveland’s “C” and numbers reinforces my thought that they should have applied it to the whole primary “CLEVELAND” wordmark instead of using the ransom note wordmark. That alone would’ve boosted the set from “pretty bad” to “pretty good”. It just goes to show how much details matter, and how much they can pull a set down or prop it up.

  2. 26 minutes ago, Haz_Matt said: Heat jersey for the earned edition...🤔

    As much as I would love for Miami to wear an orange uniform, I think it’d more likely be gold since they said “existing” team color. 

    That said, I’m honestly not sure what constitutes “existing” team colors in the NBA right now; I would assume (and hope) that means primary colors, but would “existing” city edition colors be on the table too?

  3. Surely there was a better way for the Cavs to pay homage to the Rock and Roll HOF than this. I totally get the concept, but that doesn’t make it good by any means. 

    The sketching (?) effect on the number and “C” is actually pretty cool - they could’ve done that to the whole primary “Cleveland” wordmark or even the city one they’ve previously used, and that would’ve worked very well. What they did, however, does look like a ransom note (I got some Batman Forever Riddler vibes from it) and is just a bit much.

  4. 1 hour ago, SFGiants58 said:

    I’m more of an Albertus guy. You can modify it pretty easily to get a fantastic insignia.



    Albertus works very well as a “DC” font, even for teams that play in Maryland!

    Oh I love that! I hadn’t thought of Albertus, but that is a fantastic option indeed. I imagine a “WASHINGTON” wordmark would look great in that with your noted modifications as well.

  5. Part of me wishes Washington’s temporary branding was a bit more old-school. I feel like something similar to the old Senators “W” would’ve been a fine temporary logo, with a wordmark to match of course. I think you could pull off that feel with Futura, perhaps. 


    Old Senators “W” I’m referring to:


    Something like that on the helmet instead of numbers looks really good in my head.

  6. As a kid at the time, I never thought anything of that Jazz black alternate. It was just “there” to me. Now I look back on it and don’t know what in the world they were thinking; they had all the other colors to choose from if they had to have an alt (sky blue, teal, even copper), and they went with black? I really wish they hadn’t done it.


    Also something I realized not that long ago - for a while there, especially the couple years when they wore the black alternate on the road A LOT - they were kind of the NBA’s equivalent of the Diamondbacks: purple-teal/turquoise-copper heavy at home, and black-purple-copper heavy on the road. The alt was never the official road set, but it was kind of the de facto one for a time.

  7. On 11/21/2020 at 1:41 PM, ramsjetsthunder said:

    The year is 2025...



    This was really all they had to do (plus maybe adding numbers to the shoulders, but still). It’s disappointing that they dove so deep into multiple tangents (fibonacci, streetwear, California vibes or whatever) that they completely missed this.

  8. 1 hour ago, dont care said:

    “Nationally recognized” by who exactly?

    Certainly not famous as in “everyone knows who they are”, but within the gymnastics scene they are very, very well known. They’ve been one of the top programs in the nation for years.

  9. 25 minutes ago, kimball said:


    I love the redrock stuff. Being a Utahn who's both lived and visited many areas around the state it's VERY Utah.


    I am curious though, do you live in Utah? Do you live in Northern Utah? I've found a lot of local fans who don't like it are those who think Utah consists of the just the Wasatch Front and that everything ends south of Santaquin. 

    Funny you mention Santaquin; that’s where I live! :D I’ve sort of zig-zagged around Utah a bit as well, mostly the Provo area but have also lived as far south as Blanding (where my Dad is from) and as far north as Logan. What part of the state do you live in?

    Having lived for a few years in Southern Utah, I did appreciate the redrock when it came out (didn’t like how it diluted the brand and still don’t, but I did appreciate how well it captured Southern Utah). And no, I don’t believe Utah ends after Santaquin ;) The problem I’ve progressively had with the redrock theme, though, is that they’ve committed so hard to it that it’s leaving inspiration that could be tapped into the rest of the state off the table - as I’ve mentioned here before, the redrock it references is really only in the southern third of the state (the opposite part of the state from SLC).  

    I was expecting more of the state’s natural beauty to be referenced year after year (as they seemed to indicate), but I’ve just been dissapointed that they’ve gone a different direction and doubled-down on one specific area of the state is all.

  10. 52 minutes ago, mgfoxx said:

    As a Jazz fan, I'm hoping for this is the case (please excuse my crude 2k mockup). Who knows though? 




    That’s about what I’m expecting as well.


    On another note, did you create those Laker uniforms in 2k as well? I really dig those!

  11. I think it would have been much better without the football in the background. But yeah, the Tostitos logos were far and away the best it ever got for the Fiesta Bowl, and it’s not that close. It was the perfect sponsor-bowl partnership, too.

  12. 15 hours ago, The AFC South said:


    That story basically boils down to “it’s modern because...Oklahoma is...doing modern cool stuff.” Huh? What kind of a stretch is that?


    Also I really don’t know why, but I’m getting gas station branding vibes from it. Maybe it’s because it’s also got NASCAR vibes and I’ve just blended the two vibes together over time, but yeah.


    EDIT - Okay, not the same colors but this is what I’m getting at:





  13. If I’m reading the Jazz teasers right, they certainly do look like a black version of the redrock homage set. 

    If so, then I’m really “meh” about that. I get and respect that it’s really popular here, but it’s also pretty tired/played-out, as well as a bit of a brand-wrecker (I see way too much redrock stuff when I go to games, when you pair it with the other stuff fans wear it makes the crowd look like a bag of spilled skittles).


    Plus, it’s kind of odd that the Jazz continue to honor the landscapes that are found on the opposite part of the state from SLC (again, if this is what I think it is). Yes, the Jazz represent the whole state technically, but what may get missed sometimes is that the redrock is really only prominent in the lower third of the state, with some very isolated exceptions dotted elsewhere (and even then, it’s not anything like what you see in the southern part). If the Jazz are insistent on using the City Edition program to honor Utah’s natural landscapes, they’re leaving a whole lot of beautiful scenery across the rest of the state - including the SLC area itself - untapped.

  14. 1 hour ago, Magic Dynasty said:

    It'll be a shame if the Suns jerseys are only here for a year. I really hope those can stick around for 2-3 years like the Jazz ones did. 

    If this one doesn’t carry over to next year, I hope they pull a Miami and wear recolored versions season after season. They could do a purple version next year, and a white one the year after that. I don’t know how well an orange one would work, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it tried either.

  15. I’m so much more on board with this than the NBA City Edition. I think we’ll actually get some pretty good uniforms out of this, and even the inevitable bad ones are still going to be fun at the very least (and on-brand, whether with current ties or historical ties). I mean, I know that white Wild Wing sweater is going to be bad, but I’m still hyped for it anyway. This right here is how you do a league-wide alternate program.

  16. Yeah, the shorts don’t need the wordmark, and I said earlier (as one who’s opposed to locale nicknames on uniforms in general), I’d vastly prefer “Phoenix” instead of “The Valley”. That all said, the gradient and color distribution is beautiful. If they wanted to make a full-time set out of that with proper team names on the front of the jerseys, I wouldn’t be mad at all.

  17. 7 minutes ago, CaliforniaGlowin said:

    Would the orlando wordmark be better with a small star in the O instead of the end?

    Not really. It would be better spelled out as “Orl*ndo” though, as that wordmark was originally intended.