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  1. I am someone who really loves championship belt design... but that new belt is disgusting. WeatherTech floor liner crossed with WWE toy belt crossed with a complete lack of awareness of aesthetically pleasing design. I’ve seen worse, but this one is BAD.
  2. I think that looks close enough to me! Thanks!
  3. I'm having an issue locating a specific font. The newer version of this logo is the Sofachrome font... I want this font, though, and I can't find anything willing to ID it for me (all the apps seem to get really confused).
  4. There used to be a United States Chess League, but apparently they became the PRO Chess League... PRO is an acronym for Professional Rapid Online. I missed season 1 but there is a logo for every team. I don't know who designed them but a lot of them have the same thematic feel. Thoughts? My personal favorites are the Buenos Aires Krakens, Portland Rain, Reykjavik Puffins, and Ljublijana Direwolves. The bigger versions are below:
  5. The whole league... I changed the Knightsquare colors because they were identical to the Vulcan FC colors... oops.
  6. The final logo of the original twelve... Real Olympia. I was going to go with muscle arms but that looked way too cheezy.
  7. I made this in red... though I'm toying with changing it to a drab looking blue... pictures to come shortly.
  8. This might be the last one for today... I was feeling inspired but wanted this one to be simple. This is the one I think that I'm the happiest with (today). Shazam CM:
  9. Shamrock Celtic is decidedly going to be the cross with the leaves and the circle. I'm also leaving Wordsmiths due to the fact that I can't think of anything better than that. Now, I present to you, the first logo for Vulcan FC... and hopefully THE logo, because I like the way this turned out. I may end up doing some gradient rather than the sharp lines for the background but I wanted to see how the sharp lines turned out.
  10. I've got a problem. Nothing I do for Shamrock Celtic works well... I've got the original and the new one below: I can't draw a decent shamrock/clover... and I certainly can't digitally draw a Celtic knot... so should I move on and use one of these?
  11. Okay... I like the straight teeth... and I really don't want to round the bottoms (there's a reason for that, it's got a lot to do with the way I draw these things digitally). Here's the "not extended" line and the teeth shading.
  12. And Knightsquare... because work screwed my day YET AGAIN. I wasn't sure about the shading part... should I go with solid darker color or lighter? I can also outline them in black, but I think that would make that worse for standing out...
  13. It's been a hell of a long time, work related reasons, but here's what I've FINALLY finished as the Naval Armada logo... It had a hat at one point, it had a beard at one point, it had a knife at one point... but those all made the skull look ridiculous. I'm putting a fork in this one and moving on...