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  1. This is very, very nice! I really admire the fact that you took some elements of that time frame and re-integrated them in such a way to make them totally work today. Count me in as another that has a soft spot for the "pajamas" (they're the only Rockets I really knew until the current set, I still think of the Rockets in the 90's set!). I too agree that it probably did more to evoke the space theme than it's predecessors, so I'm glad to see a concept embrace that and modernize it to fit today's design standards. I think my one critique after giving it a close look is that I don't think the upper side panels need as many stars - you could probably have a little fewer and it can get the point across well without being too..."starry", for lack of a better word because right now it sort of has a tiny bit of an early 90's Sixers vibe to it. Just eliminate a couple stars here and there, and you've nailed it. I too agree that this is the best Rockets concept I've ever seen! Fantastic work all around. If I were ever to be given total control of the Rockets, this hits the court, no doubt.
  2. Agreed on both counts. I LOVED the horse logo. I wish it had carried over to the EDGE set - it wouldn't have saved it by any means, but it'd have improved things.I also like the idea behind that roundel logo. It's got great regional inspiration and would also look good on the shoulders all around, not just the alternate. It could work as a front crest, but I think the shoulders is a better place for it.
  3. To be honest - and I may be totally crazy - but I feel like West Virginia is going to give Kentucky more fits than people think. They're a pretty tough team, and I could see them posing a challenge. Not saying it's a slam dunk, but I wouldn't be surprised if West Virginia comes away with an upset. If not them, then I see Arizona or Duke down the road doing so (but sorry, I think Kentucky rolls the Irish if that matchup happens). I also agree that Michigan State looks like the team to beat in that region. They just know how to March.
  4. Holy snap. If that were to take the court, I'd be ecstatic. That home uniform especially is absolutely beautiful. Really sharp way to modernize the throwbacks. Heck, I even love the idea of subliminating the raptor on the front of the alternate. Very solid concept!
  5. Watching UCLA wear that board short garbage is just a travesty. Lately in my Graphic Design class, we've been discussing the meaning of a concept and what makes a good concept. So especially lately, I've been really paying attention to logos and uniforms with that in mind. When I see this Adidas tournament line, I just can't help but wonder what in the world the concept behind them was. It's really, really hard to develop an idea of what they may have been going for. No ties to any of the schools, no rhyme or reason, no real difference between the schools who use it other than colors and wordmarks/numbers. At least the latest Nike disruption(?) line has designs on the shorts that are unique to thier schools (though still unnecessary uniforms). Just really, really poor design.
  6. I'm not too sure about that. This probably more to do with the "jack up a shot", but I think some really good defenses have something to do with that. Take the Wofford-Arkansas game for example: Wofford wanted to go inside the whole first half but Arkansas plugged everything up and kept them outside the arc. So basically, all Wofford could do was jack up a shot. It was the only one they had. I'm positive that wasn't the gameplan, but hey, you gotta score somehow, and if that means hucking a bomb because it's the only option you've got left...Granted I haven't seen every game this tourney so maybe I missed something you saw, but I feel from the games I have seen, teams try to run plays, but there's just some really good defense all across the field that stops some offenses cold.
  7. I think you're absolutely right on every point (including and especially Churchball - I played baseball and football all through high school and still got roughed up way more on Saturday mornings at Churchball than I ever did elsewhere! ). Right now the NHL in Utah is just a very big wish with little to help make it happen. A grassroots hockey movement down the road will help, but even still, again, you'll run into the boss level that is the Jazz. They're just so darn well-supported and well-loved that it'd be very difficult to be a big attraction in competition with them. Maybe a long time down the road it can work - and for the record, I hope it does (given that it wouldn't harm the Jazz any). But for right now, it's just not going to work; unless you're given an ultimatum between hockey and the Jazz, and I'm certain even then that the whole state (myself included) would unhesitatingly choose the Jazz.
  8. I'm thoroughly thrilled with the way the Jazz are playing right now. Hiccup vs. Washington aside, they're a solid 12-3 since the All-Star break and really starting to mesh together. Hayward keeps getting better and better, Gobert is mayor of Swat Lake City right now, AND Quin Snyder couldn't be a more perfect coach for this team. I love what he's done to help build this young core. Are they making the playoffs? No. But dang it if I'm not the most excited I've ever been about Jazz basketball - looking forwards to next year - since a certain Gonzaga guy and the Mailman were best buds. It's just so refreshing to see something pan out and look truly promising, instead of those not-too-distant days when Kevin O' Connor had his nuclear "We're rebuilding I promise!!!! It's just a phase!!! Everybody chill out!!!" button-mash on repeat both before and amidst his Grand Master Plan of "Stockton to Malone 2.0" caving in on itself (because Boozer and D-Will...yeah). Can you tell the last ten years of Jazz fandom haven't treated me well?
