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  1. Not gonna lie, I actually really liked that color scheme. I will admit that it looked better in sunlight though, which makes me think it would’ve been better had Seahawk Blue been a little lighter. Something closer to the ballpark of the KG Timberwolves blue. Also would’ve helped if they didn’t wear mono-blue, I felt the white pants was a better balance. Otherwise though, I loved the idea of the color scheme. It looked very PNW to me, and I felt the lime green was an excellent accent color to it and navy.
  2. The Mavs’ brand just hasn’t aged well and is one of the most dated ones in all of the major pro leagues, in my opinion. It reeks of 2000 in the same bad way that the Capitals retro alts reeks of 1974; it severely lacks timelessness because of how far they dipped into design trend of the time, and sticks out like a sore thumb against both modern and timeless looks surrounding it in the league. It’s been time for a change for quite a while, now. Though I’d prefer they go back to blue and green, I’d welcome just about anything that is an improvement upon what they have now. Also, re: blue and green, I felt it worked so well as a kid because I made the association of blue for Cowboys and Rangers, green for Stars (I know of course that’s not the reasoning for them and also know of course the Stars came much later than 1980, I’m just saying that blue and green never looked out of place for a Dallas team because other teams in Dallas were/are still wearing one or the other).
  3. If it’s anything close to that, I’m on board. That looks better against white than I thought it would. I’m a big fan of last season’s Coogi, so I’m glad to hear it may be continued somehow after all.
  4. Thinking a little bit more about this topic, and I think Nolan Ryan with the Rangers is a pretty prime example. He played longer with the Angels and Astros, but his 5,000th strikeout, 300th win, last no hitters, the Robin Ventura fight, and his HOF plaque all make the Rangers a very strong association in my mind, and I’m sure many others. Plus there’s the whole “Texan Legend” thing and from a purely aesthetic standpoint, that Rangers look fit him very well. I mean, the guy looked like a Texas Ranger. As far any possible criteria for the topic, it seems to check off just about all the boxes.
  5. Looks like some of the Reds are pulling a Kluszewski today:
  6. Every time I see or think of the Mariners’ Star + Trident, I think of Gaylord Perry (I’m guessing because of his 300th win). It’s probably the milestone effect, but the Mariners look at least more right than wrong on him to me.
  7. Conley jerseys are on sale today now that the trade is official, and he’s wearing #10: BTW - Don’t know why they’re selling Conley redrock jerseys, as I didn’t think they were coming back next season. Redrock stuff seems to sell very well though so I guess they’re just raking in more dough before they’re gone or something.
  8. Regarding the Browns, I’m pretty hardline in that the Orioles should be the only ones who should throwback to them, should a Browns throwback be worn. Any other team would be too confusing. I get where you could link the Brewers, but where the two Brewers franchises are completely separate, I just don’t think that’s a strong enough link at all to warrant a throwback. I see it in the same vein as if, hypothetically, let’s say the Pelicans move to Vancouver or wherever in 30 years and change thier name, and the Hornets wear a Pelicans throwback 50 years after the fact because nearly a century before, they were the original Hornets. It just wouldn’t make any sense. It’d make much more sense for them to wear the Brewers throwbacks from that franchise than the latter Browns ones. The Cardinals would be rough too, considering they aren’t successors to the Browns and actually coexisted for 50 or so years (AND played against each other in a World Series once). I know they have a Sisler statue at Busch, but I see that more as honoring St. Louis’ baseball history in general and I think that’s acknowledgement enough, no throwback is necessary. It’s far more easier to make sense of the Orioles wearing Browns throwbacks because it’s simple to say “that’s who we used to be” and point to them on a timeline. Even still, I think it’s best to do it if they’re either playing against the Cardinals in Interleague play, OR against another team wearing a throwback from the Browns period and the Orioles want to play along in a historically accurate fashion.
  9. Those look SO good. I could be wrong but it looks like they took a little bit of liberty with the front number size, which is a great thing, as I recall them historically being a bit too big. That looks like a good size. This is very clean indeed, I’m a fan of it!
  10. Sorry, but I just can’t hop on the full-time ViceWagon. It’s a good look for an alternate, but I don’t consider it to be an improvement and there’s nothing so wrong or broken with the current identity that it warrants that kind of a departure. I’ve said this before, but in my opinion, “just because” and “why not” are not good reasons to rebrand.
  11. Ah that’s right, I remember now. I just wish it would’ve been a navy “T” anyways (throwback accuracy be damned ). In any case, it’s not a good look.
