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  1. Oh yeah, this one! Wilkes Barre-Scranton Penguins —> The Office And another non-entertainment one: I think of my Grandpa when I see the old, unmodernized Arizona Cardinals logo. He taught me how to make a visor of sorts out of cardstock when I was really little, and knowing I loved to draw sports logos, had me draw a Cardinals logo on it because he was a fan. Good times.
  2. That was definitely a welcome sight. I could do without the black back of that jersey, but all in all, I’d still take that set over the current, or at least I’d take most of the pieces of it. Even the sans-purple successors were much better than the currents in my mind. If they really wanted to distance themselves from purple, then they already had landed on the right set with superior features over the currents (better wordmarks/numbers, uniforms, even the foot logo was better) and I don’t think the rebrand was ever necessary in my opinion. They should’ve just flipped the chevrons to point north, maybe gotten rid of the butt stripe, and called it a day.
  3. They can easily avert it; it can be all blue on the blue sweater and all white on the white sweater. No contrasting pieces.
  4. The Mariners are wearing Pilots throwbacks on June 22nd. I’m actually going to be in Seattle that week and I’m really hoping I can make this game.
  5. Apologies if a thread like this has been done before, but the Canucks’ recent changes got me thinking about the subject. Basically, this thread’s all about the things you associate certain uniforms to or with that wouldn’t be very common and are perhaps even a little odd, but still make sense to you personally. A normal association would be, for example, “Teal Pistons —> Grant Hill” and vice versa. But someone else may say “Teal Pistons —> My High School Pep Rally ‘99” or something like that, and it may make perfect sense to them through associative experience while no one else would get it. That kind of thing. I’ll kick it off with my big one. So I’m a big fan of How I Met Your Mother, it’s one of my favorite shows. The character Robin is from British Columbia and is a massive Canucks fan, and wears Canucks jerseys and shirts quite a few times (and even dresses up as a Canucks player for Halloween once). (There’s more times than this, but this gives you the idea. And the image is not my own, someone else already thought to put it together!) Anyways, as you can see, she only wears the first orca jersey once, but she wears the blue and green the whole rest of the series and I’ve always associated that uniform set’s run with the character. Thus, to me, the blue and green orca set to me is “The Robin Scherbatsky Set”. I imagine no one else thinks so, but that’s just how my brain’s wired it! And I’ve never used that term here of course cause I knew it’d likely go over heads, but there you go. So, let’s hear yours!
  6. To be honest, I think Vancouver is a huge upgrade. It’s not perfect, as the half collar thing is still a problem (might as well not color it in at all) and the number font could be better improved rather than keeping it, but they took care of the cluttering on the front and I think it looks a whole lot cleaner.
  7. Would’ve been interesting if hypothetically Vancouver did go with Ravens or Dragons, if either name would’ve carried over to Memphis or not (or if it would’ve stayed up to today had it carried over at all). We’ll never know, but fun to think about.
  8. Thank you for the comments! I have a slight update to the primary, I trimmed the line weights down and rearranged the netting a little. I also added more gold to the trophy base as well. Here goes, what do you all think? Any better?: @BellaSpurs, I appreciate your thoughts and respect your opinion! I have a respectful disagreement with you on the classic cursive branding, mostly because as a teen when it was re-introduced it struck me as a very stuffy and far too elegant logo; just sorta seemed like something better suited for a wedding invitation or an exclusive rich people restaurant to young me! I figure youth and younger generations are a big audience and marketing target for the league, and I recall as a youth being pretty disinterested in and put off by that branding, so that experience leads me to want the league to get a good distance from that. I hope that explains a little better where I’m coming from, why I’m distancing from that (and especially it’s bland and lifeless successor), and why I feel the league actually does need something a bit less serious (but not crazy either, of course, haha). Again though, thank you for sharing and I appreciate your thoughts! What do you feel I could do to make what I’m going for better? Is there any other cleanup you feel the roundel may need? And I’m still open to other suggestions for anything else also! Any other comments and critique out there is greatly appreciated!
  9. Hey all! This is a pretty straightforward concept; I think the NBA Playoffs and Finals branding is pretty stale and lifeless, and wanted to do something about it. The goal was to make something a bit more fun but not too crazy, fitting for and representative of a large scale event but not too conservative either, and to give each aspect of the playoffs it’s own particular feel but still cohesive within the whole identity. I also wanted to go for timelessness, something that could last a long while, so I went with what I like to call “bold and colorful straightforwardness” which was, I admit, partly inspired by what I’ve learned recently reading Pretty Much Everything by Aaron Draplin (an EXCELLENT read and resource for designers and design fans, BTW). Let’s get it started! Finals Primary The red of course is for the Western Conference, blue for the Eastern Conference. The trophy roundel would serve as the jersey patch, as you’ll see down the line. Playoffs/Conference Finals Branding, Finals Wordmark The typography remains consistent throughout (Coolvetica, edited here and there); the Playoffs logo would be used for the first two rounds before the Conference Finals branding would take over, then onto the Finals. The arrows and typography in the Conference Finals logos are color coded to conference. And finally... Jersey Patch and Social Media Picked Bucks/Blazers just for fun! Anyways, the roundel is the jersey patch and this example shows the scale (in my perfect world, there’s no ads! ). The other content here is the branding that I would imagine and propose being applied by the NBA social media for posts reporting game results and other content. I intend to to add more parts of the identity soon, as I’m looking to use this project for my personal portfolio and want to include as much as I can to it. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for viewing and reading!
  10. I’ve said this here before, but Kansas State has one of the most underrated looks in the nation. It’s a very solid, very sharp, very fundamentally great uniform. I’d really hate to see it messed with.
  11. I think the horse secondary could definitely be updated and made into something really nice that the Pistons could use today. Eliminate the chrome-y look on the horse and simplify it, some thicker line and curve work to mesh with the primary, and eliminate navy too and just make it a royal, red, and white logo. I think it’s got the potential to be salvaged and updated very well. Don’t know that they’d ever do it, but I’d be more than happy to see them try.
  12. Completely agree, and I think the same can be said for most draft caps across sports in general (the “since” year may vary, but you get it). Just keep it simple, nothing “different” just for the sake of new merch to sell. I think that kind of mentality is leading to some poor design these days. Of course, if you can make a better design because it’s a better design then that’s cool, but I don’t think cranking out different just because it’s different is often a good thing.
  13. Wow, I’ll admit that one slipped past me! Thanks for digging that up, that was a very nice looking game indeed. Looks like the Kings’ jersey wordmark might be slightly off (appears they used the late 70’s-90’s wordmark for it instead, which had slight differences from the original), but even still, that looks as great as I imagined it would. I’d love to see it again.
  14. The baby blue Kings sets were okay, but the front numbers were awkwardly massive and having the same “Kings” script on the shorts as the jersey was a bit redundant. In my opinion, I think it’s a bit overrated. I’d love to see the Kings bust out a throwback to one of the Archibald sets instead. I think this is the best they ever looked pre-Purple:
  15. This one still has the edge for me too, mostly because of the bolt being on the same background consistently across the entire set. Given that the current set makes a total mess of that, it really makes this set stand out even more to me than it did before. I like the original powder blues too for the most part, don’t get me wrong. But this one just had a lot of things I appreciated about it and felt it was an exceptionally designed uniform, more than it’s given credit for.
  16. Classic guesses just for fun, including specific uniforms (I can’t remember if it was stated how many there were supposed to be, but I’ll throw out five to be conservative) - Blazers (inaugural red) - Mavericks (inaugural green) - Nets (Petrovic era white) - Warriors (‘62 San Francisco blue) - Raptors (inaugural white) (Don’t worry @Conrad., I know that’s pretty specific information haha so you don’t have to say anything if any of these by some miracle are right! )
  17. It’s not the drum and feathers, but the block “U” is used in various athletic applications, including football midfield and basketball midcourt.
