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  1. i'm gonna guess the Imagination Pavilion.
  2. “de Grom homers, strikes out 13 in Mets loss” is the perfect encapsulation of his last few seasons.
  3. wtf is a BattleHawk?
  4. St. Louis should be the Vipers and Tampa should be the Pythons, brother!
  5. I like it. Obviously very minor, but I like the softer edges.
  6. Not every clever idea is a good idea. This was arguably clever, but inarguably a bad idea. I also think a smaller part of the issue some folks might be having with the campaign is the smarmy way in which the North Face talked about this idea in their recap video. It was so self-congratulatory.
  7. I don't understand people who think "Sockeyes" is dumb but support "Kraken(s)."
  8. Ohhh, now I can kinda see the knight's helmet. Only took like 4 minutes of looking. Then again, I don't see "FUN" in the first logo. So lateral move? Bad to bad.
  9. As if there aren't those people in every city in the country.
  10. They'll tarp off the side of the stadium opposite the hard camera. He's used to that.
  11. So Vet will be back in a few days, and not too far behind him? You guessed it: