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  1. Does anybody else have trouble with St. Louis? It seems like that's the city I always get a bad block with. I used to have trouble with Toronto, but have come around to getting more ideas for it.
  2. The more I think about power rankings, the more I realize it makes it near impossible to really pinpoint what the best uniforms in a sport are. For example, my top five would be: 1. Blue Jays* 2. Tigers* 3. Yankees 4. Dodgers 5. Royals *(to be honest, Toronto and Detroit are interchangeable for me because they're the only two teams in the league whose uniforms sets as a whole - not including BP's - I can't find one single thing wrong with) ....but I know and fully expect that mine is probably very different from everyone else's, and sometimes I read others and completely see where others are coming from to a point where it influences my own opinions to change. And sometimes uniforms really grow on you (I used to be "meh" with the White Sox, for example, but as the years have passed...well, I'll just say you don't know how tough it was to leave them out of my top five right now). So...I guess what I'm saying is in a sense, at least for me, power rankings don't have much "staying power" because they shift so much. And of course teams change (I assure you, 10 years ago - though I actually kinda liked what they had - the Blue Jays would not have been my #1), so that's a factor too. I guess you just take a power ranking for what it is now and fully expect it to change eventually, or even sooner.
  3. I'm really digging the South Africa sets. It's really hard to beat that particular green and gold together. I fully expect the All-Blacks to look just about perfect as always. In my mind, there's no better looking team in all of Rugby than them. England's had a few kits that've come close, but New Zealand always takes the cake for me. I feel like USA's are just okay, I'm not particularly thrilled by them. I do like the general idea, though. Maybe if they simplified it to just red thin stripes on the navy rather than red-white-red-white-red, it'd look a little cleaner and better. Even red-white would look good.
  4. The Bucks and Sixers are neck and neck for me this season. Both were very, very good and well designed. Both have a good sense of purpose and thought behind them. I think I give a slight edge to the Bucks, but that edge is very slight. The Clippers are at an all-time worst level. I can't really add anything else to what's been said, other than it sure is frustrating when something obviously bad and amateur still somehow gets signed off on in pro sports. That shouldn't happen, but alas, here we are and have been on a few occasions, but few as bad as this. The Raptors change, according to what we've heard, seems absolutely pointless. That is all. I'll wait to form an opinion on the Hawks when I see everything rolled out, but two things I'm disappointed in already: 1) I actually liked the full-body hawk a lot, and will be sad to see it go, and 2) "ATL" potentially staying as a jersey wordmark. "ATL" has never looked good on a uniform and needs to go away forever. Shoot it into space, kill it with fire, bury it thirty feet under...I don't care. Just get it out of here.
  5. I realized while watching highlights to the Phillies/Cardinals game that I actually like the Cardinals uni better without the front number. I'm not entirely sure why, as the front number isn't a bad thing at all. I just saw the look of it without it and was struck by the thought, "hey, I think that actually looks better". I dunno, less clutter I guess? A little more clean?...just one of those things you can't put a finger on as to why.
  6. You've sure cranked out some beauties lately! I especially love St. Louis. That crest is very well designed. Also love the garnet paired with the navy. Great work!
  7. You're not going to get very many people agreeing with you on this board. Well, he's got me at least. The Brewers look the best they've ever looked right now in my opinion.
  8. Oh sweet Moses....kill that with lots of fire.I don't mind the All-Star Game logo being moved to the back of the cap (if this is real), but paneled AND (partially) pillboxed? Two of my most hated hat styles personally....yikes. I'd say it's not anything pillboxed. It's your normal six-panel hat. The stripes are just stripes. Ah that's true, my mistake.I still think it's a horrible hat though. Like, it's awful. However, upon looking at the back more, for some reason I do really like the patch on the back of the cap. I even wouldn't be upset if they tried it for the World Series, so long as the patch is still on the jersey as well somewhere.
