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  1. Not the same uniforms or exact same colors of course, but just to show how good a bright blue looks against the creamsicles:
  2. Not white on white. During Reggie White’s entire time with the Eagles (1985-1992), the Eagles had only silver pants. They didn’t wear white pants again until the ‘96 rebrand. Not going to post every image here, but here’s the Uniform Database link for the Eagles:
  3. Yeah, the Raiders’ uniforms really are one of the best, in my opinion. Few uniforms in sports encapsulate a team’s entire brand and persona as perfectly as they do. I see them and think “Just Win, Baby”, see Davis, Madden, Biletnikoff, Stabler, Allen, Long, Brown and others, and hear Metallica in my head all at the same time, and that’s the very point. Not that I ever worried at all, but it’s still nice to know they’re not changing in Las Vegas.
  4. If this is any indication, they’re gonna look like the Browns again. We’ll see come reveal time, but so far this is looking excellent.
  5. Some of the clips in there moved pretty fast, but looked like a lot of flashing pics of Browns legends. I could make out Jim Brown’s jersey for a split second. That’s promising!
  6. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the shiny pants teams like the Cowboys and Raiders wear under Nike are actually from the Ripon template, so it’s not quite the same. Is that correct, for those who know?
  7. I’ll be honest, it really did look like chrome from some angles and lighting to me. It was an easy mistake for me to make, and I’m sure it was for others. I don’t think anyone was trying to “mislabel” anything; personally I simply just said what I thought I saw. I can see now that it isn’t true chrome, but I still don’t like the true finish as-is either. Chrome or not, it still looks very out of place compared to the rest of the uniform and looks like it’s only there to be trendy. That might be some people’s cup of tea, and that’s fine, but it’s really not mine.
  8. I still give the Jaguars the edge between the two because I think the number font is better and less gimmicky, and that teal flake Jaguars helmet is one of my all-time favorite helmets (which actually helped to subtly elevate an otherwise mediocre uniform just a little bit, whereas the Falcons silver facemask + satin finish combo is extremely distracting and worsens an otherwise mediocre uniform significantly).
  9. (To preface, I promise I’m not at all trying to pick on you, it just so happens that your posts are striking up some thoughts! This all just intended for good discussion ) Anyways, to be honest I’m really struggling to see how this is a simplified version of the previous set. There’s just so much different about the elements of it that I’m not seeing the connection. When you say “simplified 03-19 set”, what I’m seeing in my head is a completely different uniform than what we got. The new set’s facemask is completely different, the helmet logo is enlarged, there’s a completely different (and larger) wordmark, a side panel as opposed to piping, a ton more combinations, a gradient uniform, the number font and side shadow seems a bit more progressive from the previous font than a simplified version (and different colors completely on the white uniform) all seems too different to be a simplification of the outgoing set.
  10. The side panel on the red pants doesn’t match with any jersey’s side panel. It’s technically an option, yes, but a terribly mismatched one no matter where you use it. I’m not granting them any kudos for that.
  11. Well crap, reading through earlier buried posts and seeing the “high-waisted yoga pants” comments about the gradient alt....that association will never be unseen now. I know at professional levels designs are thought through, but why are some designs not thought through enough? The high-waisted yoga pants, the out-of-place silver facemask, the side panel on the red pants that matches with absolutely nothing...I just don’t get it.
  12. Whoops, I was mistaken. Some angles where it was catching a lot of light must’ve been playing tricks on me. In any case, it’s still a mismatch with the rest of the uniform in my opinion. It sticks out like a really sore thumb.
  13. The one good quality to these is that if you look at them head on (and it’s ONLY at that angle, you lose this at any other) the side panel is thin enough that you don’t see it from the very front and from a distance it looks kind of like an attempt at a modernized throwback. BUT, that’s about it. The rest is not good. It’s not the absolute worst uniform I’ve ever seen by any means, but it’s certainly one of the most disappointing. Lets start with the chrome (edit: silver) facemask. Why is it there at all? It only matches (kind of) with the logo’s silver outline (which is unnecessary in and of itself) and nothing else on that uniform. It’s just there to be fire emoji, and that’s never a good reason. ”ATL”? You kidding me? And that big? City abbreviations have been a tired gimmick in the NBA for way too long; I don’t like the idea of it catching on the NFL, too. “FALCONS” at a traditional size suffices. The side panels I think are what were giving me the already-dated vibes I mentioned in a post earlier. Something about those things (in addition to chrome facemask) make this set overall look like a college uniform from the early-mid 2010’s and that’s really bothering me. No uniform unveiled in 2020 should give off those vibes. Ever. Lastly, they made a red pants option that literally does not match with any jersey, thanks to said side panel. Every panel on the jersey is red, and the red pants’ panel is black. You’re telling me a room full of professional designers and another room of team officials didn’t think that egregious mismatch was going to be a problem? Sure it’s not a primary option. Sure it’s only going to be worn a few games a year. But that oversight is representative of the larger problem; this set was not designed to work, it was designed to be a “cool new drip” and its days are already numbered.
