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  1. Having Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon at the Wildcats game reminded me a little bit of NXT events, where WWE stars/Hall of Famers show up to watch it live. It kinda legitimized the game in a way to me, and made it feel like the XFL was something to check out. Not to mention the Troy Aikmans and other retired NFL stars who've been shown/interviewed on camera. I wonder if the NFL will nip that in the bud?
  2. The XFL will only go as far as the QB play allows it to. So far it's been pretty hit or miss, but there are bright spots. Like Cardale Jones. And Josh Johnson hasn't been super accurate today, but he's still got a good arm. Less bright? Landry Jones. He has been terrible today. QB play by Tampa and Seattle has been awful, too. The league really needs PJ Walker and Jordan Ta'amu to build off their week 1s in the late game.
  3. Agreed. Furthermore, the XFL is kinda building its presentation around "unprecedented access" so the players are just gonna have to deal with it – or better yet, embrace it – if they want to have a professional league to play in outside the NFL.
  4. Sox fan here, and I hate that the batter logo has made it back as a spring training staple. I also hate that the diamond sock has been cast aside.
  5. Looks like the skull has on a novelty oversized top hat.
  6. I don't disagree. We definitely saw some guys who will be in NFL camps this summer, but by and large the talent level if noticeably lower. It also felt more like college speed than NFL speed. That said, like you said, we should see improvement.
  7. I like everything about the BattleHawks' identity and uni set except the name. If it was any other reasonable aviation themed name, it'd be just about perfect.
  8. From what I saw of the BattleHawks game, the quality of the football was hit or miss. But the presentation of the game was a lot of fun and there are at least a few things I wouldn't mind if the NFL stole.
  9. The only CCSLC username that's an homage to the signature at the beginning of all WWE programming.
  10. Anybody in the Lo' Downiverse wanna go Villano I, II, III and IV style?
  11. Booo! Is it the exclamation point, or is there like a limit to special characters in one name?
  12. Downgrade. Edit: Just kidding, but the period did add a nice finality. Gary? Gary who? Gary F'n Period. End of story.
  13. Because they can easily change the name of this fake team should it come to that.
  14. The 'Lo Down needs more random, one-off appearances from old posters, especially around Rumble time.
  15. Some sources say his daughters were on the helicopter. Others say they weren't. Still others say they weren't, but Rick Fox was. Twitter has all the information, and none at all.
  16. It did, but now it doesn't. You dig? But yeah, pretty sure he's acknowledged it was Chick Magnet Punk. The CM just kinda stuck.
  17. I like the idea of your CS being like the CM in CM Punk. Where it stands for nothing but could stand for everything.
  18. I thought your name was Shawn up until this very moment.
  19. Smart. I changed my name once before. Going from El_Duderino to DDR. But several people then thought I was a new member who was a massive Dance Dance Revolution fan. Adding a "Formerly Known As" may have helped.
  20. I kinda want to change my name, but that's my hangup.
  21. Sometimes the simplest answer...
  22. Wait, there are trades now?
  23. 5 sides = 5 bridges is obviously design rationale that was backed into.