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  1. I like 'em, but I also desperately hope they change them after this City Connect thing. For a full-time alt, the black jerseys and pants, white pinstripes, regular SOX logo on the hat and chest would be amazing.
  2. I *think* it's a stylized elephant.
  3. Ahmed, a year into his spokesperson deal with Pearl Milling Co. Pancake Mix:
  4. I've always liked this variation, partially I'm sure because I went to this show:
  5. Put RiverKings on the flag instead of In God We Trust and it vaults into the top 10.
  6. The logo is so forced anyway, just ditch it and come up with something better.
  7. I actually like the Angels look, but even if they revamped, the halo A isn't going anywhere so I don't really think they could "start from scratch."
  8. Massive deal with Snell going to San Diego for a prospect haul. I hope SD lets Snell go deeper into games than TB did.
  9. Top of screen ads that block my notifications and bottom of screen ads that come over the part of the screen I’m typing on are getting pretty obnoxious.
  10. I'm still hoping against hope that La Russa is here because they didn't feel great about giving the reins of a contender to a guy with no coaching experience and whomever ends up the bench coach is the guy they want longer term and he will be the manager in 2023...if not 2022.
  11. Ugh, I'm just holding out hope that TLR is a bridge to a manager-in-waiting who they like for the job, but want him to get a little experience before they do. I know, I'm fooling myself.
  12. White Sox fired Ricky Renteria. That's the right move. I like Ricky, but he's not a wartime consigliere. Great for the rebuild, not for the contention phase.
  13. That's interesting, I've never thought of this as a single-topic message board despite the name, because relatively little of where I post is about sports logos. But for an entry point into the site, it really is. Nobody's joining the CCSLC because of the wrestling discussion or to get new album recommendations. And thru that lens, yeah, it's a little surprising so many people joined to talk about whether the Browns should wear orange pants more.
  14. Skip Bayless is a horse's ass but his brother makes fantastic Mexican food. So it's a mixed bag for the Bayless boys.
  15. Also, you're a little low on the White Sox. It's iconic! Good list and breakdown overall though.
  16. Opening day, 2021. The Rock is at midfield, welcoming everyone to the NEW XFL. With him as always is Kevin Hart. ”Ladies and gentlemen, this is a new era of football. And it starts right now, as soon as I sign the contract right here, in front of the Millions...” <No chance, that’s what you got> Vince McMahon powerstruts to the 50 yard line. ”Rocky, your ego got the best of you again. Because while you waited for your crowning moment, a check was made out for $15 million. And the name on the check was that of a former WWE Champion. But the name wasn’t Dwayne Johnson. No, no, no. You see, Rock, the name on that check read...VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON!”
  17. The city name is French, many of the streets are French names that are just absolutely Americanized/butchered in pronunciation, but the culture isn't that dissimilar from growing up in the Chicago suburbs to me. A lot of South City reminds me of the southwest suburbs, in both good and bad ways. Culturally, there's very little that's French about St. Louis.
  18. Eh, I thought it was solid. Giants. Big Show. C'mon.
  19. I was joking, because he rebranded WCW’s The Giant as the Big Show
  20. I could see them rebranding if Vince McMahon bought the team, from the New York Giants to the New York Big Shows.
  21. I hate the name Kraken, but after seeing the S logo I've calmed down considerably.
  22. That’s what I mean. If it’s the Kraken and other teams know this, the Devils would never post that. So if it ends up the Kraken, the Devils would have Hennan’d it...accidentally spoiling it.
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