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  1. I always hesitate to read too much into social media graphics because they don’t always mean anything (example, the Twins have used a few brighter colors on social media that aren’t used anywhere else). The timing of their rollout is interesting, though, so I could potentially see it being something. IF it is, then I’m a bit lukewarm. The right uniform design could make it look good, but the throwback royal blue just looks right. I’d rather them stick with that.
  2. That Eskimos logo is so much better and cleaner without the drop shadow. It’d be nice if that ended up being adopted, and if they eliminated the drop shadow from the jersey numbers as well (among other uniform fixes).
  3. I definitely agree with the bolded, design is subjective and open to all sorts of interpretation and discussion! And I certainly appreciate that (I think this has been a great discussion, btw). And Oregon has indeed improved over the years, you’re absolutely right on those points. I think embracing Apple green a little more, if anything, has been a giant step in the right direction. So yes, they’re definitely out from where they were and are further along. It’s my opinion though that they still have some bad habits and fads to shed, and that it’s really time for them to finally settle down on a concrete look and color scheme. I’m just personally the kind of designer and design fan that prefers things be made to last, so that admittedly influences and has influenced my feelings on Oregon heavily. I understand too though that others feel different, and that’s totally cool. Nobody’s wrong!
  4. I disagree for the most part; though the Dolphins uniforms improved with the recent tweaks and are decent in and of themselves, the belly flop/cruise liner/aquafresh dolphin is a disaster of a logo and still pulls that identity down significantly. And the Marlins somehow managed to roll out an identity with teal and coral red, and STILL look like a black and white team from a distance, with a black jersey that has unreadable numbers and text to make matters worse. Both teams took a really bad hit in my opinion.
  5. I understand where you’re coming from, and it is indeed progress, so some kudos to them for that. But I can commend said progress while still maintaining it’s a poor uniform and that Oregon still has some bad habits they haven’t dropped yet. The chrome helmet is not only a fad that’s run much too long a course in general, but does not go with anything else on the uniform. Sure the wings are mud green, but there’s no other silvery element from the neck down that justifies any use of chrome a chrome shell on the helmet whatsoever and looks terribly out of place. The chrome isn’t there to look good, it’s there to be “cool”, and lends some evidence to me that that is what Oregon still concerns itself with. A yellow shell matches and looks good (as well as balanced). Chrome does not. The green they are wearing is terrible. Sometimes it looks black, sometimes it looks vaguely piney, sometimes it looks like mud. It’s not a pleasant color and is not a necessary color either when they have a nice Apple green and a better forest green to choose from. And why do you have to have another green anyways? If you want to wear something that dark, why not just wear black? Again, Oregon still tends to concern itself philosophically with the wrong things. “Cool/different” =/= good. They’re getting better as other combos suggest, yes, but the scale is still tipping the wrong way when you bust this kind of combo out at all, let alone the Rose Bowl. They’ve learned one mistake from the 2012 Rose Bowl set; the yellow numbers are a much better contrast than the duck feather ones they had before. I’ll gladly give them applause for figuring that out, and again, that is some progress. But they’ve still got a ways to go in my opinion overall. Once they stick with consistent colors, drop chrome and other unnecessary colors, and start designing stuff meant to last and not be a walking fad year after year like they’re obsessed with being, then they’ll be much better off.
  6. For some reason, as a kid these uniforms had this kind of intimidation factor to it. Similar to the Raiders, it just had this gritty, tough, no-nonsense feel that really made it stand out to me. The logo would need serious improving (not the current logo; a better attempt than that thing), but I would love to see something like this come back. If not that though, I’ll admit that for some reason in my studies of past uniforms for fun, I’ve grown more fond of the Falcons’ red heavy sets of the 80’s and if they ever go red helmet again, I’d prefer they go all out on red like they did back then:
  7. I’m slightly worried now that it’s the Raiders. Can’t imagine they’d ever do too much, but opportunity is there with the move. Another possibility I’m thinking of is the Seahawks? I imagine that’d stir up some controversy here. Or Washington?
