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  1. Yeah, I’m really thrilled about the Mavericks too. I’m hoping for a matching court as well! I’m not a Mavericks fan, but if they sell any classic edition caps, I may have to snag one. I’m looking forwards to see who else busts out the classic editions as well; I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more teams were to jump on the 90’s trend before it’s too late.
  2. Yeah, as a Jazz fan, it irks me to no end how all-over-the-place their uniforms and colors are. Drives me crazy. The popularity of the redrock uniforms has been a branding pain in my opinion because they come across as a team without a true color scheme; yes, thier primary colors of course are navy, gold, and green, but redrock merch is everywhere here in Utah and is far more popular (and even that is followed on the popularity eye-test scale by purple throwback stuff over navy). Thus, when you include the primary, redrock, and throwback merchandise worn by fans or even just on the court, the Jazz looking like the whole rainbow really isn’t an exaggeration; that’s exactly what I see going to games and elsewhere. It’s a mess and I have no idea what the Jazz’s brand is really trying to be at this point. I also feel like the only fan in my friends group who sees that, and I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.
  3. Yeah, the Dolphins throwbacks are one of those things where I love the idea, but there’s enough “off” with it that I don’t think I’d want it full-time as-is. It’s close, though: matching the helmet and pants stripes, and cleaning up the dolphin logo a fair bit would make it full-time ready for me. I could go for brightening the aqua up a tint or two, but I also don’t think it’s completely necessary either. I’m a fan of both the current and throwback aqua colors, so I have no preference either way or if they were to split the difference.
  4. I completely agree with this in principle, honestly. I do think in the sphere of design though (and this whole post will relate strictly to design in general) that there’s many who may hold any “popular opinion” for valid, thought-out reasons other than “well, everyone else likes/hates this”. And yes, I understand that at any time I could find myself in the opposing minority there. The way I look at it, even if I don’t like that opinion, it’s still worthwhile to investigate what chord is getting struck for them that isn’t striking for me rather than completely discounting it altogether as wrong. Maybe I still disagree after, or maybe I could learn something from doing that which could help me see something in a new light. In any case, it’s still worthwhile. I can only speak for myself, but I feel I’ve laid out some pretty valid reasons why the Rams’ design is jarring to me and none of them have to do with what others think or have said about them. They’re based solely on my preferences both as a graphic designer and a design enthusiast, and how many of those preferences the Rams failed to meet. Those who have liked it have done the same and shared valid reasons why they like it, and that’s great! I may disagree with most or all of those reasons, but that doesn’t make them wrong, it just means we don’t share the same preferences (and I hope that when I communicate that, it does truly communicate as a disagreement over preference and not that I’m “right”; if not, someone please feel free to correct me and I’ll be happy to work on that). Disagreement over preference is guaranteed to happen somewhere in design, no matter how big or small the divide is betweeen minority and popular opinion. I say this assuring you that I don’t think you’re wrong at all and I get where you’re coming from with this (this is much more of a general, philosophical word-spill than a rebuttal, haha ) but I think we - myself included - should all be careful within the design sphere not to completely discount popular opinion just because it’s popular, just as those on the other side shouldn’t completely discount minority opinion just because it’s the minority, either. There’s valid, individual reasons on both sides that should be taken into consideration and used to better understand which chords are striking and which aren’t altogether.
  5. Seeing a #1 throwback Dolphins jersey instantly had me thinking of Garo Yepremian! (He was of course a great kicker, but his botched Super Bowl pass is hard not to think of.)
  6. Not that they ever get a bad rap, but Kansas State also doesn’t get the praise I think they deserve: In my opinion, they’re one of the best looking teams in the nation.
  7. That’s kind of the heart of the problem I see, though: the gray jersey isn’t just a little fashion-forward, it went all-in on fashion-forward. The design’s balance is far too skewed toward fashion-forward. If you are going to attempt to cater to both retail and on-field, you’ve got to strike a healthy balance between the two (and erring to one side is only going to be safe if it’s towards on-field, because that’s your primary client/user no matter how many jerseys are bought). Brandon pointed out the Alouettes, and that’s an excellent case study in how to do a brand like that right. I’m sorry but in my opinion, the Rams absolutely botched it.
