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  1. I love to see any NCAA basketball unis on here and all of these designs are great! I like how you make each uni unique and use bright colors.
  2. I like it a lot! The dark navy sleeve cuffs look slightly out of place on the template drawings, but I realize that they would probably be tucked into the pads anyways. The sleeves look really good in your action drawings, which are amazing as always.
  3. Overall looks good! Always nice to see Twins concepts, and the Saints look great as well. I like the cream and navy uniforms for the Twins. While I don't mind the gold too much on the current uniforms, these are cleaner and simpler. I would love to see the Twins bring back baby blue, but for your design, what if the script and numbers were navy outlined in red? Or make the T on the cap cream, like what simtek34 suggested. I think it would look better if the accent colors were consistent.
  4. Great work here. I have always liked the Suns' color scheme but darkening the purple really makes the uniforms pop.
  5. I agree that the Titan profile logo could use a little reworking. I think either of your alternate logos could look good on the helmet. Part of that is because they don't include red and neither does the jersey. I would suggest either adding some red accents to the jersey or just eliminating it from the logo. Also, I would like to say that this thread is overall full of great stuff, and keep up the good work!
  6. Agreed. My one nitpick is the white collar. I've always thought that collars look best when they are darker than the jersey base, but I realize that is impossible with a black jersey. Could you try a red collar, or a two-tone red-white like their current set?
  7. That is one clean look. Lots of users here seem obsessed with somehow integrating the wings from the logo and/or gold into the uniform somehow, which sometimes looks good but in my opinion is overdone. This would be a major upgrade over their current piping disaster. Would white pants be the only option? I'm wondering how grey pants would look.
  8. Solid concepts around the board, especially the throwbacks. The Texans concept is one of the best I've seen, similar to their current (which is a good uniform but pretty stale) and the white helmet helps distinguish it from the other navy teams. My one comment would be to try and work silver into the Carolina white jersey top for consistency since it gets used in the helmet and pants.
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