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  1. You can have your reasons for disliking that Jazz set, but this isn't a very good one. Would you make this same complaint about the Celtics, Bulls, and Knicks uniforms?
  2. No, if anything, that would be "back to normal." What is "weird" is two intra-division rivals competing against each other in a shared home arena, which is what we have now. I don't care too much about this situation either way, but in 2000 or whatever when I saw that the Clippers were playing their home games in the Staples Center, I thought that was some type of temporary situation for while the Clippers were waiting on construction of their own arena, one of those types of situations. I had no idea that the intentional long-term plan was for the two teams to just share the arena. I completely understand why they share it, but it still seems weird that they are rivals that take turns calling it their home, sometimes even on the same day.
  3. I can totally relate to this post. I am a guy in his mid-30's whose biggest interest in the NBA was from around 1995-2010. There was something great about the "consistency" that the NBA provided with teams wearing white (or yellow, for the Lakers) at home, and dark or colored jerseys on the road. The occasional alternate jersey, or team wearing white on the road, felt like a VERY rare occurrence, so rare that it was kind of cool to see because you never knew when you would see it again (if ever). To me, there is something to be said about "consistency," "reliability," and "stability" when it comes to being able to take something seriously. Even though jersey schedules are pre-planned, it still FEELS like a free-for-all where teams just wear whatever they want, whenever they want, without regard to, well, anything. I don't really even watch the NBA anymore because it's just hard for me to take it seriously when the teams won't take their jerseys or even just their identities seriously. The entire league feels like a big joke to me now because of the ridiculous amounts of different colors and uniforms each team wears. And yes, I feel like a boomer as I post this as well.
  4. Oh, I will tell you that, with pleasure. I have never heard of Colin McRae, or any video games named after him, or the Dirt series which was indicated as Colin McRae or the McRae series. The only McRaes I have ever heard of is Hal McRae and Brian McRae. And no, I won't get upset if you, personally, haven't heard of them.
  5. If the "dude in the truck" picks the wrong colors, it should take like one second to fix and practically no one (besides maybe some posters at this site) would notice or care for the 1 second at the very beginning of the game that the color was wrong. I don't think it would cause that many issues. I don't think this "scorebug and jersey color-matching" would have been needed at all a few years ago, but with teams wearing all kinds of different colors that have nothing to do with their identities on both the home and road, I think it is really needed.
  6. With the rate at which new jerseys are churned out, I feel like it's just a matter of time before this happens. There will come a time when the Vice colors become stale or their novelty has worn off, and recoloring them with the main team colors will be the next short-lived gimmick to say "look at me" and make some money. I feel like any somewhat reasonable "what if" is practically just bound to happen at this point. It basically HAS to, until the NBA comes to its senses and stops making so many different new jerseys every freaking season.
  7. Regarding the whole purple Twins Mandela Effect thing. As a kid I started following baseball around 1992, but to be honest I feel like my exposure to team colors, uniforms, etc. was more through baseball cards than anything else. Obviously no Internet back then, so no way to just look up team logos and uniforms. And I just don't remember watching the Twins a lot on TV. Anyway, here's an example of a baseball card that I'm pretty sure I have somewhere in my attic... As you can see the color they are using in that name block is not really "red." That color is almost exactly the same shade as what Oracal-651 calls "purple-red" And others may have mentioned this, but I think back then maybe baseball card manufacturers were trying to figure out a ways to distinguish teams that used similar colors. With so many red teams I guess they wanted the Twins to look different to baseball card collectors? And I do remember as a kid thinking of the Twins as being kind of a "purple" team. But was their shade of red really all that different from other teams that used red? I can only think that the reason I think of the Twins as using purple, or at least purple-red, is because of certain baseball cards I had, and not from ever actually watching the Twins play. I remember Topps 93 baseball cards would use PINK in the Royal's baseball card color scheme, specifically, for the names of the players... now explain that one to me
  8. I think it would be possible to make a white version... basically imagine a white jersey and white shorts with side panels that feature those yellow/orange/red layers in the exact same manner that the colored ones do. I think it would actually look pretty good.
  9. Even better than that would have been if the Lakers had worn their gold jerseys. Then it would have looked like an actual throwback uniform matchup that would have taken place during the time of the Vancouver Grizzlies. You'd get an even more aesthetically pleasing matchup with even more contrast. Plus, the Lakers never wore white jerseys against the Vancouver Grizzlies.