  8. For some reason that wave + basketball had always reminded me of something...five minutes ago I finally figured it out: Not exact design of course, but very similar idea and from the league as well. Could that have possibly been cleaned up and recycled?
  9. I still hope they wear the blue or white throwback someday in the future, but the green is still awesome. I’m glad they’re celebrating with it. Hopefully they get a matching court, too.
  10. While I can totally see where you’re coming from, I have a big problem with designing uniforms based on how it’s going to look on some dude taking an afternoon walk vs. how it’s going to look on the field. Sure merchandising is massive in this day and age, but I’m a bit unsettled at the thought of designing a jersey to match with jeans when you should be far more concerned with how it looks on the team that’s actually wearing it as a uniform. The respective aesthetics don’t always work in both applications; the things that supposedly make the gray jersey a good streetwear item are frankly the same things that make it a bad football uniform. If you want to design team-issued streetwear? Go for it. Want to make fashion jerseys that are strictly for fan fashion? Cool, go wild. But I’m not keen on blurring those onto the football field unless you can ensure that it’s going to work and look fitting for both applications.
  11. And honestly, that font is giving off a good Hollywood sign vibe. I’d have been all for this.
  12. This confirms to me personally that had they truly unified thier look across the board like this, they’d have come out with a good set. Not amazing, but still plenty good. It’s beyond frustrating that this isn’t the final product when it absolutely could’ve been. Even the Fearsome Foursome inspired alternate is, in all honesty, really darn good. *long, drawn out sigh*
  13. I’m still debating if they’ve got the worst now, but in my opinion the Titans have a bad look that is at the very least the cheesiest look in the league right now. “SWORDS EVERYWHERE” is a terrible theme, they look like if the Excalibur in Las Vegas fielded a football team. I wouldn’t have minded shoulder yokes that are shaped like a blade and filled in with one single color (preferably powder blue), but giving it a gray shadow and highlight to look like a real sword is WAY over the top and something I’m frankly stunned got the green light. That an experienced designer came up with that, shared it, and didn’t get a “you effing kidding me?” from whoever was calling the shots baffles me. Also, the side panels are very “thrown on” and purposeless. I’ve seen some people say here, “oh chill, you can’t even see them half the time”. Well, what’s the point of them then if I can’t see them half the time? I guess it shouldn’t have been there at all in the first place.
  14. Bingo. I think you articulated the problem really well. I was thinking of something similar, how the Dodgers’ “LA” is a strong associative symbol of LA without any extra “storytelling” frills. The Lakers fit that mold perfectly as well, and thier logo is just a basketball with text across it. And yet, that evokes SO much of an LA vibe every time I see it. Why? Because these symbols over time have woven themselves into the history of Los Angeles. They became a chapter of the LA story all on thier own instead of trying too hard to tell the story in its entirety themselves. Great and timeless brands in sports that are able to naturally become a part of thier locale’s history and culture - without being forced to within every fiber - are ultimately much more endearing, in my opinion.
  15. Right, the activity of mood boards and this particular process makes sense. We employ a very similar process on the design team I work with as well, so I 100% get what they’re trying to do in terms of process steps and I think most of us here understand that it’s part of the process as well. It’s the content within it though that’s getting roasted here, and you outlined why pretty well; “disjointed” is a pretty great word for it. To me, everything on those mood boards was pretty nonsensical. It’s bad beat poetry. It’s trying to capture a bunch of “essences” that seemed to be forced into relating somehow to each other, varying from the abstract to the just plain cheesy. And granted, we don’t have the whole process in view and maybe some stuff is out of context, but I was unable to come to any sensical conclusion as to what was trying to be honed into out of all that inspiration. It’s all still got to funnel into something, and I don’t think it ever did. The more I think of it, the more I theorize that it was probably in these very steps where the wheels came off the wagon. You see it in the story behind the LA horn, where there was this market-speak about sunshine and waves and SoCal life wrapped up in one single ram horn. It’s a ram horn, why are you trying to write a whole novel about California within a single ram horn? The Rams just flat out went too deep and stayed there, ultimately looking to me like an end result of a process that was over-saturated with excitement and attachment to far too many ideas and abstract inspiration.