  8. Oregon’s Rose Bowl combo: Gold-Light Green-Gold vs. Wisconsin would’ve been beautiful, but nope, gotta look *fire emoji*. I’m very done with that mud green and their chrome helmets, both separately and together.
  9. The Bengals could honestly go right back to the previous set exactly and I’d be thrilled: And if you’ve got to call an audible because the template just doesn’t fit the logo and numbers, then just put the numbers on the sleeve for a Boomer set nod while maintaining the cleaner stripe treatment this set had. It’d still look beautiful. I also love overall how this and the Boomer set took a rather traditional template and gave it a progressive and modern twist by “filling in” tiger stripes where traditional stripes otherwise would be. This never needed to be departed from and reebokified into a mess; it did its job perfectly, and could still do its job perfectly right now.
  10. Is it possible that the supposed tweet about holding off on buying Raider gear was potentially referring to jerseys/merch with inaugural season patches on it? I mean it’s certainly possible it’s other tweaks or a logo modernization, but if there’s some kind of special Las Vegas patch that’s going to be plastered on stuff for the first season, I wouldn’t be surprised if that tweet was just encouragement to hold off until that stuff was available. Could even just simply mean hold off on buying OAKLAND Raiders gear in general until stuff that says “Las Vegas” is available. Just total guesses though, I never saw the tweet so I don’t have any context.
  11. ^ Ah, I knew I was forgetting someone in that era: Carter (how in the world did I do that??). So that would probably round up a top five of catchers in the era with Bench, Carter, Fisk, Munson, and Simmons. I think your post sums it up really well, @pmoehrin. Simmons’ case was always so tricky precisely because there was so much to either side of the argument. There’s a lot of stats and accolades that validate him, and certainly others that drag his case down. I guess that’s ultimately why I’m neither elated nor bothered by his election, but rather just “okay” with it.
  12. The Eagles should never wear mono-black again. Their dark green contrasts with black so poorly that even from a short distance, they just look like a black and white team from head to toe. Like a football version of the Nets. Also on a related note, I used to be a fan of the Eagles’ current identity in general but I think I’ve really grown out of it now, and fast. They need kelly green yesterday.
  13. Hmm. You’d think a team who’s been under fire for video stuff MULTIPLE TIMES would be a bit more careful about filming. Maybe they really didn’t have any intention of using the film for cheating, I don’t know. But no matter what their intentions were or how innocent they may really be, they of all teams really don’t have wiggle room for “unintended oversights” with this stuff.
  14. I suppose HOF elections would go here? The Modern Era Ballot has just elected Marvin Miller and Ted Simmons. Miller is someone I always figured would get in, just a matter of when. It’s hard to argue against him helping to change the game; depends on who you ask of course whether that change was good or bad (I think it was good), but in any case he was a HUGE catalyst in baseball history. Simmons was always an odd HOF case where I could see both sides to the argument; he was probably an average defensive catcher at best, who had a lot of trouble with passed balls and throwing runners out. And with defense being such a key element to the position, that was always a dent in the pro-argument. However, Simmons has a case as one of the greatest offensive catchers in history (7 seasons hitting over .300 and 8 seasons hitting over 90 RBI, 3 over 100) and though he didn’t have near the power, he was an even better pure hitter than his frequent contemporary, Bench. He was also elected to 8 all-star games, so he did have a lasting run as one of the game’s best catchers (though again, he shared a career timeline with Bench - as well as Fisk and Munson - and was never THE best). So yeah, he’s an interesting case. Historically great at offense, only average at defense, a top 3-4 catcher of his generation but also VERY overshadowed by those who were ahead of him (Bench, Fisk, and Munson). I “get” his election, but also “got” why he wasn’t elected all these years too. In any case, he’s in now. EDIT: Add Gary Carter to Simmons’ contemporaries, too.
  15. All of those experimental Eagles combos belong in Madden; you can see them there. The Eagles should never do any of those in real life.