  9. I don't need another reason to not watch the game!
  10. Well, we already have a readily expandable hockey stadium that has been getting regular use since the Olympics. I'd LOVE for the NHL to come to Utah, I really would. The one small thing that kind of worries me though is they'd have to compete with the Jazz because of the seasons running at the same time. That said, from what I've been able to observe, the Grizzlies fare okay and have for a long time, so who knows. But my gut says the Jazz would drown them out. As far as names are concerned? Probably a generational thing, but I would take "Utah Grizzlies" over "Salt Lake Golden Eagles" a million times over. Much less of a mouthful and that's the name I associate best with hockey in Utah. Anything else would just seem weird to me. But if they decided to do something entirely different, something like "Salt Lake 47's" (Pioneer/1847 reference) or "Salt Lake Trappers" would be great.
  11. Dang it Iowa State. I take a huge leap sending them to Indy in my bracket and this is how March responds! That's the risk with big gambles, though. You're either the one guy in the world who truly had a "gut feeling" about Butler a few years back and enjoyed some great compensation, or your face down in the bracket floor screaming "FORGET YOU CYCLONES!!!" I'm hoping Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Virginia (my underdog champ!) help me out...
  12. Wow, an amazing career indeed. I didn't realize it, but he designed a great chunk of my favorite logos from my childhood (namely the Wizards, Nets, and Caps). Definitely a resume to look up to. RIP.
  13. You make some fair points (especially the Jersey Devil point), thanks for the insight! I still feel though personally that red and green just doesn't look right to me (for them at least). Those particular shades just seem too...light to me. Even considering the Jersey Devil connection, I still feel like the team should look intimidating and that red and green just doesn't fit that bill to me personally. Like I said, I think green could work for them if it were a dark, dark pine-ish green (could help with the woods connection too). But I strongly prefer the black and red instead.
  14. Completely agree. I've always felt patches or stripes always should have been the practice for these sorts of honors. There isn't a single holiday or cause that merits rolling out a new or even tweaked uniform in my opinion. Not one. Patches or shoulder stripes get the message across just fine to me.
  15. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. Totally and completely wrong. The red and black look is perfect for the Devils. Add in the particular block font they use for their numbers, and it's even more perfect.I'm with you personally. It's weird, I like red and green together usually. However, I just feel that it doesn't fit the Devils at all. The red and black as they have it used now has a much more intimidating feel to it (fitting for "Devils") and just works altogether. Maybe if the green were a dark, dark green, it could work. But the way the throwback is, it doesn't seem "devilish" enough to be taken seriously.
  16. Everything else they've worn has been trash, but those thirds were fantastic. And no love for these? That's honestly one of my favorite hockey sets of all time. Probably top five, maybe even top three. There wasn't a thing I'd have changed on that set. I remember being really upset (even as a kid!) when they starting phasing out that black jersey in favor of that gosh-awful red alternate. That was the beginning of the identity freefall for Ottawa.I mentioned in another thread that the Padres are probably my winner for top "nailed it the first time but crapped it all away" team in sports. To be honest, Ottawa isn't too far behind.
