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  1. Fully agreed on the Seahawks, disagree on the one-helmet rule though strictly because of throwback limitation. Too many great options (Bucs’ creamsicle, Eagles’ kelly green, Seahawks, etc) forced to be kept off the table. I do understand the concern for an alternate helmet free-for-all, though. Maybe a compromise is to lift the rule for throwback helmets only but imposing a ban on alternate helmets (hypothetical example: no aqua Dolphins helmet just for the fun of it)? Otherwise if we want more classic looks, the only other option is fauxbacks designed in accordance with existing helmet colors, which could be made to work if done right but would never be as great as the real thing. There was a Seahawks concept posted here once that was basically the Largent throwback but in navy and kelly green with the navy helmet shell, and it did look really nice, but the real thing would still win out for me if given the choice.
  2. Well, at least the Bills’ white socks will break up the mono-blue a bit. Still not at all an ideal combo though. I will say that I actually really like the white facemask for them, and I wouldn’t mind it full-time I’d they ever wanted to switch things up.
  3. Yeah, Winnipeg in blue over gold vs. Hamilton in white over gold would have looked much better. It was pretty “meh” as it was. Also I wish Winnipeg would get rid of the white jersey’s contrasting shoulders; they’d have potentially the best overall look in the CFL without them. Also, very nice to see a bit more color and personality in next year’s Grey Cup logo. The last few have been just about as soulless as the Super Bowl’s current system. Here’s to hoping a system like this for the Grey Cup sticks and is even more improved upon as it goes.
  4. I’m torn because I feel the Lakers should only wear gold at home and that’s it, but as a rare exception, in terms of pure uniform matchup last night should have absolutely been Grizzlies in teal vs. Lakers in gold. As history shows, that’s a proven great matchup and it nearly would’ve had the look of a pure throwback matchup altogether, given that the Lakers’ gold resembles the classic set fairly closely.
  5. Love that Sailor Aubie cap! I’ve always felt vintage mascot logos should be utilized more in college baseball.
  6. I’m very late to this, but just my $0.02 on the supposed new BiG: It’s fine at best. I don’t think it’s as bad as some feel, as I think the cleaned up lines of the “m” are big improvements and I honestly don’t mind the connected webbing. Everything that needed cleaning in my opinion was addressed. However, it’s by no means a home run either, as I don’t think the ball needed to be centered into the glove’s palm at all and just looks “off” where it’s been placed. The ball was not a problem and should’ve been left as it was. I also think if they’re going to commit to the BiG again, they may as well go all out back to royal and gold again instead of navy (though that’s more of a rebrand quibble overall than the logo itself). So all in all, in my eyes the new BiG is nowhere near a disaster, but it’s not as great as it should’ve been, either. It’s fine, and that’s it. I do hope that custom spring training font is indeed part of the package though, because if so, that’s going to score the rebrand as a whole some good points.
  7. This Wild West of NBA uniforms is a really bad look. Much has been said about that Warriors/Lakers debacle and I agree with the sentiment. It’s really no different in my eyes than if for whatever reason the Yankees wore blue at home and the White Sox came into Yankee Stadium wearing pinstripes. It’s a preposterous idea that shouldn’t happen and this shouldn’t have happened either at Staples. Another massive problem is the perception of brand team by team. Some are better off than others, but there’s a few teams with quite the mess of an identity right now. Using the Jazz as an example because I see the evidence of this every day: the primary colors as presented and listed on a style guide are navy/gold/green, but you know what merchandise I see far more predominantly everywhere I go? The red rock stuff, and it’s not even close. I even see more classic edition purple than the primary stuff. So when I see the Jazz brand represented outside of the arena, I’m seeing a completely different color scheme and identity (two if you want to count classic edition) than the one the team presents as its primary. It almost looks secondary at this point. It’s easy to look at this and confuse it for a brand positive because sure, it’s selling and lots of merch is out there, but no matter how much the other stuff is selling, it will always look like the brand has multiple personalities and thus no clear direction. The problem isn’t that fans flock to one (or two) more than the other, it’s that there’s multiple, vastly different identities and personalities of the brand out there in the first place. And the Jazz aren’t the only ones. Many (myself included) harp on teams like the Canucks and Padres for their brand history containing many stark differences and inconsistencies in identity; well, the NBA has a few teams having that right now, simultaneously, within their own current brand thanks to its current free-for-all system. That’s a massive problem, and what’s worse is that it’s getting confused for a good or “cool” thing. Branding across the NBA needs a hard reset back to tradition and basics in the worst way.
  8. I do wish Arizona would settle on one color scheme, but they’ve made very good improvements here. The tweaks now and last round have really been for the better and embody what the uniforms should’ve looked like from the start of the rebrand.
  9. I think my favorite out of that Adidas bunch is Sweden’s (love that double-blue with the yellow), although it certainly isn’t perfect; it’d have been better if the double-blue striping was applied to the collar as well. Otherwise, very nice. Germany is close, but I don’t think it needs the flag-style cuffs at all. Remove those and you may have the best of the bunch. Russia is helped by the flag-style cuffs on the other hand, but the pattern on the front could’ve been a bit more unique to Russia rather than one of the same brush patterns other teams apparently have. Most of the others are either just nice or just okay. I feel like I should like Wales’ more than I do, and I get that they’ve had gold trim before, but I feel pretty indifferent towards it. It’s a decent design, it’s just that I like their look best when they do red with a bit of the brighter green. I’m guessing since they seem very integral to the design, if a player goes long-sleeve, the cuff designs would stay at the bicep level? Or would they go down to the wrist?
