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  1. Also saw this on 3 down nation - CFLPA caught off guard by announcement
  2. The CFL is such a unique product and it is revered for being so unique... but at the same time it has backed itself into a corner. There are little opportunities for growth and expanded revenue options. Commissioner Ambrosie has stated multi times the need to adjust or change the CFL business model to establish sustainable growth and overall financial stability/security. Yet "american football rules" are dominating the market place in north america and leaves the CFL with few options for partnerships and growth. Throw in a pandemic and the loss of the 2020 season and I think their hand is kind of forced or at least a plan to adapt has been accelerated. For a merger/partnership to be beneficial for the CFL, there would have to be some sort of revenue sharing (tv contracts, sponsorships, merchandising, etc.). The CFL gets the stability of new US marketplaces and the financial backing and infusion of cash from Redbird Capital (now owners of the XFL). While at the same time XFL opens international markets like Toronto and can capitalize of the history of the CFL and already established teams and football operations. But if its that close of a partnership/merger, you still run into 2 questions... when do they play and by what rules? Similar to interleague play in MLB where you play by home team rules? could be interesting but that could be a lot of change from week to week. Or does the Grey cup champion meet and face the XFL champion? So many questions... But it looks like the CFL is in dire need of cash and they cant survive having a competitor like the XFL so I guess a partnership is the only other option.
  3. Rumor is MLB will be announcing new league names today. Appears they are scrapping all the old names for more generic geographic identifiers like "Triple-A East League" instead of the "International league."
  4. For some reason we have seen a lot of recent major sport rebrands fall under the category of lifestyle or streetwear branding. I have a few that I can think of listed below with old and new logo (and yes I realize the streetwear aspect goes beyond their primary logo and touches more in how the club is advertised …but logos still added just for illustration purposes) I would venture to guess that maybe just because it seems to be a popular aesthetic within popular culture, that the designers and the teams are aiming to "break the brand out" of "traditional sports aesthetics" and have it join "main stream cultural aesthetics." Just my best guess. I am sure there is research somewhere that supports their goal and objectives. Maybe with doubling as a lifestyle/streetwear brand they think they can sell more merch for a larger variety of occasions and thus capitalize on a larger audience? My real question though, is can it be successful? Are they missing the mark and ostracizing their core fan base? Or are these just the growing pains of a new aesthetic busting into the sports scene and it will just take time for people to get used to?
  5. Yes the "National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues Incorporated" (dba MiLB) is disbanding. The existing leagues in the MiLB system (PCL, IL, EL, etc.) are supposedly being resurrected in the new MLB system in name only. There wont be league offices or anything anymore as MLB will oversee anything. Official league names and formations haven't been formally announced yet, but they will just continue to use the names and logos of the leagues as they see fit. I believe Carolina league is being rebranded as Mid-Atlantic League, but other than that, I think the logos and names are staying the same. Other than The leagues they have already dropped.
  6. I think that was the original goal. But his most recent reporting is suggesting the Carolina League will be scrapped and the Mid-Atlantic League teams and Carolina League teams will merge to form a larger Mid-Atlantic League with a North and South Division. According to the most recent Baseball America podcast, the main factor in affiliation was "what the MLB teams wanted" and I guess not enough MLB teams wanted affiliates by the rest of the Mid-Atlantic League teams to form a plausible 6-team league. So I guess if the Rays actually didn't care who their Hi-A affiliate was, they could have been paired with someone like Lowell Spinners and then separate leagues would have made a little more sense with BG being dropped. But looks like the Rays liked BG too much to let them go... And here we are with a the same travel problem that they started with.
  7. OFFICIAL LIST - Fresno has yet to respond...
  8. Looks like JJ is now reporting PDL invites will go out on Wednesday.
  9. Interesting idea! I hadn't thought of that beyond a traditional merger, but adopting a split season model with half being domestic games and then the second half being inter-league. You could still award each domestic trophy (like MLS Cup for MLS) and then maybe the "Leagues Cup" for the second half?
  10. Havent seen this reported anywhere else, but looks like we could be one step closer to a North American Super League
  11. According to this article, looks like worst case for Richmond is they stay AA. Appears there is a possibility they jump to AAA too with Nats wanting a closer AAA affiliate. But appears the Giants are not wanting to part ways with them.
  12. Looks like some teams have been successful in arguing their way off of the contraction list. MLB says list that was leaked by MiLB is now inaccurate...
  13. I forget where I saw this, I will try to find it (although it could have been speculative), but I think the idea is to create a AA league on the west coast to help with travel costs for MLB clubs west of the Mississippi. I think the working theory is that these teams would be used to frankenstein a new AA league. Not sure of all the logistics or how exactly that would work, but it would obviously involve several markets jumping up/down levels. I think MLB wants to avoid farm systems like the Giants that go from Oregon, to Georgia, to California, to Virginia, then back to California.
  14. Big news out of Baseball America on MLB demands as we move toward new PBA with MILB