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  1. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I can see where it might look a bit too simple. Any ideas on how I can improve that? I'm all ears! I suppose the reason I kept it so simple, just for explanation purposes, is that I felt that the monkey exemplified the "Bedlam" theme perfectly already, and didn't want to add anything else and make it redundant. That was my biggest problem with the original cover, that I figured all the images put together were meant to evoke "Bedlam", but that it didn't really need all of that to do it. That monkey mark was just too good and too exemplary for the theme that I didn't want it to get lost amidst a hundred other marks saying essentially the same thing. I guess that's kind of where I was coming from with it, if that makes any sense. All that said, as I mentioned earlier, I'm all ears for ways I can improve the concept, so send it all my way! If it helps to kind of show what sort of album cover design I like and gravitate towards, I put this together as sort of an "inspiration board", so to say - basically a collection of some of my all-time favorite album covers, and especially those that inspire my design tastes in that field: As you can see, I really like simplicity and central (or at least sure, if not central) focal points. I feel like they tell the story of the album and set the visual tone and theme of the album a whole lot better than more cluttered designs, or covers that only have a picture of the band (I HATE those kinds of covers! ). I'm still very new to taking on designing covers myself, so I know I have a lot to work on, but I have had a few ideas for a couple of other redesigns (some Coldplay, The Temper Trap, Jason Mraz, Death Cab for Cutie, and Fall Out Boy). I'm also trying to improve my photography skills so I can get some photo-based designs going (like the Killers and Vampire Weekend covers above). Once I get them worked at, I'd love to post them here and see what y'all think. Thanks again!
  2. Hey all! Something I've really wanted to do and pursue is designing album covers. I'm a huge music lover, and love the relationship that a well-designed album cover can have with the album you're listening to. I feel like it's all part of the experience, or at least should be. Along with designing new covers, I also really like to re-design existing album covers. I'll either do so because I feel the album is a poor design altogether, or I'll do it just for fun (even if the design is a good one). One design I'd like to get some C&C on is for James Blunt's Back to Bedlam. I feel like the existing cover is very cluttered and "stuffed". There seems to be a few good ideas laced in there, but they get lost as they compete with each other. All in all, my problem with it is that there is just too much going on and seems randomly put together between Blunt's image, the image flow coming from his head, and the pattern on the background. My goal was to create a much simpler album cover that could be instantly recognizable and featured a much clearer, less cluttered design. Without further ado.... I LOVE that monkey wearing the crown on the bottom left, and I felt that it could make for a strong, marketable image to be the focal point of the album artwork (can you imagine T-shirts with the image on it sold at concerts?). I wanted to clean it up a little and make it front and center. I like also that it seems to be mimicking a variation of the Royal Lion and Crown mark that you see associated often with England, and I like that it had the potential to really tie into the "Bedlam" theme (which is a nickname for a London Psyciatric hospital, if I'm not mistaken). I liked the double blue together, so I kept that general idea, but eliminated the faded tones to make the color of the album a bit stronger and elminated the golds and burgundy to give the colors less competition. Finally, I went for a much simpler and clearer typeface for the artist and album name, both to work with the more simpler tone of the concept and to prevent the typeface from diverting too much attention from the monkey. I had a lot of fun with the concept and am definitely thinking of doing more album cover redesigns soon. C&C would be greatly appreciated! I'm always happy to learn and improve. Thanks!
  3. I'm late to the thread here and this is really only a response to the original post, but for me personally, I consider it a major league - strictly coming from the angle of how you treat and view it rather than where it ranks in this category or the other. Mostly because all we've got here in Utah is the Jazz and RSL, my foremost "sports attention", so to say, goes to those teams. I suppose this would all depend of course on which market you'd live in, but for a smaller market like Utah, you cherish the little you've got. So you treat what you do have like it's the biggest show in town, and I can say that RSL is treated like royalty here (pun not intended). Now again, I'm coming at this strictly from a personal viewpoint with the experiences I've had rooting for RSL. I would totally understand if someone from LA or New York would have a different opinion, considering other sports and leagues have had greater pull and prominence. So again, I feel like it depends on what you've got. So here in Utah, the MLS is treated like it's a big deal, because aside from the Jazz, that's the only other big deal you've got. Not to mention, it also helps that over the last few years, RSL's been pretty much the only good team here at all.
  4. Ah yes, forgot about them. They wore their throwbacks again last night against Miami at home, and the biggest problem was that Miami really looked like the home team. While the Heat do have that little gold stripe running down the side inside the side panel, from a distance it just looks like white, red, and black. Couple that with the black and red on the court, and the Raptors wearing road throwbacks and.....yeah, big problem. I really wish teams would think this kind of stuff through.
  5. I think you've got a great series here. I love that you've included team histories and even goal songs in your presentation - it helps you get a feel for the personality of the team and helps you feel like a part of it all. I've really, really enjoyed going through the league. Looking forwards to more!