  16. Are they, though? The colors are close to being right, yes; the blue and yellow are spot on with what they should be. But bone/sand/gray? Why? That isn’t a color the Rams should be touching, no matter how much they try to justify it with “ know sand? Like California sand? Did you know California has beaches?!” And unified? I disagree. The home and road are going in very different directions. The home looks like a true modernization of the classic (which again, for the record, isn’t bad at all), and the road somehow looks like streetwear and a spacesuit rolled into one instead. The elements between the two sets are not consistent; I don’t really have to break down why, it’s plenty obvious what those inconsistencies are. There’s very different vibes, vision, and message between the two sets, which adds to the notion that the Rams haphazardly overthought this entire identity.
  17. I noticed after their first Instagram reveal post - which from what I saw was getting hammered by fans - the second one that came soon after looked flooded with current and past players commenting with praise and fire emojis (I’m not kidding: Torry Holt posted a row of like, 10). I don’t know if that’s how it works, but it sure looked like the Rams called for some backup.
  18. I think that’s what’s most baffling about all of this: going into the news both teams were changing, I fully expected the Chargers to be the one overthinking and botching this to an unbelievable degree, and the Rams to be the ones doing this right. I never expected the roles to be so definitively reversed. I mean, the Chargers absolutely schooled the Rams on how to conduct a rebrand, and by miles. Not just uniforms, but every aspect included.
  19. What am I looking at here, professional design mood boards or the presentation slides for a beat poetry performance? The hell?
  20. Serious question: How many designs are made anymore with the intent they last? I keep looking at the gray jersey and wonder, did the designers and Rams high-ups really make this expecting it to last? To be timeless? Think of the giants of graphic design history: Vignelli, Chermayeff & Geismar, Rand, etc...all of them taught that timelessness was an essential component of design and that if it wasn’t timeless, it doesn’t work. It concerns me enormously when designs like the Rams’ come out because I think it lends to the notion that timelessness doesn’t really matter to some high-level designers anymore. There’s no way in Hades the bone uniform should have a shelf-life of longer than five years, it’ll look dated sooner than that if not already. Timelessness is one of the very last things that should be lost in design. I’m not going to exaggerate this and say it’s completely gone: there’s good examples of timelessness approach still going. But the last decade of NFL uniforms and still today has me worried it’s getting tossed aside more and more.
  21. The Senior Design Director at effing Nike looks at the radioactive waste bin that is the gray uniform every week and goes “yep, perfect”. Working for him would piss me off daily.
  22. Yikes. The gray jersey (done with “bone”) turned out even worse up close. The wordmark is a GD patch with a contrasting white background. The sleeve design cuts into the background of the sleeve numbers. The yellow against the gray makes it look like a highlighter shade. Furthermore, and as already established, it’s gray for no effing reason. The gray uniform is so bad that I realized I don’t even care that the horns are segmented; I keep finding myself going “yeah not great but THE GRAY THOUGH”. This is such an odd set, because I stand by my assertion that the blue uniform is much better than expected, and yet the gray is an absolute trainwreck tossed into a dumpster fire. I’m really struggling to wrap my head around how professional designers and a front office together can overthink themselves into such a mess. Had the road uniform been white and designed to match with the blue, this actually would’ve turned out kinda okay! And yet one set made to (I can only assume) be “different” bombs the whole thing. When the inevitable Marketspeak behind-the-scenes come out, I can’t wait for this Demoff talking head:
  23. I’m still waiting until the full, official reveal, but I’m really struggling with what we can see of the bone uniform. What’s the rhyme and reason to it? It just looks different for the sake of different. The overthinking the Rams had over this whole project is absolutely frustrating. Positive though, the blue uniform looks pretty decent (again, from what we can see). I still don’t think the numbers needed a gradient, and the wordmark is in a really stupid spot, but overall that’s looking much better than expected. Far better than the bone (ah screw it, GRAY) uniform.
  24. I wonder if there’s any preliminary logo sketches or mockups tucked away somewhere. I’d be really intrigued to see what direction they’d have taken with a Pioneers identity. I’m guessing it’d have included a coonskin cap.
  25. Of the two primaries, I definitely prefer the slug on its own in the trees. The “UC” is a bit forced. The options I voted for along the way weren’t picked, but I still think they’ll get an upgrade either way and I really do like how they went about this whole process from the start. It’s been fun to follow.