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  1. Home/Road/Alt/Classic. Done. The NBA may be the messiest league brand-wise in professional sports now and while the expanded identities may be great for sales, in my opinion it’s been a trainwreck in terms of brand consistency and unity to varying degrees team by team. I’d gladly welcome some reigning in overall, and maybe an expansion of the classic edition program if there’s concern over apparel revenue. I think Charlotte presented a great model for an expanded Classic Edition program: allow teams to rotate through one locked-in throwback set over the course of 2-3 seasons, that way you maintain some consistency in one of your uniform slots while still releasing something new to wear and sell over those seasons. Once that expires, teams could move onto another throwback set if they wish and start the cycle over with that one. So for example, the Magic could lock in the Shaq/Penny set and wear the white, black, then blue over three seasons. Then after that expires, they could move onto the T-Mac set and wear the white and blue for the next two. Voila, you’ve released five jerseys in five seasons while honoring your history and brand instead of diluting and confusing it. I really don’t think there’d be terrible brand confusion with that either, as that’d only be one “alternate identity” instead of (in some cases) two or three, and many teams are still wearing color schemes that’d match with throwbacks and aren’t terribly different. Plus I’ve never considered throwbacks a problem anyways, as honoring a past brand isn’t nearly as egregious as force feeding a completely new and different one that clashes with your present brand.
  2. Apologies if this was posted already, but here’s one I thought was interesting: There have been only two triple-overtime games in NBA Finals history, and Paul Westphal participated in both of them; once as a player (1976 Game 5) and once as head coach (1993 Game 3). He was also a member of the Suns both times.
  3. Multiple NBA teams’ intros featuring “Sirius” during the 90’s: It’s widely known as the Bulls’ classic intro song, but other teams in the 90’s used it as well (including the Suns, Bucks, Rockets, and Jazz). It’s such a theme of the 90’s NBA in my head, especially the playoffs. Other things: - Keith Jackson or Brent Musberger calling Rose Bowls. Fowler is good, but Jackson and later Musberger just “fit” the Rose Bowl to me. - EA’s MVP Baseball - EA’s NCAA Football - The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Of course, the Seattle Supersonics
  4. Another one I thought of (I’ve been watching some classic 90’s NBA games as of late): Just before Mario Elie’s series-winning “kiss of death” shot with 7.1 seconds left in Game 7 of the 1995 West Semis vs. Phoenix, Robert Horry threw a high pass that Elie had to reach up for. If Horry’s pass was too errantly high and went out of bounds, Elie never gets the shot off and Phoenix gets posession with the score still tied at 110. With a little over an extra second of time, there’s a chance Phoenix wins in regulation (or overtime), and if they did, it would’ve been Phoenix or San Antonio vs. Orlando in the finals.
  5. I always tried really hard to like the Melo Nuggets set, but the color scheme always just looked “off” to me, liked they’d just moved from San Diego to Denver last minute, pulled a Pilots-to-Brewers, and didn’t have enough time to change their SoCal colors or something. I just kept thinking “beach” instead of “mountains” when I saw it. Maybe if they’d been a strong cobalt blue, gold, and white they’d have had the brighter look they were going for while looking a little more right to me. That’s just my (probably unpopular) opinion though.
  6. If other sports are being included, I can add a few more to the shows I mentioned. Seinfeld: Knicks and Bulls (the game Jerry and George tried to attend before getting mixed up in the Donald O’Brien situation), Rangers and Devils (Puddy!) Friends: Knicks and Rangers; numerous references of both and multiple scenes at games of both (Mike’s proposal to Phoebe, Ross getting hit by a wild puck, “Nacho Seat”) The Office: 76ers (Jim’s Philly fandom), Penguins (inadvertently through the minor league Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins being referred to multiple times) How I Met Your Mother: Cavaliers (Ted and Barney’s multiple references, especially after LeBron leaves for Miami), Canucks (Robin’s favorite team; arguably the most consistently visible or spoken reference to a sports team in the show due to her jersey collection, the Canucks section of “Robin 101”, and flashbacks to her childhood in BC). Parks and Rec: Pacers (aforementioned cameos of Hibbert and Schrempf, as well as one character - I think Tom - who at one point has a picture of Pacers players in his office).
  7. Seinfeld: Mets, Yankees, and Orioles. Jerry, Kramer, and Newman are all Mets fans (plus the Keith Hernandez incident!), and George is later a Yankees employee who has a close working relationship with Steinbrenner. Elaine is from Maryland and an Orioles fan (who refuses to remove her Orioles cap at a Yankees game). Friends: Football Giants. Chandler, Monica, Ross, and Joey are all Giants fans and wear Giants apparel at various points throughout the series. The group also watches broadcasts of Giants games occasionally throughout the series (including once at the funeral of Ross and Monica’s grandmother). The Office: Eagles and Phillies. Jim is a massive fan and calls into sports radio shows to talk about the Eagles specifically. He also gets occasionally teased by Ryan and David for being a fan of Philadelphia teams in general. Ryan also shares his first and last name with the Phillies slugger, Ryan Howard. How I Met Your Mother: Vikings, Browns, and Indians; Marshall is a native of Minnesota and a Vikings fan, and Ted is a native of Ohio and a Browns/Indians fan (also, the wedding of Ted’s childhood friend in Cleveland is Browns themed). Parks and Recreation: Colts. The series takes place in Indiana and refers to the Colts in some form often. EDIT: Oh, I don’t think this counts as “Classic”, but the Documentary Now episode “Bat:censored: Valley” has a hilarious bit about how the featured cult members’ names were just rearranged Steelers legend names.
  8. Larry Fitzgerald started his career at Sun Devil Stadium (and in the previous uniform, as well):
  9. Yeah, I really don’t like it either. I think the market-speak was that the panels (as well as the ends of the jersey numbers) were “cut” at the same angle as the wordmark, but I think that was a bit corny, unnecessary, and not a good unification effort given that the modern elements still kind of clash with the classic wordmark to me. I’m of the opinion that if they’re going to stick with the classic note look, they ought to use a traditional style uniform to mesh better with it.
  10. Copper was deliberately part of the color scheme as a nod to Utah’s copper mining. The team’s never said this, but I always saw it as nodding to Utah’s redrock as well. It was not at all out of place, fit the “natural Utah” concept, and in my opinion was a very crucial color that anchored the whole scheme. Black was definitely out of place, yes, and maybe you could argue teal was too with sky blue already in use (though the teal shade they used reminded me a bit of pine trees and worked for the concept too), but copper was absolutely essential to that color scheme in my opinion.
  11. I really like what you’re going for here! The barley tail brings a lot of personality to the set. The tradition fauxback is really cool, too. I’d love to see what you’d do in that department with other teams! My suggestions for this concept would be on the home plate set, I think the font is a bit hard to read on the player nameplate, and I’m not sure it works on the numbers either (though it looks great elsewhere). I wonder if there’s some way it could be modified somehow to read a little better so you can still keep the Germanic character of the set. The “MKE” is a bit too wide on the cap too, I think the “M” would work just fine. Since you’ve already got “Cream City” on the front repping Milwaukee, I don’t think the MKE is necessary as well. Great work and nice ideas!