  9. Oh sweet Moses....kill that with lots of fire. I don't mind the All-Star Game logo being moved to the back of the cap (if this is real), but paneled AND (partially) pillboxed? Two of my most hated hat styles personally....yikes.
  10. Yeah, it's different enough for me that it's really not an issue. I mean, if the Diamondbacks can wear what they wear and still not look a thing like the Reds, for example, then I doubt the Coyotes are gonna tread too close to any of those mentioned teams.
  11. Red helmet and jersey. Black pants. New shoulder patches. More vertical side panels. Horizontal arm stripes and a possible kachina pattern. All credit goes to the original poster at HF boards. This is his artwork based off the descriptions from a Coyote employee: Hmm...I actually kinda like this. I'll save full judgement until the real deal comes out, but something like this would look pretty good to me. I'd prefer a black helmet with the red sweaters to match the pants, but it's not going to ruin it for me necessarily. All in all, I'd be very fine with something like this.
  12. I wish they'd scrap even the home run derby uniforms. It'd look a whole lot better with the participants wearing thier regular home or road uniforms with the derby patches on the sleeves and caps (similar to how the NBA does it for thier All-Star Saturday events). It'd make for an aesthetically more colorful and exciting event, which is fitting considering in my eyes it's one of the most exciting events of any sport's All-Star festivities.
  13. Those Sixers uniforms are in an odd category for me personally. If I'm filing them in a personal uniform thoughts cabinet, they'd get placed in the "Uniforms that weren't ideal for the team, but yet still kinda sorta worked and wouldn't mind being worn again, although still not ideal and the current identity is the better fit" file. I guess basically, I liked the Iverson set, but I also feel the current identity is the better fit, yet if for any reason the Iverson set came back, I wouldn't be upset. Believe me, I'm just as confused by my "okayness" with the Iverson set as you probably are reading this post.
  14. I feel like with the Utah series, the location wouldn't be much of a problem. The Florida State League consists of teams basically from Tampa south. Northern teams like Jacksonville and Pensacola are in the far north, and they're in the Southern League, which makes more sense geographically. If you have teams in, say, the 8 most populous cities, mostly centered around SLC, then it woldn't be a bad thing.Thanks for the advice man! I think you're right, your Florida examples put it in real good perspective for me. And come to think of it, it would make more sense for teams from Provo all the way to Logan to be in a separate league than Cedar City/St. George (they'd be a much better fit in an Arizona/Nevada-ish league). I appreciate it man!
  15. I've tried to draft out an independent baseball league based in Utah (inspired by Mockba's awesome League du Nord soccer series, the league he made for Minnesota), the issue I'm running into though is that nearly all of the larger populated cities are in the north, but there are two cities worthy of having a team in the south (St. George and Cedar City). So that's left me trying to figure out which small towns I can award a team to in order to balance the league map out. It's proving to be more difficult than I thought. Another idea I had was kind of an alternate history based off of Welsh/British Baseball, basically what if the rules and style of play of that version were brought to America early on instead of what we know to be baseball today.
  16. So here's a little bit of a random thought, and I wasn't sure where to put this so I hope it's okay that it's here. I was watching an Angels game recently and the problem they've got with the halo-A on one sleeve and the roundel on the other jumped out at me again. The thought came to mind; let's say they make the World Series (and I personally believe they're due for a trip soon, if not this year then sometime in the near future)...where in the world do they put the jersey patch? I remember the Rockies wearing it on the chest in '07 when they wore thier vests, so that's been done before and would be an option. I'd much rather they remove one of the sleeve logos (preferably the halo-A) and replace it with the patch, but who knows if they'd really do that. This is the kind of stuff I wish teams would think through while designing uniforms or tweaking them. It may sound far reaching or corny, but I think you should always keep a championship patch in consideration when designing. Otherwise, if you do pull an Angels and barrage your sleeves, you're looking at a cluttered mess if it just so happens to be your year to make it all the way.
