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  1. Belichick is Palpatine. He wouldn't plant the weakness.
  2. I'm obviously bummed that the Packers lost, but nearly as upsetting is any time Skip Bayless gets more fodder to be the biggest troll in the world.
  3. I'm sure most Dallas fans are. I bet the Cowboys players are, too, from the comfort of their own couches.
  4. You probably don't need an alternate logo that also contains the main logo.
  5. Because concepts. As for the logo itself, IPD, you'll get better technical advice from others, but are you going for a primary logo? If so, the Raiders Shield is too small. I'd suggest leaving the primary as is, but evolving your LV into a secondary logo/patch. Maybe the interlocking letters inside a logo-less shield? Or the Nevada state outline (it's a bit cliche, but would make sense for a team trying to build a local following).
  6. "I wish him the best in his recovery." What the hell is that supposed to mean?
  7. Forgetting McCarthy for a second, Capers is one of the most respected defensive coaches of his generation and 90% of teams or more would jump at the chance to have Ted Thompson running their organization. BTW, on that separate note, I searched briefly but couldn't find the answer...when was the last time an NFL team won a playoff game without scoring a touchdown?
  8. My final four is correct, but I missed one in getting there. I had the Raiders instead of Houston losing to NE.
  9. No hard data here, but I feel like I've seen it backfire (coach calls timeout before a FG the kicker woulda missed) as much as I've seen it work.
  10. I've never watched a national game where the announcers weren't all over Rodgers. If I weren't a Packers fan, and especially if I were a butt-sore Bears fan, I'd likely be pretty annoyed by the Rodgers love.
  11. When I was in, say, 6th and 7th grade I used to play an unsophisticated wrestling simulation game I made up. Basically just wrote 64 wrestlers' (WWF, WCW and ECW, plus former stars) names on slips of paper and held tournaments for fictional titles. It was a little bit like a card game in that I assigned each guy a score (high score would win) but his rating would decrease based on the difficulty of his previous opponent(s). I was a weird kid. ANYWAYS, I had a World Champion, plus an Intercontinental Champion and then Champions for each continent. So if you think WWE has too many titles, I had 9, plus a tag team title.
  12. Yeah...that sounds familiar. Was there something about "carrying the ball on a shelf" or something that had to do with an elevated, almost horizontal arm angle that Jeff Tedford used to teach?
  13. It was lack of need that caused him to drop. After the Niners decided Alex Smith was their man, none of the teams that picked between #2 and #23 needed a Quarterback – all had an entrenched starter or a future option they apparently believed in. The Packers didn't need a QB either, but Rodgers was far and away the best player on their draft board and, you know, best player available and stuff.
  14. Game 4 of the 2005 World Series which saw the White Sox end their 88-year drought was pretty special, but I was living in Atlanta at the time, away from all friends and family, and watched the game at a bar with only my girlfriend (now wife) and a random Chicagoan I knew there. I was too young to appreciate the Packers' 1997 Super Bowl win, but the 2011 win was awesome and I watched it with my entire family. I've watched the clinching games of all 3 (recent) Blackhawks Stanley Cup wins, and all 3 were amazing experiences. *** But if you're talking best days of my life as a sports fan, it's a tie between two days in Spring 2005. The first was March 26, when Illinois came back from 15 down with 4 minutes to play to win in overtime. I was back home for some reason (seems too late for Spring Break?) but I watched the game with one of my best friends at a bar. He wanted to leave with like 6 or 7 minutes left, but I don't leave beer on the table and we had half a pitcher. My frugality let us see that amazing comeback. The second was a week or so later when I was back in Champaign and Illinois beat Louisville to advance to the Championship Game. The game itself wasn't as legendary, but after the win I'll never forget being part of the thousands of students who marched (peacefully) towards the Quad, past the Alma Mater statue wearing an oversized Dee Brown jersey. I never felt more part of the University as that night.
  15. AFC Steelers over Dolphins Raiders over Texans Steelers over Chiefs Patriots over Raiders Patriots over Steelers NFC Seahawks over Lions Packers over Giants Packers over Cowboys Falcons over Seahawks Packers over Falcons Super Bowl Packers over Patriots
  16. On one hand, the creation of a list of the "elite" NFL teams is a completely pointless exercise. On the other hand, I'm sure ESPN is working on this idea already. (And when they do, I'm betting they include Green Bay because it's absurd and indefensible not to.)
  17. Maybe that one thing you learned should've been sentence structure and punctuation.
  18. Maybe I'm misreading this, or it's your cold muddying thoughts, but I'm not advocating for a "Soxtown" nor am I faulting the Sox for not developing one near their park. The two areas of Chicago are, to your point, extremely opposite. That's just the way it is. All I'm saying is that the areas in which each park resides very much contributes to the atmosphere and attendance.
  19. Guaranteed Rate Field <insert Sideshow-Bob-stepping-on-a-rake-shudder> has a pretty fun tailgate environment. But that's kind of all it has going for it. The surrounding area isn't as bad as some like to say it is, but it's certainly not like going to Wrigley. When I go to a Sox game (and when most people I know do as well), you get there 90 minutes early, drink beer and play baegs (©the admiral), go into the park after first pitch, drink beer and watch the game, and then we get our asses back to Oak Lawn/Orland Park/Palos Heights/Tinley Park/etc. and go out to a bar there.
  20. Ugh. Desert Knights, Silver Knights, Golden Knights...they all sound so damn bush league. How much could it be to pay London to piss off? Or just tuck your Army Homage Boner up under your waistband and pick a different, major league name. And one that doesn't have "hawks" in it.
  21. The partial logo feels a little bit like mid-2000s Sprite to me.
  22. The SD logo is fine. Not great, but it works. The RAW logo is 2/3 fine. If the "W" were fixed, it would be a perfectly acceptable, if unspectacular, logo.
  23. Yeah, not that similar. Plus, it's not new. It's been their tagline for more than a year now.
  24. Rozsival might be the 7th D-Man. Everything I've heard about Michal Kempny is that he's ready to step into the NHL and have success immediately. Maybe not as much success as Panarin had, but he and TVR could be could be a serviceable pairing.