  17. Excellent update! I didn't even think to try that with the stripes. I think it totally works. Very, very nice!
  18. I've got another design to show y'all! I'd love to get some feedback and learn what I can do to improve. The concept is for Death Cab for Cutie's Codes and Keys album. I actually really like the original cover a lot as is, so this was a concept more for the purposes of exploring different ideas. Here's the concept, with some explanation to follow: There's this graffiti art of a bird on campus at my school (Utah Valley University), and I've always been pretty intrigued by it. I've often wondered why it was there, what the artist was trying to say by putting it there, and what it really meant. I think of any form of art as an expression of course, but also a "code" for the artist's ideas and/or feelings. So in essence, I've always wondered what the "code" is behind this bird. The idea came pretty quick to use the bird for a Codes and Keys album concept to exemplify the idea of art being code, and I also felt it connected well to Death Cab's history, who featured a bird on the Transatlanticism cover (featured on my inspiration board posted above) and has a song called "Talking Bird" on Narrow Stairs and The Open Door EP (in short....Ben Gibbard seems to like birds or something!). As far as the design itself is concerned, the original photo I took is actually inverted - the wall is grey and the bird is black. I inverted it because while working with the text, I liked the way orange and white worked against the dark better than orange and black worked against grey (and it helps to differentiate it a little from Transatlanticism, which featured a blackbird against a light background). I chose orange for one of the text lines because I felt it had great contrast and - I'm not sure how to explain it any other way - I felt it was an accent color that worked well for the tone of the album's music. Sounds weird and vague, I know, but I'm not sure how else to explain it. I hear that album and think of those colors, I guess! At first I was going to center the bird, but when I went to take the picture, it just didn't look right at the center. It seemed a little imbalanced for some reason and it just wasn't working for me. So I moved it over a little bit, and found as I did so that it left a great spot to place the text, so I decided to go with that set up for the shot. I personally like how it turned out, myself. I was happy that I was able to get the image I had in my head out the way I wanted it to, at least! What do you guys think? What works and what doesn't? What could I improve on? Like I've said, I'm eager to learn and grow as a designer. Any help you can give would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  19. Love the logo and the name, but to be completely honest? The uniforms are really bad. They just seem kinda blocky and very paint-bucket-filled. There's just not really a rhyme or reason to them. Certainly leaves a lot to be desired, especially with such good logos and a great name to work with.
  20. You've got some great work here! I can really tell that you put some great thought into this. I love the way that particular red pops, maybe it's just my screen but it almost looks like a "hot red" or something. I think that'd look excellent in action. I also like the number font choice for the league! My one nitpick I guess would be in echo to the concern that the stars on the A-League shield would get lost as they are. I do feel white would be the better way to go. Other than that, I really like what you've got and I'm looking forwards to the rest of the league. Sharp work!
  21. You're not the only one! I've always really liked the Ravens identity. When they stay away from the black pants, I feel like they're one of the better looking teams in football.
  22. I disagree. The sleeves are absurd, but nobody is mandating teams use them. We haven't yet had a team make a regular game jersey sleeved. We're getting plenty of sleeved alternate crap, but at least it'll be gone by playoff time. However, the sweatback trash would find their way onto most jerseys without many people even noticing. "Sure, Bulls, we kept your jersey the same, but on the back we put this sweet sublimated pattern that represents an Italian beef sandwich." The sweatbacks are more subtle so they'd get to ruin far more jerseys. Over the last decade plus, Adidas has only really ruined classic jerseys to the extent that they stupidly put logos on the back for the Bulls and Celtics. I'm not trying to say that sweatbacks are ideal necessarily, I just hate sleeves so much that if I'm choosing between every team wearing sweatbacks and a few teams here and there with sleeves, I'm choosing sweatbacks. I just feel personally that between the two, as far as basketball aesthetics are concerned, sweatbacks are far less jarring. Teams like Duke still look just fine to me with them, so I 'm not too worried myself. But again, that's just a matter of personal opinion.In any case, I'm just counting down the clock to the (hopefully) death of sleeves.
  23. This is fantastic news. Sure, you might get the sweatbacks with Nike, but if my two choices are sleeves or sweatbacks ? I'm taking sweatbacks a million times over. I've actually really liked a great deal of Nike basketball designs. I think they could do really well with the NBA.
  24. As far as "terrible" is concerned? The Oklahoma City Thunder. That poor train wreck of an identity...yeesh. If it weren't for great logos and awesome inaugural colors, I'd say the Nashville Predators too. They haven't had a single uniform I liked all that much. With aforementioned great logos and inaugural colors they really could've hit the ice with something sharp, but that first set just tried to do way too much (late 90's style victim), and it wasn't helped by the EDGE takeover. And with the current set, though the updated Sabertooth logo is nice, I really don't like the uniforms that much at all. In fact, I'd take the inaugurals over them any day. The fang things at the front of the jersey need to go, the yellow jersey is a bit too much yellow for my taste, and I miss the grey-silver. All in all, their identity is to the sports uniform world what The Fray is to the music world - all the tools and potential to be spectacular, but for some reason content with just "being there" and not quite tapping into it all.