  14. Granted we can only see so much, so I’m not going to call this a failure quite yet. But I’m wondering to myself, how is it that this (so far) already looks dated by 6-7 years to me? I can’t put my finger on why, but it something about it looks circa early 2010’s. They could’ve done much worse, but this isn’t promising so far.
  15. Ideally I’d like them to have one ship too, and for that one ship to work on all applications. I’d also ideally like the pewter set to have been designed differently and better than it was, to allow for a bit more consistency. As it is however - and you don’t have to support this, it’s just a theory - I think they wanted the black sails on the home and road to tie into team history, but found they didn’t didn’t match their concept for the color rush, so went with red sails there. From a strictly, in-a-vacuum uniform standpoint, all I’m saying is that I understand the line of thinking. Different connotations between sails? I totally understand that, and I’m not necessarily defending their disregard of that, I’m just saying strictly aesthetically I can see why they may have made the choices they did. I cannot emphasize enough though that my saying that I “get it” isn’t me saying that I “like it”. I would’ve done a lot of things different on that pewter set, myself.
  16. My best guess is they figured black sails looked out of place with that they were doing with the color rush (which is pewter/red/white heavy from the neck down), and if that’s the line of thinking they had, I agree. I still don’t think it’s a good uniform in comparison to the home and road, and really needs black and orange. But with them committing to the accents being red and white exclusively, red sails in a vacuum was probably the most consistent choice with the individual set’s concept as well as giving it even more of an “alternate” exclusivity, if that makes sense. Even as a stickler for consistency myself, that design choice makes sense to me.
  17. Glory hallelujah, there IS orange! I just knew there had to be, the mockup descriptions always sounded like there was a chance the orange got lost due to mockup quality or misunderstanding and I’m really glad it’s indeed there. I don’t like the color rush at all, but everything else looks really great and right back to how they should look. I don’t even mind the continuation of the oversized helmet logo (never did mind it at all, really). Everything else altogether still works to me. Also, kudos to the Bucs for essentially saying with this redesign, “we screwed up, we never should’ve departed this far. Our bad, let’s make it up to you fans”. Even down to going back to block font and avoiding any other gimmick disasters. Bravo, Bucs. I hope other teams see what they’ve done and follow suit.
  18. I’m confused as well, but I think that’s exactly what he’s referring to. Given the recent comeback use of it by the team in some applications (merchandise, Super Bowl LII endzone, etc), I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s thinking of the helmet logo. Even if a lot of sideline gear and other throwback applications used the old ram head, as well. If that’s what he’s referring to, I don’t know that I’d call the helmet logo iconic like he does given that other teams have done the same thing. The aforementioned Browns have done it and still do it, but the Bengals and Chargers also had helmet logos too that spawned out of the 80’s-90’s like the Rams’ had. The Rams helmet is iconic, yes, but when I think of the helmet logo, each of the 80’s-90’s teams who did the same thing at the same time (and also have rather iconic helmets in their own right) come to mind as well and I don’t think that makes for the logo itself being iconic.
  19. Swaps Center has a really nice mockup of what a pewter jersey with white numbers could look like: I do like how white numbers look and think that’s the best route. I’d also prefer the jersey be worn over white pants, but in any case, this is a really helpful mockup to see how a pewter uniform could look.
  20. Couldn’t pick just one between the three:
  21. I’ve always had a hard time getting behind the orange-brown-orange combo. It just has a bit of a gaudy, stuck-in-the-early-80’s vibe to it that doesn’t work for me, and the orange-brown-white combo strikes me as far more balanced and tasteful. I’m fine with orange-white-orange though, as long as that’s an alternate combo and not a primary one. Maybe for two games a year or something.
  22. Don’t worry, when I was younger playing Madden with legend teams, I always thought it was a skull too. That was the only place I’d seen it at the time, and the scale/resolution of the logo wasn’t always as good on my TV. It wasn’t until I got a better and larger look at it later that I realized it wasn’t a skull at all.
  23. I always felt like @LogoFan’s concept came as close an ideal Falcons logo as I’ve ever seen. It could stand to be a just a little bit more “swoopy”, and maybe the talon could be a smidge longer, but all in all this is as good as I’ve seen and is still my favorite Falcons concept. No comically swollen talon, the wings look larger and more imposing, and the craft problems of the original are well-addressed and cleaned up. It seems to me like the right solution.
  24. The thicker talon has been one of my biggest gripes with the logo; it has always looked terribly swollen and unnatural, and also (I believe) lends to an illusion that the falcon’s wings are too small due to its proportions looking off. Yes, the mockup in question’s talon does appear very small, but that doesn’t mean the swollen talon should stay. There can certainly be a middle-ground talon size somewhere, and that’s the one that should be pursued.
  25. It occurred to me a while ago that the Jaguars’ minimalist uniform style and approach is so much better suited for the Cardinals (due to their history) than a team like the Jaguars. If the Cardinals had the same helmet they do now, and from the neck down had cardinal and white version of the Jaguars’ idea, that would’ve really worked for them in my opinion. I wish they would’ve beaten the Jaguars to the punch there. In any case, it’s been time for them to change for long while now. Murray is right, they look very outdated and I hope their set’s days are numbered.