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  1. I figure this fits here: the Jazz are extending their jersey ad sponsorship with Five for the Fight through 2023. Great news, as it’s a great patch aesthetically, but far more importantly a great cause.
  2. That’s definitely valid and fair. I still think the helmet color/finish looks great though, maybe a decent compromise (until Nike can get the pewter right) is a new set with a pewter helmet and white primary pants? I’ve thought their pewter/red/white and pewter/white/white combos historically have looked better than they’re given credit for. And keep some pewter trim on the jersey and pants for good distributive balance (as a trim rather than a solid I think it’d look fine, color replication problems notwithstanding). I’m not at all opposed to a creamsicle comeback, but if there’s a way to salvage pewter, I’d want to see that really tried first.
  3. I do like the creamsicle too and wouldn’t be upset if they ever went back, but I can’t help but be a bit partial to pewter because, as mentioned, no one else uses it and it looks so d*mn cool and intimidating when paired with red. That was a brilliant color pairing, they could have easily went a bit cliche and just went black with red/orange, but instead they bust out a cannonball-like color that pairs just as well with the red/orange, achieves the same intimidation factor, and is totally unique all at once. The Bucs may have some uniform problems right now, but the color scheme has nothing to do with it. They had, in my opinion, one of the top five looks in the NFL for the Super Bowl set’s run and if they stripped things back down to that kind of design, they’d be more than fine again.
  4. To be totally honest, I find that gold A’s swap mockup to be only okay. Not bad, but not amazing either. I think it’d look better if the cap/helmet were solid brown instead; the “SD” is already gold so you don’t need more on the brim. It’s just a bit too much as it is (I feel the same way about the real A’s version, for the record). In any case though, I really don’t think the Padres need a gold alternate. I’m a huge fan of brown and gold coming back, but I’d rather they emphasize brown far more (since that’s the anchor color to this whole thing) and center an alt on that. A good amount of gold trim that stands out all across the set will suffice plenty for gold usage, it doesn’t need to be more than that.
  5. I still think the 90’s pinstripes were better, but this is still a very nice alternative. Well done, Bulls.
  6. The Pacers have so many great throwback options and they keep insisting on the Hickory? I’m a FloJo guy, but literally anything they wore from 1967-2005 is a better option than the overdone Hickory set. C’mon, Pacers.
  7. Hmm...Warriors? I recall them having one of the leaked classic courts so I’m guessing that could be the one we’d know of by paying attention to what’s already been revealed. The other “forgettable” one, I’m not sure who they could be (and what “forgettable” is implying haha, could be forgettable for a couple different reasons). Wild wild guess: 90’s Bullets?
  8. Yeah, I really think the Nets ought to dust something off for next season to take advantage of selling more KD and Kyrie stuff. That’s a slam dunk for $$$. I’d love to see the Petrovic set again (not tye-dye though), but something from the Kidd set would be awesome too. I’m guessing IF they did that, it’d probably be the white or red one since they didn’t have “NEW JERSEY” on them (but d*mn I’d love to see the grey alt again).
  9. I’m late to the party about a lot of these throwbacks, but the nostalgic 90’s kid part of me is really glad to see them. That’s not to say that I think they’re all better than what said teams are wearing now, and that’s an important distinction that needs to be made because I think when 90’s kids get excited about this stuff that it can be confused as being their universal design preference, when that’s not always the case. In my case it’s not necessarily the designs themselves I like, but what gets me excited about them is really the simple fact that it gets me feeling like a kid again, and that’s a pretty powerful selling point to my generation I think (and I would imagine that would be the same for any generation that’s being marketed to, i.e: 70’s stuff to 70’s kids, etc). Would I have a lot of this stuff be worn full time? No. There’s definitely some refining and reigning-in that would need to be done for that to work full-time. But as it is, a few games a year? Absolutely, I’m down. Its got me wondering too, from a pure marketing perspective, how long the 90’s trend will run and how long that window will be open for teams to cash into it. I don’t have an answer to that, but I simply wonder if teams have already planned to shell some 90’s stuff out of their own next season before it’s too late. Maybe - and this isn’t necessarily an advocation, but a guess - we see the likes of the Rockets’ pajamas, purple Bucks, Hawks’ gradient, or teal Pistons busted out next season to beat the trend clock and sell lots of stuff. Maybe we don’t, and some other trend starts soon. Who knows? *shrug*
  10. So my favorite teams are as follows: NBA - Jazz (navy) NFL - Colts (royal blue) MLB - no particular favorite, but closest one is Mariners (navy) MLS - Real Salt Lake (claret) Collegiate - Ole Miss (navy) and Utah Valley (forest green) FIFA - Spain (red) World Baseball Classic - Puerto Rico (red) - No favorite NHL team, just a fan of hockey in general - So that looks like (if math is right): 1. Navy (37.5%) 2. Red (25%) T3. Royal Blue, Claret, Forest Green (12.5% each)