  12. If the thread is “player on the wrong team but in a better looking uniform”, then I’ll say Bryce Harper with the Phillies: (Especially the throwbacks) BUT if the thread were “player on the wrong team but in the uniform you still associate with him/her nonetheless”, then A-Rod with the Rangers comes to mind. Even after all his years as a Yankee, I never got the association of him as a Ranger out of my head. Couldn’t tell you why, I have no idea. It’s just there.
  13. This one might be borderline on whether or not it counts given the item in subject, but I’m gonna post it anyway: It used to bug me to no end that Joe Mauer’s catching helmet decal had a white “T” against a white background. It was hardly visible and absolutely should’ve been navy against the white for contrast. Sure you could argue that with the mask on you could hardly see it anyway, but that didn’t stop me from unseeing it anytime he took the mask off.
  14. In my opinion, the addition of black and going sleeveless (and piping-less, if I remember correctly) in 2002-2003 felt pretty significant, so I don’t think I’d personally count them. There’s consistent pieces, sure, but as a whole it didn’t quite feel the same as the looks before and after it. If that set never existed though, then I’d say the Royals would be a pretty good candidate.
  15. It’ll be interesting to see which throwback it is, whether it’s the 1) sleeved 90’s, 2) sleeveless ‘97 jersey, or 3) the 2003 one with the black wordmark and numbers. Either 1 or 2 would be the best they’d look all year.
  16. It’s going to be weird having the Nats wear them, but hey, any way we can get the Expos back for even a day is cool with me. I’m also glad it’s the 1969 set and not the racing stripes. I always thought the original was so much better; I like blue numbers on the powder blues better than I did red, and trim on the sleeves struck a good clean balance with the pinwheel hat, whereas I thought the racing stripes just made everything a bit too bold from head to toe for my tastes. This just strikes me as both a clean and balanced yet progressive uniform all at the same time. A really underrated classic, in my opinion.
  17. So it looks like the Royals will be wearing ‘69 throwbacks as well? That’s three out of four ‘69 expansion teams being represented by throwbacks this year (KC, MTL, SEA). C’mon and round it out, San Diego!
  18. I wasn’t able to make it to the Pilots throwback game yesterday while I was in town, but I did buy a 5950 Pilots cap before I flew back home and love it (I usually don’t buy 5950’s anymore, but thankfully I found a great fit and just couldn’t pass it up). I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much Pilots stuff I saw there, both in merchandise and just marketing for the throwback game/nostalgia in general. I did go to Wednesday’s game and they advertised it a fair bit there, every sports store I peeked into had Pilots gear, and The Seattle Times even had a full multi-page article about the ‘69 season in the paper this morning (granted it’s thier 50th anniversary of course, but it was still cool to have a whole article to read, and a fascinating one at that). Plus, my Grandpa even told me stories about them while I was there with him haha. Lots of Pilots nostalgia this week and it was really cool to see during my stay.
  19. I really hope they do more than just add the new logo and fonts on. Maybe an unpopular opinion (I’m actually not sure if it is or not), but I’ve always felt the uniforms were not great and need quite a bit of work. I’ve never liked the side panels on the jersey, as in my opinion they really clutter things with the crest already being so dominant, and the cable design on the shorts has always looked a bit forced and corny to me. Just too much going on when there really doesn’t need to be. They ought to look at something like the ‘75 set for inspiration in terms of uniform layout and structure, it does the job a whole lot better and cleaner than the currents have.
  20. A couple of my favorites in addition to a few already discussed:
  21. Haha yeah, that wasn’t the original intent for sure. But there’s been some good ones though, that Snoop Dog Penguins one especially is right on with that I was thinking.
  22. If they can strike a good balance between black, red, and gold, I think it could work well. The key is finding that right balance though, and I think that practice jersey gets it pretty close. I liked how the Ottawa Senators balanced it in the 90’s-early 00’s; though gold was only on the logos in the set I’m thinking of, it looked great and quite complimentary in terms of quantity with the black, red, and white as it was. Maybe translate that kind of a balance to a basketball set and you’ve got it, plus there’s things you can do with that kind of color heirarchy to differentiate it from the Heat if that’s a potential problem.
  23. Yeah I stopped buying fitteds online after a while of getting three or four bad fits in a row, usually a bit too big but I did get one that was quite tight too. It’s amazing how much a 7 1/8 can vary! I’ve pretty much switched to ‘47 clean ups now, both just because my personal style/preference has switched to that look anyways but I was also just tired of all the variance and hit or miss that came with 5950’s. I’d much rather get something adjustable to cut out the hassle.