  12. 1998 NBA Finals Game 6 had at least three moments (not named “push-off, or no?”) which could have nullified Jordan’s finals-winning shot in some form: - Howard Eisley sinks a three pointer in the second quarter to beat the shot clock, but it gets waived off by Dick Bavetta claiming he hadn’t gotten it off it time. Broadcast replays showed that Eisley had gotten the shot off. It’s impossible to say everything else would’ve happened as it had after, and maybe Jordan never takes the shot. But for the sake of the subject let’s say the game’s forthcoming events happen same way, then the score is 89-85 by the time Jordan strips the ball from Malone and hits his shot. It brings the Bulls within a point rather than win the game; the Bulls would’ve been at the mercy of fouling and would’ve had to either tie it or win it with little time left after, with no guarantees either would’ve happened. - In a similar play, with the Jazz up 79-77 with four minutes to go in the game, Ron Harper supposedly beats the shot clock to tie the game, though again, broadcast replays show the opposite; Harper did not get it off in time. Bob Costas even comments on the five point swing the Bulls get with Harper’s shot upheld and Eisley’s taken away. If Eisley’s shot still doesn’t count and neither does Harper’s, then Jordan’s shot (again, IF he still takes it) only brings the Bulls within one point and we’re back to the mercy of what the Bulls can do with 5.2 seconds left. However, if Eisley’s shot counts and Harper’s doesn’t, then Jordan’s shot makes it 89-85, Jazz. There’s likely not enough time in 5.2 seconds for the Bulls to win, and it likely goes to a Game 7, again in Salt Lake City. - Let’s say everything, including Jordan’s shot, happens exactly as it had. There was, again, still 5.2 seconds left and Jerry Sloan has called a timeout. John Stockton eventually missed the last shot of the game, a three. But simply put, what if he hits it? Jazz win 89-87, forcing game 7. Depending on what happens in Game 7 (I won’t attempt to write an alternate history guess, there’s no telling what could’ve happened), there’s a chance it’s Stockton’s shot, not Jordan’s that becomes a defining, historic shot. You could add a fourth or even fifth possibility regarding if the refs call a push-off on Jordan or if he misses the shot (still potential for a Bulls offensive rebound and score), but in any case, that game is full of them. I still haven’t brought myself to watch the end of The Last Dance so I have no idea if any of these moments are addressed outside of Jordan’s shot, but man...what a game. And really, a forced game 7 still could’ve gone to the Bulls. Maybe Jordan hits another big shot in that one, and that shot is the legendary one. Maybe it’s Harper or Kukoc. But who knows? Maybe the Jazz take it and get a ring too. Maybe it’s Stockton, Malone, Hornacek, or Russell who hits a big one. We’ll never know. EDIT: @DustDevil61 beat me to it as I typed! Same line of thinking, haha. DOUBLE EDIT: A sixth possibility is that Jordan doesn’t steal the ball from Malone and never takes the ball down and shoots at all. The Jazz could have scored and widened the lead, or many other things could’ve happened (missed shot, foul, later turnover, etc) that takes more time and could’ve lent to multiple outcomes that bar Jordan’s shot from ever happening.
  13. These are definitely a bit too 90’s, but I really dig that they considered an igloo alternate logo. Even though they don’t play at The Igloo anymore, I think an igloo alternate logo would be kind of cool as both a tie-in to the name and a nod to team history.
  14. I had always assumed the Suns’ ring around the numbers had something to do with orbits/solar system. That was just my 10 year old brain at the time trying to figure it out, and not anything I ever read or heard anywhere.
  15. There’s a lot of things I miss about the NBA. It used to be my favorite league and sport to watch as a kid, but a lot of stuff seemed to gradually change and it just doesn’t hold the same excitement to me now as it did then. I still follow it, but not nearly as enthusiastically. 1. I REALLY miss the NBA on NBC; the theme, the announcers, the pregame, the graphics, everything. I don’t know what it was, but everything about NBA on NBC seemed like a huge deal and was super exciting as a kid. ESPN/ABC has just never held a candle to all of that for me. 2. I also miss the days before the modern super-teams. Yes there were technically similarly stacked teams back then, but it seemed in the 90’s and early 2000’s that despite the Bulls, Spurs, and Lakers, there was still some kind of parity and talent spread out across the league. Those dynasty teams of the 90’s-early 2000’s always had different challengers and competitors (Bulls faced five different teams in six Finals, Lakers threepeat faced three, the early Spurs faced multiple teams as well). Warriors vs. Cavs three years in a row was so fatiguing to me that by part III, I didn’t even care. At least seeing new blood in one of the conferences every year for a long time was refreshing enough to stay interesting for me, even if that team was likely to lose. 3. Purely 90’s kid nostalgia speaking, but I miss a lot of the 90’s uniforms too. There’s a lot of them that wouldn’t work at all full-time today, but I’ve still got a soft spot for many of them, garish and cartoonish as some were. The mid-2000’s went a bit too dull and conservative across the league and killed off a lot of personality in NBA team branding, and I think that lent to me losing some interest as well. Brand-wise, it didn’t look as colorful and fun as it once did. It was fine and inevitable to tone down the whimsy a bit, but I think some changes went too far.
