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  1. I still think the Jazz’s not-purple solution is to make the green brighter to a kelly tint or even change it to teal. Navy and forest green together though is brutal on the contrast.
  2. This is the curse side to Utah’s alternate and throwback stuff being so popular here; between fans wearing the primary, redrock, and classic gear, we’ve just about got the whole rainbow in the crowd at games. I don’t know that most fans here care, but that identity crisis bugs the crap out of me. Honestly though, the way the NBA uniform landscape is going these days, that may very well wind up as the whole league’s situation.
  3. Classic editions don’t have to celebrate anniversaries, to my recollection the Kings and Rockets aren’t this year and there’s been others who haven’t. This potential Jazz throwback has me stoked. The mountain set is certainly not the best they’ve ever looked, but there’s a whole lot of good nostalgia and memories to it for me as a 90’s kid Jazz fan. I’ve been wanting to see it come back as an alt for a while now. I’m also excited to see what the Social Media team cooks up to go along with it. They had late 80’s themed stuff for last year’s throwback so I anticipate the possibility they’d do some 90’s stuff for this one.
  4. I totally understand the significance of some abbreviations and nicknames and don’t mean to downplay that. And like I said in my earlier post, if a team wants to include alternate logos or merchandise with those abbreviations or nicknames to tie into that local significance, I think that’s fine. I just don’t think it belongs on a jersey is all, it comes across as more gimmicky than professional. That’s just my opinion.
  5. In my opinion, an abbreviation should only be used if it’s functional to help fit a name, such as “PHILA” and maaaaybe “OKC” (though I’m very borderline on that because the Thunder could just have “OKLAHOMA” over the numbers and “CITY” under them and it’d fit fine). Others like “ATL”, “PHX”, “NOLA”, “BKLYN”, etc. are not functionally necessary and don’t need to be on any uniforms whatsoever. Put abbreviations/shorthand on alternate logos or fashion items if you want to tie into to any local significance, but not on the jersey front. The full city name suffices for those teams just fine. And I’m hardline on nicknames, I don’t think any of them should be used whatsoever. Trotting out in a uniform that says “Rip City” or “North” among others is almost Brandiose level corny. There’s plenty of other things you can do to help your alternates stand out without having to go that route.
  6. This may be unpopular, but I think this is actually a really nice happy medium between a uniform top and causal team wear. Even though it’s indeed a casual-type zip up hoodie, it still has a uniformity to it with the solid team color, logo, and number that overall looks more professional and cohesive to a uniform than does Boone’s check-out-what-I-got-at-WalMart looking thing. I tend to lean more towards tradition as far as manager uniforms go, but I’m also okay with (limited) options for something else if a manager wants. In fairness, tradition has been bucked long before - Connie Mack wore a suit and tie - so I suppose a manager wearing a team-issued zip up hoodie will look more cohesive to a team’s uniform than that ever did.
  7. I don’t see much of the Marlins so I don’t know how often he wears it, but Mattingly comes to mind:
  8. I think they’re both great, but I would choose Mr. Redlegs between the two of them because I like the nod to the team’s long history. Him wearing an old-style uniform and mustache just fits to me.
  9. Your photo is showing up, but the part I saw it at is probably a few tenths of a second right before your excerpt. It does go by very fast indeed!
  10. I can barely see the orange script on no. 71 at about 0:11. He’s at just the right spot to see it, after that you don’t see it as well. But it does appear orange to me.
  11. I’ve always said that all the Panthers need are some tweaks, not a full scale abandon ship. These are definite improvements in my opinion.
  12. I’m a big fan of (true) vests for baseball jerseys and would love to see more of them here and there across the league, with the condition that undershirts are mandatory of course. In my opinion, the Pirates should absolutely be in vests full-time and the Reds are close to that category for me as well. Should the Reds do it, it’ll work best in my opinion if it’s red heavy with minimal black (or none at all, I could go either way), and I’d go so far as to say a white cap at home also.
