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  1. @PatJamesDFS desktop computer - my account - my tickets - click on contest. Should work?

  2. Haven't got on Madden for a while, but of course the time I do the servers are down. Get your :censored: together @easports

  3. @TomZaccone I'm the troll? You're just a two faced repub who can't see the hypocrisy in your candidate. But I will block you. Peace.

  4. @FFAaroneous Leaning Montgomery for ppr reasons, but also feel if Cobb doesn't play he could slide and Jackson/davis to RB

  5. Disgraceful. https://t.co/hVQCBKXqwN

  6. @Fantasy_Aces Without fail your mobile site crashes / freezes me phone. Android user. Any other users report this problem?

  7. Let's get those Mike Evans points on DK, DK.

  8. I need a Bitcoin Wallet recommendation. Go

  9. As a Newscast Director, I am glad there isn't an account like @abc7error anywhere near me. (Don't get any ideas, plz)

  10. It obviously didn't fill and was cancelled. So, what was the point of offering it, exactly?

  11. @LegacyZ3RO Thanks dude. If you find yourself with an extra Tom (Milwaukee) would take one too. But don't worry about it if not.

  12. The people who say this stuff as "locker room talk" are still that :censored: that you hate in the locker room.

  13. @RDTopp Rivers currently Vegas propped for second most passing yards. So should have the ball in the air enough.