  10. I thought these were all fine jerseys, mainly because they were not over-worn. I know the Wizards would only wear their gold jerseys like maybe 8 times per season. If they had worn them like 20 or more times per season, then yes, they would have worn out their novelty and I would have wanted them to be mothballed. But the fact that they showed some restraint in terms of how often they wore them is part of why I liked them. They felt like a treat. A garish jersey is not necessarily a bad jersey. It becomes a bad jersey when teams overuse it, because it loses its novelty and doesn't seem special. Oh, and, it helps that gold was a team color of theirs and not just a random color that they shoehorned in. I feel like back in those days, alternates were meant to be an exotic, interesting, occasional, alternative to the ho-hum of the standard home/road jersey matchups people were getting tired of seeing. They allowed teams to experiment with and "stretch" their identities, without losing their core identities. Watching the Wizards play 41 games per season wearing blue gets a little bit old. But sprinkle in a few (key word: few) games here and there where they are wearing these garish gold jerseys... it definitely catches your attention. I can tell you, from memory, several specific games in which they wore the gold jerseys because those games stand out to me so much, because there weren't many of them. I remember a west-coast road trip in 2006 in which the Wizards beat both LAL and PHX in overtime games and Gilbert Arenas scored 60 and 54 points in those games, respectively. The Wizards wore gold jerseys in both of those games and I don't think those games would have stood out in my memory as much if the Wizards were wearing their regular blue uniforms. Anyway, now I hate alternate jerseys (or whatever they are called these days) because I feel like they are getting out of hand. There are too many to keep track of and they change too often and it is causing teams to lose their identities. I didn't mind garish or wacky alternate jerseys in the 90s and 2000s because most teams wouldn't go overboard with wearing them too often, but they would still retain them for several seasons and not add more alternates, so they still felt special. Now they don't really have any meaning because teams wear them and change them so much.
  11. You still talk about obscure trash teams from 30 years ago that accomplished nothing, never made the playoffs, and never won more than 30 games, today?
  12. The Washington Wizards win this thread. Easily. They have 6 different jerseys (all of their jerseys) that do this. Not to mention this And before that this
  13. I'm not sure that the Wizards were really going BFBS with that uniform. Black was actually a color in their color scheme at that time, and it was featured significantly on their primary jerseys (at least their road jerseys), so seeing them in black was not that jarring. The same way I would not call the Washington Capitals black jersey from that era BFBS. The Wiz and Caps had the same color scheme during much of that era. Unless you are saying that the introduction of black in their color schemes at all is BFBS, which I suppose is a different argument. I tend to think of BFBS as when a team that doesn't really use black on their primary jerseys or in their color scheme just introduces a black jersey out of nowhere (well, not out of nowhere, but to sell more jerseys), like the Warriors, Cavaliers, Celtics, Lakers, Bucks, etc. Honestly, I'm suprised the Wizards never had a black jersey during that era. A black jersey with white, gold, and blue trim could have looked really good for an alternate jersey. And very wizard-y. Certainly more wizard-y than anything they would be able to do with red, white, and blue.
  14. The green rainbows looked fine in the 80s but did not age well into the 90s. And actually, on that note, I will give the Bucks credit for something - they don't tend to hold onto looks for longer than they should. They almost seem to anticipate when fans are starting to get a little tired of their look, and then they give themselves a makeover. And it's never really a huge upgrade or downgrade, it's usually a change that makes them look a little different, and then we get used to it (you usually don't hear people strongly applaud it or condemn it), and then 10 years later they come up with something new so that we don't forget that they exist. I thought their purple look was fine. It was appropriate for the time it came out, purple was a popular sports color around that time. Would it have looked right in the 80s? No. Would it look right today? No. Did it look right when it came out? Yes. Not sure I understand the Power Rangers reference, I might be missing something there. I also think the change to the head-on Bucks logo was fine, I don't really see how it's so much worse than the 80s Bucks logo. NBA logos in the 90s got fiercer and more "in-your-face," I don't think that necessarily makes them better or worse but that's just the direction logos were headed in. A smiling Buck spinning a basketball was not going to make it to today anyway, it might as well have died peacefully in the 90s like it did.