  11. I’m guessing/crossing fingers it’s a purple throwback for Charlotte.
  12. Overall this is a very great start! I think it’s got some great potential and is on its way to being a successful modernization. A couple of suggestions I have in addition to those posted above: - I would take the weight of the eyes outline down just a tiny bit, I think it’s just a little too thick as is. - I would make the line formed by the jersey button front flow with his torso a little more, right now it looks a little caved in and seems to clash a little with the overall movement of the logo. Again, very great start! Keep going with it!
  13. Yep, that’s one of the reasons I really, really liked it. It was satisfying that no matter what combo they wore in that set, the bolt was always against navy. If the Chargers simply tweaked their current set so the bolt was always against white across the whole set, it would be a massive improvement no matter which blue they wore.
  14. A Chargers uniform with consistent bolt backgrounds from head to toe! Hallelujah!!
  15. Oh right, I forgot 3rd jerseys were exempt from critical discussion on these boards.
  16. Man, that’s awful. Just a few short seasons ago, the Oilers had a near-perfect set. Why the hell did they have to go screw things up?
  17. I could go either way between ornithological or cartoon bird, honestly. That said, I prefer the ornithological birds from 1999-2011 over that ‘89 one. Something always looked off about it, it’s not drawn particularly well and the head and beak look quite small, for starters. The ones from ‘99 on* may have been a bit over detailed in comparison, but I thought them much better renderings. The only thing I would’ve done different to either one of them was make the orange outline just a little bit thicker around it so that you could make out the tail feathers and feet a little better on the cap. *Not counting the one year ‘98 one, the fixes in ‘99 were much better.
  18. Am I crazy or is there a small black stroke around the Panthers’ sleeve logo now? The outer blue parts look like there’s a black outline between them and the white of the jersey. You can really see it on the whiskers.
  19. I thought the World Series really had something for a brief second when they hit the “Fall Classic” theme hard in 2011: Not saying that it was the best WS logo ever (it wasn’t), but I thought the fall branding concept was a great, fresh route to explore and would’ve loved to see the league keep going on it.
  20. I love the Falcons throwbacks, but I’d also be fine with something in between traditional and modern given the newer stadium’s look. In any case though, I really hope this current look is out of the door sooner than later. Not only is it outdated by a long ways and carrying some bad associations, but I really don’t think it’s that solid a design to begin with. That piping looks like it’s barely holding the sleeve caps and pants design together by a thread, and the “stripes” (I guess?) on the sleeve caps just seem like vertical blocks that are just kind of sitting there and not at all lending to a fast and sleek look. I’ve stated a few times how much I’d love for the logo to go too, but I’m not expecting it to, overly jacked up with a swollen foot and squat-winged as it may be.
  21. I liked the Bullets’ blue numbers fine, but to be honest I think the white numbers were actually a nice improvement and looks really good.
  22. I still think the Jazz’s not-purple solution is to make the green brighter to a kelly tint or even change it to teal. Navy and forest green together though is brutal on the contrast.
  23. This is the curse side to Utah’s alternate and throwback stuff being so popular here; between fans wearing the primary, redrock, and classic gear, we’ve just about got the whole rainbow in the crowd at games. I don’t know that most fans here care, but that identity crisis bugs the crap out of me. Honestly though, the way the NBA uniform landscape is going these days, that may very well wind up as the whole league’s situation.