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  1. Ohhh, now I can kinda see the knight's helmet. Only took like 4 minutes of looking. Then again, I don't see "FUN" in the first logo. So lateral move? Bad to bad.
  2. As if there aren't those people in every city in the country.
  3. They'll tarp off the side of the stadium opposite the hard camera. He's used to that.
  4. So Vet will be back in a few days, and not too far behind him? You guessed it:
  5. I actually don't like it. It's an upgrade, because nearly anything would have been an upgrade, but this doesn't feel like it fits the brand to me. Though I do like the shade of blue. Are we supposed to be reading a (very) abstract "AP" in the logo?
  6. My whole family are Sox fans and I don't know anybody who thinks Harold Baines is a HoFer.
  7. The ship logo is great, but that anchor is too good to lose. Is there room for the anchor as a secondary in your set?
  8. I don't know, I feel like we can forge ahead without discussing campaign logos.
  9. Is this about me saying Sami Zayn should win the 2017 Royal Rumble?
  10. Dang it. I was just getting ready to launch a fan fiction thread where D'Lo Brown, as the Greatest European Champion, becomes the de facto head of state for all of Europe, rechristening the former-continent as the Nation of Domination, and solves most of the world's ills from his sky high castle fortress in Lisbon. He tackles (spears?) many of the tough political issues of our time and interacts with several world leaders.
  11. It's better than the logo that Wolverine got a hold of, but that's not saying much.
  12. I’m just a humble board member, don’t know much about ad buying and all, but these border ads are the worst ad unit I’ve ever seen. The bottom banner ads are slightly annoying but a minor inconvenience. These border ads make me want to throw my phone at the wall. It makes the site nearly unusable on mobile.
  13. Why didn't you go to the CCSLC technical issues/tech support thread?
  14. Now? St. Louis City. We don’t have a county. I grew up in Cook.