  16. To be honest, I didn’t have a problem making it out at first and still don’t. I can see the face just fine. That’s just me, though. *shrug*
  17. That’s quite a bit better than the Times’ concept, and a huge improvement over the present set. I could do without the color rushes (leaguewide, really), but the main set is very nice and I wouldn’t mind that pewter jersey over white pants once in a while. All in all I’d be pretty fine with this.
  18. I had posted that I thought things were looking good after New York, but I’d posted too soon. With the exception of St. Louis, most of what came after was a bit of a disappointment. Just seemed like circa 2008 click and fill templates for the most part. Oh well. I think it’s pretty clear to me who the winners in the reveal are. New York, St. Louis, and DC are all big standouts to me, with New York I think being the top. I still can’t get over how great their helmet is.
  19. So far, so good. I effing LOVE New York’s helmet. It’s still early, but so far this is all looking like a good, pleasant surprise (my expectations were really low).
  20. All the “look at the scoreboard lol” posts in the world still doesn’t excuse the fact that teams running around wearing whatever they want, brand consistency be damned, is a massive problem.
  21. I really appreciate the commentary of the problem, but I’m not sure I like their concept as the solution. Not a bad uniform in a vacuum, but there needs to be orange somewhere. Red and orange is such a Bucs “thing”, it needs to stick around in some form like it always has, even if one or the other is small trim.
  22. Utah is in 60’s throwbacks again tonight, and I think they’re fine in a vacuum, but as a fan growing up watching old Mountain West football, I get way too many New Mexico or UNLV vibes from the silver-red-silver. Despite it being a throwback, it just doesn’t really look like Utah. Give it a red helmet and white pants though, and then you’re really cooking.
  23. I feel like all Tennessee really needed to do from the previous set was remove the helmet stripes and fix the number font. Otherwise, it didn’t need much and certainly not this disaster of an overhaul that went way too far. The Titans (and Bucs, I think) are a prime example of being careful what you ask for when wanting change. Sometimes it’s easy to look at some minor flaws like the Titans had and cry “OVERHAUL IT” when that may not be the solution and worse, lead to the whole thing being a major flaw in and of itself. I always shudder when people want the Panthers to hit hard reset, because I think if any team has the potential to fit that disastrous bill, it’s them. They’ve only ever needed tweaks and I’m positive if they roll out the hard reset some are asking for, it’s going to come out more Titans/Bucs than what we’d like. Both teams are a stern warning. Sometimes it’s best to either make small tweaks or keep still. The Titans really should’ve considered what small things they could do instead.
  24. This thread is based on something brewing in my head lately and thought it could make for an interesting thread, if others had similar thoughts for other teams before. Ever saw a uniform’s design and thought it’d be better suited for another team? Or even thought “I wish *insert team here* wore something like that instead”? The thought occurred to me rather randomly a couple of days ago that, while the uniform design for the Jaguars just doesn’t work for them at all in my opinion, I think the general concept would’ve worked really well for the Cardinals. Of course the helmet would absolutely need to be white rather than black, but I think the modern take on classic simplicity that the Jaguars tried to employ would’ve been a great route for the Cardinals to take as a modern homage to their historical looks, and certainly better suited for them than the Jaguars. That kind of look or something like it is exactly what the Cardinals should be wearing, in my opinion. Even the number font would’ve been just about perfect. Just make it mostly cardinal and white with some black as the trim (and stick with cardinal and white combos, no black pants or anything), maybe put the Arizona flag on the chest where the Jaguars have the logo now (if not the sleeves), and I think you’re set. That’s all just my opinion though. Anyways, what are some other uniform ideas that any of you have felt could’ve been better suited for other teams in any sport?
  25. Speaking as a lifelong Jazz fan... If they go redrock/sunset full-time, then that’s five completely different primary color schemes since 1974, and presumably three entirely different primary colors between the five. They’d go from a team who for their first 30 years was clearly a purple team, to one who insisted on being a navy team for 15 years, then suddenly decide they want to permanently round out the rainbow with reds, golds, and oranges. How does that not sound bad? Their brand history and insistence on wearing the wrong colors already is a bit frustrating enough, convoluting it further with an entirely different color scheme to add to it is not at all what they should be doing.