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  1. BKN @ MIL is a situation where black vs. white makes perfect sense. I'm still not big on color-vs. color. It just still looks wrong to me and letting it become normal has fueled the mess we see today. Team at home should be wearing white. I'll give you an example of where this bothered me. For Game 1 in Philly, PHI wore red. For Game 2, also in Philly, ATL wore red. To me, that should never happen. I don't think we should ever have a situation where, in back-to-back playoff games on the same court, one team wears a color, then the opposing team wears that same color. Let's have some consistency so that these don't feel like pickup games. If PHI is going to wear red at any point during the series, it should be as the road team.
  2. It might have been dumb, but it was dumb in an entertaining way, which is what following and watching sports often is anyway. I'm glad he did The Decision. It drew more attention to the NBA than it would normally get in July, it gave us something basketball-related to talk about and look forward to in July, and it gave me something to watch on what otherwise would have probably been a boring uneventful summer evening. That said, I'm glad that it didn't become a regular thing that star athletes do (that I know of). So the dumbness of it is kind of isolated and we can look back at it and laugh.
  3. My opinion on the matter is that the home team should be in white, but I leave it up to the road team to wear whatever colored primary or alt they want. I think that was kind of the generally unwritten rule from like 1995ish (when alts started to become common) to 2015ish (around the time when the NBA started to go nuts). That PHI @ TOR pic you have above doesn't really bother me. because at least the home team is in white, and the road team is not only just in a color, but an actual TEAM color. Honestly, especially these days, that is enough to make me extremely happy. Just my opinion. It's funny that you chose Toronto as an example for this type of situation, though. Anyone remember the 1st round of the 2007 playoffs, NJ @ TOR? The Raptors gave out red shirts to all of their fans as part of a "red-out," so the Nets (who were expected to wear their primary navy's) countered by unexpectedly wearing their red alts to "ruin" the red-out. Here's an article - https://www.espn.com/nba/recap/_/gameId/270421028 "The Raptors tried to boost the atmosphere inside Air Canada Centre by handing out red T-shirts to their fans, but New Jersey countered by wearing their red uniforms. Jefferson jokingly thanked the Raptors for making the Nets feel welcome with the shirt giveaway. 'That showed us a lot of love,' he said." Nets won the series, so maybe their trick worked, haha.
  4. While the red rocks look is a nice little departure from their primary look, and I will admit that it does look good, it's also very... solemn, and dare I say, a little on the drab side? It's not very... yes, I'm going to say it... "jazzy." I don't see it as a look that has long term staying power if it had to stand on its own. If the Jazz really did switch to the red rocks identity fulltime, I think that after a few years people would be like, "Man, remember when the Jazz wore blue, green, and yellow, and had that classic J-note logo? They've got to switch back to those. That was such a fun identity. That's what the Jazz should look like." Weren't people really happy when they switched back to this look about 10 years ago? I know I was. And I agree with those that said they should brighten up that green to a kelly green.
  5. I'd say this is actually a fairly small window of colors. I mean, generally speaking, the entire history of the Rays, as well as most of the proposed solutions here, boil down to being based upon blue, green, and yellow. So at least when we think of the Rays, both in terms of their actual history and what we would do to fix them, we generally think of only 3 colors, and those 3 colors could actually all go well together, in various shades. For a team that does kind of have an identity crisis otherwise, at least their colors have been.... somewhat, kind of, sort of, consistent enough for us to visualize their general look?
  6. Yeah, the grey side panels do help with the contrast. You're right, I think the Lakers' yellow is more banana-y than it was back in 2010, but I feel like that might even help with the contrast. I don't know, I think we'd have to see it in live action to see whether there would be enough contrast, butI don't think the NBA wants to risk that, especially during the playoffs. So while I think it could work, they probably just want to err on the side of caution and have PHX only wear purple or black when the Lakers are in yellow. Better safe than sorry, I guess. The game from this season you are referring to was indeed Thunder-Hawks, but that was red-vs-orange and was much worse than yellow-vs-orange would have been.
  7. They've done that before, going back to the 2010 playoffs. It seemed like there was enough contrast to me, but you can judge for yourself.
  8. I agree with your sentiment, but to me the navy is more drab, boring, and overused than the green was. Compared to using navy, even that "drab" green seemed so much more invigorating, exciting, and fun than what they currently have, IMO. If their 2008 rebranding was to look more "Florida," I think they failed; they seem to barely use the sunshine yellow anywhere, and while the columbia blue alt is okay, they still wear it with a navy hat and it doesn't do much to really give their look much more life, in my opinion. Those green uniforms also had wordmarks with character, which is something their current wordmark (singular) seriously lacks. So even with that dark shade of green, those wordmarks lent some energy to the overall look. As a selfish little aside here, I'm an Orioles fan, and with all the games we play against TOR, NYY, BOS, and TB, it seriously gets boring playing against blue teams so much. Back when the Rays wore green, I remember actually looking forward to when we would play them so that I'd at least get to see some different colors on the field.
  9. I agree with you on both counts. I'm not really a fan of any NBA jersey that doesn't at least have a wordmark on the front, or at least maybe a monogram. It screams "practice jersey," which is what exactly these things should be. BUT, on the bright side, we've had 2 straight games in this series where each team is wearing the correct color for the location (and even the day!) of the game.
  10. I've lived in the Baltimore area on-and-off for over 25 years, and while I know not everyone would like that cap, there is a large segment of the population here that would absolutely love it. If you're from Baltimore, you've got to know the type of people I'm talking about. The "Baltimorons," if you will.
  11. Maybe they took the concept of "reverse retro" a bit too literally, j/k.
  12. I would never buy any of those, and I can't speak for every city/state, but I can think of a lot of people in Maryland who would probably love that Orioles cap. The same type who went out and bought all the Orioles gear with all the Maryland flag designs on it. There's more people out there than you might think, who would actually think that cap is "straight fire" (at least in Maryland). They see the Oriole bird, the crab, the 410, and they're convinced they need it. If there is a Maryland flag patch somewhere on there, that would probably help it sell even better.
  13. When the Wizards switched to red/white/blue in 2011, their new uniforms featured a horizontal stripe on the back of the jersey that cut right behind the player's number: I think the numbers may have been too difficult to read (maybe for the refs), because 2 years later they got rid of the stripes and went with a more "plain" uniform back: It was the right move, IMO... the stripe on the back was kind of unnecessary and sort of ugly.
  14. From what I saw in Lockervision, the Wizards appear to be wearing gray for at least the first 4 games of the playoffs... so either they think they are good luck, or maybe are trying hard to advertise them. I don't know if I would necessarily classify these as GFGS. Gray (or at least silver) is actually one of their team colors. There is a lot of it in their primary logo, and I think there might even be some minor gray trim on their primary uniforms (or at least I think there used to be). So the Wizards having a gray jersey is not as ridiculous as some other actual GFGS jerseys we've seen for teams who have no gray or silver anywhere else, like Boston, Chicago, Detroit, etc. I'm not saying I'm a fan of the uniforms, I actually find them ugly and wish they didn't exist, but I don't think it's unreasonable for them to wear gray from a "team colors" standpoint, and I don't think it's GFGS.
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