  17. I think it could be that they're repeating logos; if you look closely at the corners of the brim where they meet the crown, it looks like there's a touch of blue that looks like it could be the outer circle of the logo. I'm not sure, but I think that's what I'm seeing.Either way, I'm not too much a fan of these (or really any draft cap in general in any sport). I wish they were just simple New Era 5950's like in baseball, it's all you really need. But hey, gotta sell something new, right?
  18. What Utah logo is this?? it looks soo much like Cleveland Indians. Utah Utes?? Yep, I'm 99% certain that's the Utes. Not sure when it was used though. Anyways, fantastic work, ren! I really admire your stuff. As a fan of classic logos myself, it's a thrill to see a lot of these updated. You definitely have a fan and follower here!
  19. For me with Miami, isn't not so much the idea overall that's bad. Playing up South Florida is a great route. It's three other things for me that ruin it: 1) insistence of orange as a secondary color when light blue/teal should be, 2) oversized cap logo, and 3) horrible jersey number choice that doesn't match with the rest of the identity at all. If the Marlins address those three things, they jump way up the ladder in my opinion.
  20. That's a pretty interesting list, I felt It had a few teams backwards, namely I feel personally that Cincinnati and Houston belong in the top 10 rather than the bottom 10. And as bad as Miami's are, Arizona's still the absolute worst in my opinion and has been for a few years now.
  21. I'm with you there. I like looking at a league or even a division, and seeing balance between design of old and design of now. It's one of the things that intrigues me most about design in sports; it's truly a neat thing that, save a few exceptions, two opposites don't collide, but rather mesh. Seeing an old man in hiked up dress pants and overalls walking with a guy in American Eagle stuff and sunglasses can be a bit of a strange sight and not really fit together, yet a Mariners/Tigers game just looks awesome sometimes. Sports design as a whole is awesome for that reason.
  22. This looks completly normal to me. Here in Orlando during Grant's tenure with the team (especially during our '95 Finals run) the motto, "Its Gotta be the Goggles", was widespread througout the city on billboards and t-shirts. Horace was definitely a fan favorite. I think Horace Grant with both the Chicago Bulls ('87-'94) and Orlando Magic ('94-'99 & '01-'02) are the "right" uniforms. This is the jersey that looks "wrong" for Horace... I was about to respond the same. To me, Grant looks right with both Chicago and Orlando, just a little more right with Chicago. He's kinda like Robert Horry or something, where both the Rockets and Lakers look right for him, but (and this is only because of my age - I'm sure others older than me would swap it) the Lakers just look a little more right.
  23. That totally works for me. And when the Finals come around, just merge the trophy logo with the NBA logo like in '02 and bam, you're golden. It'll balance things out better than the current finals patch against the swoosh (the ball would just look too big and clunky against it, I think), and you won't have to clutter or move stuff around to get it to work. I'm totally down for that.
  24. I would ... Though shrinking the C is a good idea. While the Black, Orange and Powder Blue set does have some merits, the logo associated is absolutely atrocious. Ah, easy fix. Bring back the colors but don't bring back the logo! But seriously though, I don't think I'd mind in the slightest if they took their current logos and uniforms and re-colored them to the 90's colors. I think everything they've got now would look great in that colorway. Because honest to goodness, no matter what they do from here on out, in my eyes that's going to be the best scheme they'll have ever had.
  25. I wonder which teams will get a Nike refresh when they come...or maybe even who's going to hold out on a rebrand now until Nike comes? For some reason I could see Minnesota getting a good one then. Denver could sure use one. I love Portland as they are, but wouldn't be surprised if they shake things up a bit with that opportunity. I know it's probably too early for that kind of speculation, but I could really see this deal effecting new designs and rebrands in the next couple of years. Not that I'm saying we won't see any until then, but hey, if I'm a team owner and can hang on a couple of years if it means seeing what Nike has to offer, it might be worth holding off until then.