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  1. I like the "jersey style and number not yet official" disclaimer.
  2. Brady might be the GOAT but Chase Daniel has had the more remarkable career.
  3. I-L-L! Class of '05 here. Anyways, I was surprised that the whole "This Will Not Replace The Illini Name" wasn't more forward in communications until recently. I don't hate the idea of having a mascot in the mix. I'll be curious to see how/if any of our teams use it, should it be officially adopted.
  4. Yeah, that's a pretty atrocious take. I do agree on the BJ Daniels thing tho.
  5. I'd be willing to sell the team my Orlando Sorcerers copyright.
  6. Oh, just your thing? I thought there was more to the history.
  7. The games this weekend were fairly entertaining. QB play is still lacking, but Walker and Ta'amu continue to shine.
  8. I don't know that a 32 x 32 model is viable. An Arizona Fall League type setup could be interesting, maybe with each division sharing a team and XFL coaches operating independent of NFL team affiliation to avoid biases in playing time (particularly for QB development).
  9. It's both, for sure. I'm just thinking that if you're not a fan after the launch and the initial buzz has worn off, what's gonna get you to tune in? A recognizable name, maybe. What's gonna get you to watch again? A better product, which starts with the QB play.
  10. New York needs some star power. When Tebow fails at baseball again this year, I can see the XFL making a big money run at him. The $500K QB contract, plus a separate marketing deal. They apparently already had some contact with him about this season, which he obviously declined.
  11. The Dome was loud, though the energy seemed to wane a little as the game went on. Not as many "Kroenke Sucks" chants as I would have thought, which is good I think. The whole experience seemed more about enthusiasm for the BattleHawks (or maybe just enthusiasm about a tailgating event) than sticking it to the Stan.
  12. Every day that passes is a day closer to an unknown point in the future.
  13. Having Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon at the Wildcats game reminded me a little bit of NXT events, where WWE stars/Hall of Famers show up to watch it live. It kinda legitimized the game in a way to me, and made it feel like the XFL was something to check out. Not to mention the Troy Aikmans and other retired NFL stars who've been shown/interviewed on camera. I wonder if the NFL will nip that in the bud?
  14. The XFL will only go as far as the QB play allows it to. So far it's been pretty hit or miss, but there are bright spots. Like Cardale Jones. And Josh Johnson hasn't been super accurate today, but he's still got a good arm. Less bright? Landry Jones. He has been terrible today. QB play by Tampa and Seattle has been awful, too. The league really needs PJ Walker and Jordan Ta'amu to build off their week 1s in the late game.