  13. That’s my all-time favorite Reds uniform. They’ve had other good looks for sure, but that one wins for me.
  14. I’d totally forgotten about the Atlanta Thrashers in regards to this topic till now.
  15. This picture got me thinking of a couple of interesting experiences related to local rec baseball leagues with “Diamondbacks” teams (using official marks), and how the variety of colors and identities (and tweaks) the real Diamondbacks had may have led to some understandable confusion or liberties taken on those rec teams’ looks. That black jersey Ainge is wearing looks exactly like the jerseys that teams called “Diamondbacks” in my hometown’s youth baseball leagues would wear when I was playing as a kid in the early 2000’s. Same exact wordmark and everything. I find that interesting because jerseys in those leagues were usually the major teams’ primary colors (never white), and the only exceptions I recall were the Mariners teams in teal and Diamondbacks teams in black (wore the black “D” caps, too, instead of the purple ones). Looking back I guess that was just the manufacturer’s assumption/perception of primary colors, I guess? Seems off but I don’t know. It could just also be that they just wanted to do it anyways. Second thing is my stepdad used to pitch for what they called “The Old Man’s League” in the southern end of Utah Valley, it was a 30-and-over city league just for fun. He played for the same Diamondbacks team for three or four years, and their uniform was a grey vest and pants, black undershirts, black “D” cap, and the “Arizona” script but in turquoise with the white/copper/black outlines + dropshadow instead of purple, and purple was nowhere to be found on the top or pants. I always thought that was interesting, I never knew why or how that happened. Anyways, sounds like providing uniforms for rec leagues and keeping up with Arizona’s identity must not have been the easiest task!
  16. I’ve always felt the Warriors’ court (outgoing and new) has way too much yellow. I too would prefer something more along the lines of the Run TMC court, but at the very least, some more blue somewhere would do wonders.
  17. My youngest brother bought a Grayson Allen Jazz jersey at the start of last season. We kept trying to talk him into Gobert or Mitchell or even Ingles, but he insisted on getting an Allen. He’s now learned from his mistake.
  18. Not at all saying I believe it’s real, but IF it were real, that wordmark would drive me nuts because the orange as the “a” reads as “Orlondo”.
  19. I really like those Thunder changes. Curious to see how the white uniform tweaks look, but I think these so far are an improvement. The bolder orange and gold trim add more pop and that addition of orange to the wordmark and numbers does as well.
  20. Not gonna lie, I actually really liked that color scheme. I will admit that it looked better in sunlight though, which makes me think it would’ve been better had Seahawk Blue been a little lighter. Something closer to the ballpark of the KG Timberwolves blue. Also would’ve helped if they didn’t wear mono-blue, I felt the white pants was a better balance. Otherwise though, I loved the idea of the color scheme. It looked very PNW to me, and I felt the lime green was an excellent accent color to it and navy.
  21. The Mavs’ brand just hasn’t aged well and is one of the most dated ones in all of the major pro leagues, in my opinion. It reeks of 2000 in the same bad way that the Capitals retro alts reeks of 1974; it severely lacks timelessness because of how far they dipped into design trend of the time, and sticks out like a sore thumb against both modern and timeless looks surrounding it in the league. It’s been time for a change for quite a while, now. Though I’d prefer they go back to blue and green, I’d welcome just about anything that is an improvement upon what they have now. Also, re: blue and green, I felt it worked so well as a kid because I made the association of blue for Cowboys and Rangers, green for Stars (I know of course that’s not the reasoning for them and also know of course the Stars came much later than 1980, I’m just saying that blue and green never looked out of place for a Dallas team because other teams in Dallas were/are still wearing one or the other).
  22. If it’s anything close to that, I’m on board. That looks better against white than I thought it would. I’m a big fan of last season’s Coogi, so I’m glad to hear it may be continued somehow after all.
  23. Thinking a little bit more about this topic, and I think Nolan Ryan with the Rangers is a pretty prime example. He played longer with the Angels and Astros, but his 5,000th strikeout, 300th win, last no hitters, the Robin Ventura fight, and his HOF plaque all make the Rangers a very strong association in my mind, and I’m sure many others. Plus there’s the whole “Texan Legend” thing and from a purely aesthetic standpoint, that Rangers look fit him very well. I mean, the guy looked like a Texas Ranger. As far any possible criteria for the topic, it seems to check off just about all the boxes.
  24. Looks like some of the Reds are pulling a Kluszewski today: