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  1. @Brian in Boston Good point! With 160 dividing evenly with 32, it seems MiLB will leverage MLB's desire to expand to keep the same number of teams just with some restructuring (ie promoting teams and maybe some jumping leagues?) IT would be messy and laborious, but I could see that ultimately being how it works out... All depends if MLB is serious about expansion @AstroBull21 Yeah, never understood how PCL teams stay afloat with travel costs. Such a large footprint. 3 leagues could work evenly now, but if MLB expands, it could pose some problems. Then again the leagues are already uneven so not sure that really matters.
  2. So the MLB and MiLB Professional Baseball Agreement (PBA) is set to expire after the 2020 season. This is the agreement that outlines the single affiliation model and states the 160 MiLB clubs from AAA to Advanced Rookie will have an MLB affiliate. MiLB hopes to have a new agreement in place by the end of the winter meetings, as to not have it hanging over their head the entire season (link). As analytics continue to become more and more prevalent in all aspects of the games, MLB appears to be positioning for a more streamlined and efficient minor league system that allows them to better train, develop, and evaluate prospects. Commissioner Manfred has even publicly said that MLB would like to see fewer affiliates and better facilities (link). It seems from current stadium issues (see Beloit), that MiLB has already succumbed to MLB demands to increase stadium facility requirements. Apparently, last time this occurred was in 1992 and subsequently MiLB was met with multiple teams relocating and other restructuring. Regardless, if there are stricter facility rules, we could see some current MiLB stadiums deemed ineligible and could thus force teams to seek new stadiums or relocate. Has anyone heard any rumors as to developments of the PBA for 2020? What stadiums do you think would be most at risk? And if MLB gets their way, even though MiLB is opposed to reducing the 160 required affiliation number, what do you think are some likely scenarios that MLB and MiLB agree to restructuring? How would this affect the current league set up in the minors?
  3. This is sweet! I feel the royals are an often overlooked team in NBA history, so I am glad they are getting some love. This definitely feels era appropriate and is a great evolution with a retro feel. I even love the use of a slight off white, adds to the retro feel. In the same vain as some of the other comments, I am not necessarily sure I could see this being used today as a primary mark. That being said, this would be a sweet throw back night logo or fauxback type deal. I would be interested in seeing some other fonts in the wordmark/roundel lock up to see if the logo still has that youthful cartoonish feel. Great concept and execution overall though!
  4. Great concept here! I think it definitely looks cleaner, and I think simply relying on the contrast of the grey/white against the midnight green was a strong choice. On the uniforms, I think the numbers may be a little big? not sure how it would look with larger width numbers like "88." As far as the logo, I definitely think you are on to some here! I've even spotted the Eagles using this rendered color combination on their social media videos and graphics (its at the end of the video). Great execution overall and foresight towards future design trends.
  5. These are great! The more modern approach to the shoulder sleeve is very nice. Very cohesive
  6. These are pretty sweet! I will agree for some reason the grey jersey just doesn't work... Maybe try an orange one? Also I know you chose more modern block numbers, however I will note the block numbers seem a little out of place. Maybe try the traditional block numbers (their old jerseys used them before the re design), they are pretty classic and are designed well enough that they can look modern when paired with current design, in my opinion. But great direction overall with the brown helmet
  7. great evolution here! I would love to see a wordmark as well. Only real complaint is more of a nit pick but the face does look a little squished and the black outline/stroke appears to be uneven in spots. But you modernized the older looking cardinal exceptionally well! props!
  8. Way to finish it out! not sure how I feel about the gold but I really like how you seamlessly added it as a third color. Overall very well done! You have some great ideas flowing here. Great Series!
  9. Im really enjoying this series! Denver - way to tie in the white on their helmet, I've always thought thats something they lacked. Overall uniform combos seem good! KC - LOVE LOVE LOVE the new logo! it has desperately needed an updating and I think you nailed it! anything close to this and itll be great! good show! Raiders - classic. simple. nice. Chargers - definitely a cleaner look and I see what you are doing with the sleeve bolt getting it to look like a normal sleeve stripe. Overall solid. Im fine with the sky blue, and you utilized it well, but Id be curious to see how navy pants complimented the jerseys. Not sure if itll work but worth an exploration. lastly, I feel there is a little bit of a disconnect with the white on white away set. Unity wise the numbers seem a bit too disconnected style wise from the pants. I think it may be due to the navy stroke over powering the sky blue on the pants making it flow less with the sky blue jersey numbers... so maybe thin out the middle stroke on the pants to match the strokes on the numbers? idk and sorry for being long winded
  10. Liking the helmet striping on the Giants, very clean and uniform look overall. Solid on Cowboys and Warriors. Eagles stripes felt a little forced into the design. I think a different typeface may help or play around with how the numbers are expressed, either stroked, drop shadowed, or stand alone. I definitely like the new brand direction for the team though! great work
  11. Looks like you fixed the browns! woohoo. Anyway as far as the Bengals, I like the sublimated striping in the pant stripe, that being said it feels a little dis-jointed not being any where else in the design. I'd be curious to see what it looks like at its full intensity. Maybe something more along the lines of whats on the sleeves. Idk if it'll work but it may be worth exploring. Also, I love everything you did with the NFC west, just about perfect!
  12. With bowl season having just ended, I couldn't get over how much of an update I wanted to give to the Autozone Liberty Bowl logo. So I took a stab at it. This is my first real completed re design so C&C appreciated! Also, that being said I'm pretty new to the boards, as far as posting so any constructive advice in general is appreciated - Thanks! Current logo: My design:
  13. I like the start, keep up the good work! I would agree as far as the white tigers though, maybe try adding a grey to help things pop a little more and not mesh together. It's a solid jersey, I'd just be curious to see what you come up with. It reminds me of Cincinnati's old af2 team from '06-'07. They had some sweet black white and grey unis too. Its a sleek look, glad someone brought it back.
  14. very intimidating, way more so than the original... I almost feel like the lack of pupil helps portray it as an intimidating mascot as opposed to a lovable penguin... just me though. I would like to see if you continued the shading throughout though! could look really cool! regardless, great work! I think its an upgrade, especially the wordmarks.
  15. really happy you did this as well, I look forward to updates! Was the Dallas logo inspired by the old mls dallas burn any? I like it regardless, cool design.
  16. looks great and I love the direction! way to break the stereotype of going the gambling theme route btw Id be curious just to see what it looks like with more of a mute gold/tan... Just an idea Keep up the great work
  17. Loving the Bengals look. Still keeps their current look and feel, yet also updates it and hints back to the old uniforms from their inception. Sweet design
  18. Woah, these are very well done. I like what you did to modernize the logos and how they integrate well with the new kits. nice job! I am interested to see how the rest turn out, especially Chicago! I am also curious your reasoning behind the designs, if any.