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  1. Thank you guys so much for the comments! Really appreciate them a lot! And I still need to learn After Effects, but that would indeed be a really fun first project to work with on there. Thanks for the idea, @raysox ! Got a few more brand applications done, didn’t quite get group tables done but I have a scorebug, sleeve patch, and sleeve patch application finished to show! Scorebug: Really wanted to go crazier with it, but I also feared that might get a bit too distracting, so I kept it a little simpler. There’s a small geometric design to the left of the bug, the score is separated by the black square, and there’s no gradients or textures to keep in line with the Suprematist solid color style. Kit colors are displayed in between the two gold lines near each team’s flag (and for yellow kit teams like Colombia, Brazil, etc, the kit color on the bug would be a brighter yellow for contrast). Sleeve patch and application: Not much to say here! Just tried to play around with a decorative border that would be fun up close but subtle in the distance, nothing too loud.
  2. I was indeed able to tell which team each one was, so you achieved it! Great work! Love the extra throwback ones too!
  3. Hey all! So this semester and last, I’ve had two different art history classes. Both have had (really fun) units on the Suprematist (NOT to be confused with supremacy!) art movement, founded by Russian artist Kazimir Malevich around 1913. For more on Suprematism and Malevich, check these out: (Suprematism) (Malevich on Wikipedia) The short of it is that Malevich’s most famous works ultilized basic geometry, with shapes placed in a particular harmony, space purposefully utilized, and color contrasted against a light background (usually white or an off-white of some kind). Here’s a few of Malevich works for visual aid: And perhaps his most famous one - Black Square: I found Malevich’s work very fascinating and, with 2018 having been roughly a century since Malevich’s prime and with him being one of the foremost Russian artists, I was inspired to try my hand at a World Cup logo, in turn inspired by the Malevich style. As simple as it may look, it actually turned out to be quite the challenge trying to get the shape of the trophy down while trying to still adhere to the Malevich style. I’d love to hear your thoughts on if it really works or not, or how I could get it to work better. The color is deliberate, with blue and red as an homage to the Russian flag (and in particular, the stripes serving as the “base” are blue top red bottom with some white space visible above as a purposeful nod to the flag’s composition), gold for the trophy, and black for Malevich’s tendency to use it for large blocks of contrast. As for the wordmark, I chose blue for contrast with thin bars of red and gold, and yes, the black square atop the “I” is indeed a deliberate reference to Black Square! I plan tomorrow on finishing up some other graphics (scorebug, group tables, sleeve patch application, etc) within the brand identity as well. Let me know what you think! Thanks for viewing and reading!
  4. I’m really a fan of this! I do like thier current crest, but I also agree that the lion on its own works even better. That would stand out tremendously amongst MLS crests. Great choice there. At first I was thinking the away uniform needed just a bit more orange somewhere, but the more I look at it, the more that little splash of it coming from the crest just seems to work best for me in contrast to everything else. I think as it is works just fine. Really nice set all around! Great work!
  5. Most of my notable logo misconceptions that come to mind came from being a little kid when I saw them and not fully understanding what they were or represented, and my 5-7 year old brain trying to figure out how they related to team names and such. So it wasn’t always a misconception about what was in the logo so much as it was what it meant that I messed up. Again, bear in mind this is the mind of a very young kid in the late 90’s! - Seeing the Pistons’ horse head, I thought “Pistons” were mythological creatures which were horses with flaming manes. Didn’t know anything about the car part until I was like, 8 or so. - I didn’t know a clipper was a ship, so I thought the Clippers were named after the tool and the logo (simple basketball with team name) played into that because I “rationalized” it must’ve been too hard to make a good logo out of a pair of clippers. I even remember as a kid drawing a “new” logo for them that was a pair of clippers with teeth in front of a basketball. - Thought the Blazers’ logo was some weird, obscure, abstract representation of fire because I wasn’t familiar with “trail blazing”. Fire was the only connotation I had with the word “blaze” then. And one that wasn’t a “mascot” misconception due to the logo but was a misconception nonetheless: - Thought the Raiders’ pirate was elderly and had a white moustache because of the lines from his nose to his mouth. I dunno, kinda looked like a moustache outline to me back then.
  6. Your latest updates are stunning, all across the board. Bravo!
  7. I’d be fine with any of those options, honestly. I really like where this is headed and it looks like they just might get it right after all.