  6. I really, really like that France kit. I also LOVE their crest. It's one of the best in the world, in my opinion. Simple, classy, sharp, and clean.
  7. Woah, I didn't know John got a son until now. Me either, and the kid looks just like his dad...just with longer shorts. I remember as a kid watching Jazz games, once in a blue moon they'd shoot the camera over to some of players' families in the crowd. I do remember them showing David and the other kids once, and David also was featured in the 1996-97 season yearbook. Crazy to think that's the same kid! Time has certainly flown. Glad to see him in the league!
  8. "Break someone's clavicle, on 3. Ready? 1-2-3 BREAK SOMEONE'S CLAVICLE!" "Phil, I gotta talk to you about that. You shouldn't wish an injury on a player!" "Well, that's what the medic is for. Otherwise, he's just sitting around."
  9. I think that's kind of the point, though, honestly. I feel like it was designed that way to look like a W. It's hard for me to believe it'd just be something coincidental.
  10. Another unpopular opinion of mine: I absolutely LOVE this logo and its blue-black-bronze or gold predecessors - I actually used it as an example for one of my Graphic Design class assignments recently. I love how nearly every aspect of the logo has a great forward motion and line direction (the subject of the assignment), and has great flow. It seems that everything but the Wizard's back leg is pointing forwards, which really gives the logo great (and fitting) movement. The recent tweaks and recoloring to it make the middle portion of the logo look almost like a portion of an abstract USA or DC flag, too. The moon could be filled in (I admit that the basketball pattern there, as well as the basketball the Wizard is holding is a little redundant), but aside from that, I really have always loved this logo and am sad to see that it's taking a back seat to (in my opinion) more inferior logos.
  11. Regarding the Jaguars helmet, I was a huge fan of the black/teal flake helmet. I thought that was such a great idea for them and was a step forwards at the time. Carrying that helmet (and logo) over to this set would've helped the uniform incredibly. Very quick side note, one of the reasons I feel that the previous logo worked so well (aside from it being not as Saturday-Cartoonish as the current) was that the shape of the Jaguar head fit SO well with the contour of a football helmet. The top of the head looked like it lined up near perfectly with the outer shape of the helmet. This new logo just doesn't have that same workability.
  12. I wonder how a black alternate would look for Colorado. Since they already have black helmets and bottoms, I don't think it'd look too out of place for them to have one. I'm not saying it's the best option by any means, just saying (and big emphasis here) if done right, it could work. *ducks and runs, dodges tomatoes*
  13. I feel like the font had more behind it than on the surface, personally. Even as a little kid, the font and (especially) the numbers looked like something you'd see on a race car. I can't cite a specific car or driver as an example, but the numbers really do look like they could've been inspired by a 90's era NASCAR car. I have no idea if that was the inspiration for the font choice, or if I'm just crazy haha, but I always accepted the use of that don't for Indiana for that purpose.It goes to show how powerful context is in design, because let's say the Lakers sport this design in the 90's rather than the Pacers. Then the font really wouldn't have a purpose and would in that case be a very poor choice. But used as it is for the Pacers? It just "fit" because of the (potential) connection to a race car. By that, italicized, drop-shadowed arial has no better home than the FloJo's I hope none if that came across as busting your chops! I certainly didn't intend that at all Your thought just made me realize why I like them so much, and it's that connection I made early on as a kid with that race car theme.
  14. Glad to see them back, but...couldn't they have done a white version instead? One of my foremost uniform pet-peeves is when a basketball team wears dark at home. Maybe it's a tradition thing for me, I don't know. But it certainly drives me crazy nonetheless.And it's not that the road is a bad uniform - I always liked the road FloJo - it's just that the home FloJo is plenty great and there's no reason not to use that for home throwback games.
  15. You know, I've always wondered that. I lived in Mississippi for two years and I saw way more Heat and Pelicans fans than Grizzlies fans. It mostly depended on what part you were in - the coast (Gulfport-Biloxi) leaned heavily Pelicans whereas it seemed Jackson/Central MS had a lot of Heat fans. That said, it seemed the further north you got, the more you'd see the occasional Grizzlies fans here and there. It seems like most of the state should be prime territory for Memphis to market to, but for some reason it just hasn't seemed to happen as much as you'd imagine it should.
