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  1. The italicized names and numbers are what keep this from being a home run, in my opinion.
  2. The Chargers almost got it perfect. They would look a lot better without the italicized numerals. The helmet numbers look like they were applied off-center.
  3. This is why I love this board. You are my people.
  4. It's like my wife: when she wears her hair straight for a while, I miss the curly look; when she goes with the natural curls for a while, I long for the straight-hair look.
  5. From the article: How is using it in the decal and facemask more "prominent" than when they wore gray or silver pants?
  6. With a logo that big, they may as well go full Stargate.
  7. Take it from someone whose fantasy football team is the Arrogant Americans: there's a fine line between uniform and costume.
  8. This is allegedly a leak of the Browns' 2020 draft hat, and it features Brownie the Elf. Do we think Brownie is making a comeback?
  9. Yeah, my best friend is a Packer fan born and bred (lives in Eau Claire now), and I can't imagine anyone I've met up there liking both the Pack and the Vikes.
  10. This was my entry in the Uni Watch contest. The logo is basically an undead Tom Brady wearing the Pat Patriot hat.
  11. I disagree. The world needs more striped socks.
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