  8. To be honest? The HOF has elected pretty questionable players more than a few times. Rabbit Maranville? Phil Rizzuto? Bruce Sutter? Not at all saying that’s an excuse for them to keep doing it by any means—they really shouldn’t—but my perception of Hall of Fame status tanked a bit just by looking at the roster they already had years back. They do get many right of course, but questionable picks have happened for years.
  9. I actually was thinking about that this afternoon. I’m not sure quite yet whether I prefer the helmet or some kind of a ram head primarily, but precisely because of that special history of thier helmet, I would personally not be opposed to it if it were the primary again. I’d certainly be more okay with thier use of a helmet than the Browns. If others prefer a happy medium, maybe the helmet horn on its own could possibly work (perhaps within a blue circle in order to be used against backgrounds colored other than blue).
  10. HOF Election just announced: Rivera (100%!), Halladay, Martinez, and Mussina are in.
  11. Sorry, I should’ve cited the specific examples I was thinking of. There’s a couple examples regarding what I’m talking about posted a page back, as well as these: Also, re: the quoted picture, the helmet is the same 3/4ths position for both teams per template but the Rams are using the side profile helmet as the logo itself in other applications. Flying Elvis is on those caps as a logo alone, also.
  12. I don’t know for sure but I’m fairly positive in guessing it’s likely only the Rams with the helmet in the endzone. If you look at the Rams’ NFC Champ/Super Bowl merchandise, they’re using the helmet as the logo whereas the Patriots are using Flying Elvis alone on theirs.
  13. It ain’t gold like I was hoping for, but I’ll still gladly take it! This was, in my mind, the very next best option.
  14. I wouldn’t call it non-Browns worst, but the Pats’ roads are really not great at all in my opinion, either. The home and road set really seems to look worse year after year; there’s looks in the league we harp on often here for being dated, and rightfully so in most of those cases, but I think nowadays I’d lump New England right in there too. Yeah it’s the dynasty look, I get it, but I also think it’s got some pretty glaring flaws (which BJ pretty much nailed). You could tweak this or that on it, but I think I’d rather them roll out something a bit different altogether from the neck down (cause my beef isn’t with Flying Elvis, I’d be fine with him staying).
  15. Chiefs/Rams would’ve been so much better than what we’re getting in my opinion, but I do think Pats/Rams will at least have some decent contrast thanks to that Rams gold. LA’s carrying that matchup for sure, in my opinion.
  16. Ah bummer! Had some hope for a moment oh well, maybe someday.
  17. Oh hey, I just noticed the sleeve trim stripes go all the way around on these and doesn’t get cut off in the back. Huh.
  18. I think the Chiefs have the best individual endzone option; the logo and wordmark fill it in more and the red and gold pop a whole lot more.
  19. A small part of me was hoping for some teal and purple to go with Charlotte, but I knew better than that.
  20. I wonder if the Braves will “promote” the cream alternate to primary home (and either keep cream or make it white) and then make a road grey to match. So basically a set pretty close to what they wore in ‘66: (but with “Atlanta” instead) To be honest, I’d be completely 100% fine with that.
  21. Yeah, very odd night for him indeed. But hey, they happen sometimes! Still got 30+ tonight anyways too.
  22. Both games have looked absolutely spectacular today. Probably a good thing since tomorrow won’t look so hot.
  23. There we go! In my opinion, I think that little change on the collar made a big difference. Very nice! And I like the addition of the Texas logo on the other waistbands as well!
  24. Oooh the Spurs are interesting (in a good way)! I’m digging a lot of it. Things I really love are your takes on the wordmark and font, and the way you’ve unified it with other striping elements of the uniform. I also love the striping itself and how you have the spur on the shorts sticking backwards; that’s a really clever touch that I really appreciate and is evidence of the thought you’ve put into this. That Texas logo is really nice as well. I really appreciate that you went for something different on the statement uniform, and though I usually don’t like different solid colors between jersey and shorts, I think this could actually work with some tweaking, and I don’t think it has to be too much at all; I think if you changed to collar from solid black to something like grey-black-grey or even black-grey (so that grey is the color along the edge closest to the neck), it will mimic the striping you have on the shorts better and unify things juuuust enough to pull it all together! All in all, I really enjoy this Spurs concept a lot. Very well done!