  16. I know this is probably a very unpopular opinion, but I really dislike that Hawks throwback. Always have. I've tried to like it, but to illustrate why I just can't: The backs of those jerseys are just atrocious. The upward slanting numbers on the back ruin it for me. I don't know why, but I really don't think they work there. They work better on the front, but not on the back. And it may be just the movement of his jersey, but Carroll's number 5 getting pushed all the way to the right just looks REALLY bad. I don't really like the diagonal names on the back either. I feel like the only way they could get a modernization of this to work is to go the Sonics' route, when they opted not to replicate the back of the jersey and keep that colored name arch off the back. It kept the charm of the throwbacks while making the necessary changes to clean up the look a little. If Atlanta were to do that as well as straighten the back numbers out, I'd like it a lot more. To me, the best Atlanta ever looked was right here: One of my favorite NBA uniforms ever. Correct team colors? Check. Great custom wordmark and numbers? Check. Clean design? Check. The only thing they could've done to make them better is to put "Atlanta" on the red roads (and even still, the roads were fantastic). But other than that? It's a uniform that I just simply can't find a fault with. They could've worn this for 50 years and it'd still look great. My hopes are that the upcoming changes look more or less like the 2000's set, but I have a very strong feeling they'll be more Dominique-inspired.
  17. Wow, very good looking kit. Love the "window pane" pattern.Sort of random, but sort of related - does anyone else think KC missed a giant opportunity by not filling in the stripes on their crest with a rainbow pattern (Wizards homage)? All those stripes just look like they're begging to be a rainbow, almost as if that was the plan at first but got switched to powder blue down the road. I think that would've looked incredible, and really would've popped on the kits.
  18. The funny thing about the Pistons set is that I feel the logo was the right direction to take, and was even more so validated when they updated it to go with the throwback color return. It actually gave the team some sort of decent branding imagery rather than simply a basketball and text. When your team's name is auto-themed, it's just screaming for something to fit that idea. The fact that for years (and even now) they sported a logo devoid of any personality whatsoever, despite a name that begs for some sort of personality, drives me crazy. The Pistons were right to go back to thier old colors and uniform (modernized of course), and carrying over the horse completed the identity. But scrapping it to go back to simply a basketball+text stripped the Pistons of, ironically, the only thing they ever needed in the first place - a decent, relevant logo. Oh, and my contribution (on the phone so no pics): the Shawn Bradley shooting stars (or whatever ) 76ers uniforms. I can't think of anything more horrendously 90's than that.
  19. Ooh boy, that's pretty nice. I think I prefer the solid brown cap over the paneled cap myself, but this is still really nice and would look great on the field. I like the vest look as well.
  20. Regarding the Padres, I don't think there's a stronger candidate for "nailed it the first time, but crapped it all away". I can't, for the life of me, figure out why they deviated from this (and relatively quick, too). It was, in my opinion, an infinitely better uniform than anything they've worn since. It was a shame that the uniforms sort of "devolved" from a sharp, classy set to the definition of gaudy and overbearing in the late 70's-early 80's. I feel like, save for the colors, the Padres came really close to having a great uniform with their latest set. I really especially love the double piping and the overall classic look. If the Padres were to keep that idea and interchange everything that is navy and sand with brown and gold, I feel like we're looking at the new best uniform in Padres history.
  21. I'm going to go hometown with this one: The current identity just drives me crazy. I never did like the use of navy as a primary color to begin with (I still consider purple to be the "correct" color for the Jazz), but beyond that, the green that is paired with the navy is too dark. There's very little contrast, and from a distance it just looks like another navy stripe or accent. And when the green does get lost (which in certain lighting happens often, at least to me), it looks too much like something the Pacers would be better off wearing. I don't mind the neo-retro direction that the brand has taken, as I always liked the throwback logos. I just would prefer purple and/or a more kelly-ish green accent. If the purple battle can't be won though, the Jazz could really help their identity by scrapping the navy jersey altogether and making the green alternate the primary road uniform. It wouldn't solve the too-dark-green problem, but at least you'd be able to see green at all when it's the primary jersey color.
  22. I never liked the old Hornets' fleur-de-bee at all. It just seemed like a really forced logo. I get that it "made sense" with it being in homage to New Orleans and all, but there's a difference between effectively celebrating your location in a logo, and forcibly pushing your location in a logo. Cramming a hornet into a fleur-de-lis shape, in my opinion, falls into the latter (especially considering how unnatural it looked). Besides, I always thought the modernized Hugo was a MUCH better logo and should've been featured a lot more than it was. Probably an unpopular opinion in and of itself, come to think of it
  23. You know, this uniform has always fascinated me. I can do without the buck on the front, or the gradient-y design on the shorts, but this particular color scheme is stunning. The green is a great shade for a primary color, and the purple and black as a trim really, really works with it. Better than the red does - and I usually like green and red together. It's a color scheme you don't really see anywhere else right now, and I also always felt like it had a very "outdoorsy" feel to it. It makes me wish the Bucks had been Green-Purple rather than Purple-Green in the 90's-00's. Now all that said, I still lean towards Irish Rainbow for Milwaukee moving forward. But if for whatever reason that doesn't happen, I think their next best choice would be something very similar (at least in color scheme) to this throwback.