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  1. Lot of ideas on how to tweak the logo. What my focus is to keep the script Indians logo involved in some way. Thanks for the feedback
  2. The Indians, have been a team surrounded by controversy involving their iconic Chief Wahoo logo which has since been demoted to a secondary logo back in 2014 in favor of the very bland and unpopular Block C logo which adorns the road and alternate home caps. I've been a lifelong Tribe fan and I have always loved the Chief logo and I tend to use the hashtag #KeepTheChief on twitter at times but in honesty, the Tribe needs a new primary logo and that is the first thing you'll see in this series ranging from a rebranded logo to a new uniform design. (No I'm not going the route of the D-Backs if you're curious.) But with my concept logo, It will give the Tribe a logo that I'm sure both Pro Wahoo and Anti Wahoo fans can cope with so here it is below: Primary Logo: The logo is in a roundel form with red white and blue are represented that will be represented on the uniforms.In the roundel, the ball club's wordmark logo is used with a baseball seems in the background to add a little something to an already blank background.Baseball Club, the year the team was established and the years the Tribe won the World Series with the World Series trophy above are represented with additional years to be added if future titles are won.The logo would be used as a primary logo seen across Progressive (Jacobs) Field, team wear, team items and the Indians on deck circle.There are a few tweaks that I may need to make like for example, one of the seems overlapping I would need to fix at a later date, but overall I like how the logo turned out to be clean and classy and not as busy as my Cavs concept logo. Let me know what you think and would like to hear some feedback on possible improvements as I go on.
  3. Here is my Cavs rebrand that I did by creating a new logo and uniforms mixing present day Cavs with old school Cavs. First the Logo: The logo is based somewhat on the very first logo the Cavs used with the Cavalier by replacing that design with the new one made by someone else (credit for the Cavalier concept goes to him), and mixing it in with the current arched Cleveland and Cavaliers wordmark. The roundel pattern is based on the Austin Carr era stripe pattern and I chose to bring back. I also included the city of Cleveland's skyline (found on vector) and added it at the very bottom with a navy background to symbolize the city at night with Est.1970 to show the Cavs year they were established. At the end of the logo is a stripe pattern found on an old cavs sweatshirt that I have from the late 80's early 90's that surround the teams "V hoop" logo and included the teams All for One One For All slogan. Uniforms: All of the uniforms in the set are based off of the Navy blue alternates worn by the Cavs from 2006-2010 but in current wine and gold. Also to note I saw a similar design so I was inspired to give it some tweaks and I think they turned out great. So here they are below. (I used the NBA 2K16 myTeam creator to make the uniforms so sorry for the poor quality, took the pics off of my tv.) So what do you guys think?
  4. I found a thread on NBA reddit someone shared mixed logos from the different eras that a friend of the poster made and I thought it would be worth sharing on here. Here is the thread on NBA Reddit: Here is the imgur post by tmac6886: The creator of the logos is tmac6886, all credit goes to him: My favorite mixed logos: 76ers Bucks Cavs Clippers Kings Knicks Mavericks Nets Nuggets Spurs Suns T-Wolves Blazers Warriors
  5. For the alternate's I would go with the Trident M era script and caps and make it more of a fauxback
  6. When I get around to redoing the uniform concepts, I will take this into consider it.
  7. San Francisco Giants: Finally the Giants concept. There was not much to do to fix the Giants uniforms. The only changes made were the elimination of the orange brim on the alternate orange cap and on the black jersey I changed the SF logo from black to orange with white trim.
  8. San Diego Padres: The brown is back! Well in this concept. Sorry Padres fans, anyways I've felt the Padres are destined to return to the brown and gold look in a few years and what I did was recolor their current uniforms to brown and gold and replaced the black cleats with white cleats. This is another uniform I had fun redoing.
  9. Los Angeles Dodgers: The Dodgers are another team in the MLB that has an iconic uniform set and I left the primary jersey's alone and got rid of the extra grey jersey and replaced it with an alternate blue jersey.
  10. Colorado Rockies: The Rockies have a nice set of uniforms and I felt to leave the set alone. The only change I made was the away cap and changed it to all black. And on the home jersey the number trimmed in purple.
  11. When you pointed out the Marlins coloring, I sampled that color off the original script and looking back it does look more sky blue than teal. The Cards red jersey is based off of this jersey McGwire is wearing. g.
  12. Nice! However, I feel the use of black is unnecessary. Also, are my eyes deceiving me or is the purple you used really more of a magenta? It could be, hard to tell on my screen, I may go back and fix it when all said and done.
  13. NL West: Arizona Diamondbacks: The D-Backs are another team that I went with their original colors as red and black didn't fit and the D-Backs shouldn't of changed their colors. What I did was recolor their current uniforms with the original colors. UPDATE: I fixed the coloring of the purple and eliminated the sand color with copper.
  14. St.Louis Cardinals: For the Cards, I like, infact love their uniforms, they're clean, simple, classic. I never liked how they removed the navy cap from the road uniform. I brought the navy cap back to the road. I ditched the cream in favor of the red top with white lettering in blue trim with the alternate navy cap with the cardinal sitting on the bat with red brim. I'm not a fan of the striped socks with red socks and I scrapped that. Overall the entire primary set was untouched.
  15. Thanks man, the Marlins is supposed to be teal and black or close to their original. The A's in the light green is supposed to be a fauxback. The M's gold is the same one from the cream alternate. And the Brewers are like the Oregon of the MLB with all the uni's lol. Again thanks and I gotta check your updated thread.