  10. I had wished from the rebrand’s start that the Astros would’ve had some kind of shooting star wordmark like they had in the 60’s. They could’ve even had the current block wordmark and topped a modified shooting star over it, and I think that would’ve worked fine (may have had to go without front piping to avoid clutter, but I think it’d have been worth it). As it is now, I’ve come more around to it, but still feel that no star anywhere on the wordmark was a missed opportunity to liven the look up a bit.
  11. I think we got our answer tonight. During the PHX/UTA broadcast (from Utah’s station) they showed a ticker promo for three classic edition bobble-head nights using the same graphic style the social media team has been using. They had throwback logos for the Knicks and Lakers (Knicks were the 90’s “subway token”, Lakers were the primary with the lighter purple), but the Thunder were the current logo. I think that’s actually best in that situation and am more than happy to let that one be the exception, given the circumstances.
  12. If the Jazz instagram posts over the weekend are any indication, they will be using 90’s logos for their opponents in their game and score posts for classic edition games: It has really been awesome to see these again. These are the very first Jazz uniforms I remember (they rebranded when I was 4), and it’s been nothing but a fun nostalgic rush since they’ve been released and worn. Lots of good memories coming back, and hopefully some good ones made in them this year.
  13. the Jaguars are on the white pants/white socks wagon. Is the white yoga pants look going to be the new thing now?
  14. Great decision to go with just the lowercase “d” for Dinamo Zagreb. I agree that it stands in its own very well and lends to a clean and classic look. The work so far has been very solid and the crests each look very clean. I’ll be looking forwards to seeing the series through!
  15. I absolutely love number 1. That’s a really neat take on the “horns on helmet” concept and could see that lasting for years. Great idea and great work on that! The other options just seem a bit too trendy for me, and really lack the conceptual clout the first option has.
  16. I figure this fits here: the Jazz are extending their jersey ad sponsorship with Five for the Fight through 2023. Great news, as it’s a great patch aesthetically, but far more importantly a great cause.
  17. That’s definitely valid and fair. I still think the helmet color/finish looks great though, maybe a decent compromise (until Nike can get the pewter right) is a new set with a pewter helmet and white primary pants? I’ve thought their pewter/red/white and pewter/white/white combos historically have looked better than they’re given credit for. And keep some pewter trim on the jersey and pants for good distributive balance (as a trim rather than a solid I think it’d look fine, color replication problems notwithstanding). I’m not at all opposed to a creamsicle comeback, but if there’s a way to salvage pewter, I’d want to see that really tried first.
  18. I do like the creamsicle too and wouldn’t be upset if they ever went back, but I can’t help but be a bit partial to pewter because, as mentioned, no one else uses it and it looks so d*mn cool and intimidating when paired with red. That was a brilliant color pairing, they could have easily went a bit cliche and just went black with red/orange, but instead they bust out a cannonball-like color that pairs just as well with the red/orange, achieves the same intimidation factor, and is totally unique all at once. The Bucs may have some uniform problems right now, but the color scheme has nothing to do with it. They had, in my opinion, one of the top five looks in the NFL for the Super Bowl set’s run and if they stripped things back down to that kind of design, they’d be more than fine again.
  19. To be totally honest, I find that gold A’s swap mockup to be only okay. Not bad, but not amazing either. I think it’d look better if the cap/helmet were solid brown instead; the “SD” is already gold so you don’t need more on the brim. It’s just a bit too much as it is (I feel the same way about the real A’s version, for the record). In any case though, I really don’t think the Padres need a gold alternate. I’m a huge fan of brown and gold coming back, but I’d rather they emphasize brown far more (since that’s the anchor color to this whole thing) and center an alt on that. A good amount of gold trim that stands out all across the set will suffice plenty for gold usage, it doesn’t need to be more than that.
  20. I still think the 90’s pinstripes were better, but this is still a very nice alternative. Well done, Bulls.
  21. The Pacers have so many great throwback options and they keep insisting on the Hickory? I’m a FloJo guy, but literally anything they wore from 1967-2005 is a better option than the overdone Hickory set. C’mon, Pacers.
  22. Hmm...Warriors? I recall them having one of the leaked classic courts so I’m guessing that could be the one we’d know of by paying attention to what’s already been revealed. The other “forgettable” one, I’m not sure who they could be (and what “forgettable” is implying haha, could be forgettable for a couple different reasons). Wild wild guess: 90’s Bullets?
  23. Yeah, I really think the Nets ought to dust something off for next season to take advantage of selling more KD and Kyrie stuff. That’s a slam dunk for $$$. I’d love to see the Petrovic set again (not tye-dye though), but something from the Kidd set would be awesome too. I’m guessing IF they did that, it’d probably be the white or red one since they didn’t have “NEW JERSEY” on them (but d*mn I’d love to see the grey alt again).