  16. I love that. A John Deere cap is definitely a Sloan thing. Great tribute graphic.
  17. RIP to Jerry Sloan. This one really stings, even if I personally kind of braced for it knowing he hadn’t been in good shape for a while. He’d been the only Jazz coach I knew for the first 20 years of my life, and he is absolutely beloved here. The applause he’d get when he’d show up to regular season or summer league games (as much as his recent health would permit) was as loud as if the Jazz had just hit a big shot. I think a lot of us Jazz fans feel like we’ve just lost a longtime friend. Rest easy, Coach.
  18. Yeah, the mid-2000’s were a rough time for NBA uniforms. Just a whole lot of uniform/brand de-evolution between the Jazz, Magic, 76ers’ piping, and perhaps even the Raptors dropping purple and the Spurs dropping the fiesta (though that came a tiny bit earlier). I was a teenager then, and I don’t think a single rebranding or uniform change from that era captivated or impressed me in any way. That’s an era I wouldn’t mind skipping over forever when it comes to throwbacks.
  19. Not to mention, if championships are a requirement for throwback-worthy status, then that elimates a lot of great options across the league, including quite a few popular sets already adopted in the classic edition program (Hornets, Suns, Grizzlies, Raptors, Jazz, Magic...and so on). Nostalgia extends much farther than championships, or even finals appearances. If it evokes good nostalgia within a fan base, go for it, no matter if it was a championship look or not.
  20. Dang it...I shouldn’t be down for that, but I honestly kind of am. As long as it says “Charlotte” or “Hornets” and not “Buzz City”...I’m intrigued by the idea. They could also do purple with teal and white checkerboard!
  21. I think what bugged me most about the Jazz switching to double blue in 2004 was that it was such a “generic cold weather team” look, in comparison to the mountain-era colors that purposefully fit Utah so well. Where the mountain colors really painted the right picture of Utah’s natural landscapes, the 2004 colors pretty much just said “yeah it snows here”. The switch just looked so soulless from day one, and I never really liked it throughout its whole run. At the very least, purple/sky blue/copper should’ve survived into 2004 and onward.
  22. Blue and green for Dallas has never bothered me, mostly because I had always associated blue with the Cowboys and green with the Stars growing up (even though that obviously wasn’t the Mavs intent, as the Stars came much later than them). That’s just me though. EDIT: Oh, also the green lights in the skyline
  23. Yes! As a fan, I would love that. I was a little irked when the Clippers wore Stars throwbacks because the Stars mean a whole lot more to Utah. I’m absolutely positive that if the Stars were never in Utah, then neither would the Jazz. They’re an integral part of Utah’s sports history. You could also tug a lot of Utah heartstrings by playing up “first Utah team to win a professional championship”. Even those of us who weren’t around for it would appreciate anything resembling a championship.
  24. Full Classic Edition guesses for fun: *Confirmed* Mavericks (80’s green) Grizzlies (2001 black) 90’s Team: Nets (Petrovic era) Others: Bulls (MJ’s rookie year “Chicago” script) Suns (80’s Purple) Nuggets (One of the rainbow skylines) 76ers (the 2000-2001 version of the AI’s) Bucks (not sure which...just a feeling they want to sell more Antetokounmpo stuff)
  25. Wow, I’m actually pretty shocked to hear that! Of course you don’t have to say anything haha, but just throwing a general guess out into the universe...Nets?