  18. Different opinions and different strokes, but I never saw a problem with the Dolphin wearing a helmet. Given that Orioles generally don’t wear caps, Penguins generally don’t wear skates, and Hornets generally don’t wear sneakers and dribble a basketball (among MANY other examples), a helmet-wearing Dolphin doesn’t bother me a bit. Hell, it’s not even the first NFL logo to feature something wearing a helmet that shouldn’t be; the Colts beat them to it more than a decade before, and that logo is still used on some merchandise today after a hiatus, so it’s not something they shun by any means. Point is, it’s not too far fetched for or beneath a professional team to be a little whimsical and it’s really not as big a problem in my eyes as some make it out to be. Besides, it’s hard for me to see the current Dolphin as “dignified” anyways when I can’t unsee it doing a belly flop. It probably would’ve sold me had it been in something closer to the original leaping position, but not that one.
  19. I can’t remember if that ever got confirmed for sure or not, but I do remember some talk about the Mavs. First page of the thread there’s a post saying Teal said so, not sure where else though. I sure hope they change, and I hope it’s a big one. They’ve been due for years. Crossing fingers for a return to blue and green, but if not, then at least a classic edition throwback would be awesome. I imagine green Doncic throwbacks would sell very well.
  20. to The accompanying uniform update wasn’t great, but I always thought this logo update was very well done. Not perfect, but did everything that needed to be done and did it well.
  21. I disagree on the Knicks and Nuggets ones posted. The Knicks one looks kind of weird with the 3-D effect being the same color as the triangle, the black looks a bit more natural in terms of shadow and such. As for the Nuggets, I actually thought the 90’s color scheme fit them really well as it seemed to have a kind of rugged miner look to it. I made that association instantly. The recolor to the much brighter palette was really jarring to me and I never really liked it that much, it just seemed better suited for a coastal California team or something as opposed to the rugged mountain look I’d gotten used to for them. Just my opinion though, I know a lot of others liked the brighter palette and that’s cool!
  22. The Utah Jazz Summer League is being rebranded to the Salt Lake City Summer League: A no-brainer great move to change the name, and I dig the branding too.
  23. It wasn’t terrible at all - I dare say it was even decent - but it did have some problems. The question was whether or not those uniforms were better than what teams are wearing today, and that particular Heat uniform is not better than the red one now, in my opinion. It wasn’t a carbon copy of them of course, but it always kind of struck me as treading a little close into Bulls-ish territory and it really needed some orange to set it apart like the home and road uniforms had (or swap the text and number colors to be white outlined in black, at the very least). Again, not carbon copy, but my first thought every time I ever saw it from childhood was that it reminded me of the Bulls and I didn’t think that was the best thing when there were things they could’ve done to make it different. Plus - and this was a problem with all three uniforms in that set - the wordmark was a bit wonky and not very well rendered. If I’m choosing between the current red uniform and that one, I think the current is just better executed. That all said, there are elements of the original Heat identity that I still really love. Black-red-orange was a great color scheme and the way the colors were distributed on the home and roads was very effective in my opinion. I even thought the gradient ball was awesome. It was pretty much just the jersey wordmark and the multiple outlines of the home numbers, as well as the aforementioned alternate stuff, that needed work.
  24. Suns and Pacers? Yes. The rest, no....well I like the Bulls alt better than any other alt they’ve had, but it’s not better than their traditional home and roads, that is. That said, being a 90’s kid, I’ll fully admit that I’d still love seeing most of these as throwback alts even for one game just for nostalgia’s sake and nothing more. And that may partially answer your question as well; for some it may not be that it’s a good design, it’s just that nostalgia hits a certain chord.
  25. Exactly. I think had they removed the sun, I never would’ve had the belly flop connotation at all and would’ve seen it as swimming, but the sun makes me think it’s in the air and about to become the next FailArmy star. Sure, we can assume it’s swimming and the sun is just gleaming through the water, but in my opinion regarding logos if you have to force yourself assume something in order to see it, it’s not communicating effectively enough to work. That’s why in my opinion it’s just not good.