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  1. Mets to wear racing stripes throughout the season http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/mets/post/_/id/114172/mets-to-wear-86-uniforms-throughout-regular-season
  2. I think the chat would be cool during big games like the Super Bowl
  3. Face it St. Louis put up a faceless sterile dome to lure a team fast, they thought they would get an expansion team some idiots thought Jacksonville was better. They thought they get the Patriots but Bob Kraft stepped in at the 11th hour. They got the Rams owned by a flighty ex-showgirl who got the team under strange circumstances when her husband an experienced swimmer died in his swimming pool. The LA Rams made a mistake moving to Anaheim and allowing the Raiders to take their fan base, the Raiders who should have never left Oakland seemed to go with the neighborhood at the time. Rams rot in Anaheim Raiders out of place in LA both leave and boom second largest TV market has no home team. LA could not get their excrement together and could not get a 2002 expansion team, and becomes the sword over ever cities head to build new stadia. Finally LA gets their ducks in a row, Frontieri dies and Stan Kroenke a business man with deep pockets understanding what the Rams mean to LA puts two and two together and the Rams are going home. St. Louis only gets screwed because in 1993 some one though Jacksonville was a city on the move. Face St. Louis the Rams are L.A. always have been well since 1946 any way, but think of all the movie stars that were once Rams Bob Waterfield Crazy Legs Hirsch had a career Deacon Jones did some acting Merlin Olsen Fred Dryer and I am sure there is more The name LA Rams just rolls of the tongue, they should have never left in the first place.
  4. The Browns are so unstable and so mistake laden I cant see Vince Lombardi making it work before getting fired after two years
  5. LA Coliseum may be old and decrypt but it is classic
  6. At least his stay in Cleveland wont be long 2-3 years max is all they offer
  7. Rams should go back to the blue and yellow of the 80's and bring back the LA Rams script from that era too
  8. Basically "I don't WANT to move to LA. I want to be in San Diego! With all you fine people! I just want to keep my options open. That's all!" Just sell the team. Let someone else rebuild all the good faith you lost in San Diego. Besides, LA is a Rams town now San Diego better get to work fast
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