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  1. It's gotta be him, right? Who else could it be? Alonzo Mourning? Pat Riley?
  2. I dunno. My initial knee-jerk was "wtf?" But the more I think about it, the more I think I get it. Ultimately, neither the Heat nor the Bulls are going to be winning a Title anytime soon, and certainly not before Wade retires. Wade gets to go home. Good for him. And for the Bulls, yeah, Wade's old. But he's still probably a box office draw, he'll sell merch, and to make room for his salary, they shipped out Mike Dunleavy and Jose Calderon – two guys who aren't exactly part of any rebuilding effort anyway. If he can bring that legendary Pat Riley/Miami Heat way-of-working to the Bulls like LeBron brought back to Cleveland, it might good for Butler in the long run.
  3. I thought this was their new logo: There's a standalone FYE right by my house. The only non-mall FYE I've ever seen, and I have no idea how it's still in business. There's almost never anybody there. And embarrassingly recently they had a banner that said "We burn CDs." 1. Who wants to burn CDs? and 2. Who that wants to burn CDs has no other means by which to acquire them?
  4. DDR


    In 2005, the Packers had a shot at several skill position players that could've given Brett Favre more weapons around him. Instead that drafted a backup QB who wouldn't even get a chance to start for three friggin' years.
  5. Chicago interested in Rondo? I'm opting out of my fan contract with the Bulls.
  6. SUPER anecdotal, but I was in and around Tampa twice during this season. A week in late December, a week in May. Both times I was impressed by the number of shirts/hats/jerseys I saw around town. So take that for what it's worth which isn't much.
  7. And hearing that Campbell is all-but-signed. He must be taking a steeeeep discount if the Hawks can even consider Staal.
  8. I ACTUALLY CAN'T BECAUSE TOM THIBODEAU IS PRESIDENT OF BASKETBALL OPERATIONS FOR AN NBA FRANCHISE AND WOULD PRESUMABLY HAVE MORE PRESSING THINGS TO DO DURING THE NBA DRAFT THAN JUST FLICK WITH GAR FORMAN BECAUSE HE'S STILL BUTTSORE THAT HE WAS CANNED. If that's true, a) it's hilarious and b}Tom Thibodeau goes in the Petty, Vengeful Bastard Hall of Fame, right next to Suge Knight. But it's almost certainly not true because the only person floating this theory is Ryan Baker, and he doesn't know anything.
  9. And NOW there's rumors that Minnesota didn't even really want Jimmy Butler, but Thibs just wanted to string the Bulls along, because, I don't know why. Maybe so they wouldn't get a different deal done?
  10. A large number of small donations?
  11. It's a product of the salary cap NHL that you have to trade an asset just to move an onerous contract, but it is what it is. Anyways, the trade as it stands now is incomplete. It's really Bickell and Teravainen for a 2nd, a 3rd, and whatever they do with the cap room that they wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. Defense? Shaw extension? Panarin extension? It's tough to part with Teuvo's potential, but the next move will likely make this move more palatable.
  12. PS, with the drafting of stables/tag teams, I think you'll see it move pretty quickly. 

  13. Hey, dude. So here's what I'm thinking for the supplemental draft.


    We go an additional 13 rounds. BUT, starting in the 14th round (after our initial scheduled draft concludes), you can draft tag teams/stables as a complete unit. However, doing so spends a draft pick for each member chosen.

    So, for example, let's say you choose the Social Outcasts (Bo Dallas, Heath Slater, Curtis Axel) in round 14. That counts as your picks for round 15 and 16, too. I would then draft three in a row to even the scorecard. 


    And just like currently, you still could draft individual members – so let's say you really want Axel, but not the other two. That's fine. Just draft Curtis with your 14th round pick and then you'll have your 15th as scheduled. 


    Make sense and sound good?

    1. Seadragon76


      That's a great idea... It will make things easier at that point. Plus, it'll allow either one to take the team, like New Day, without any issues.

  14. DDR

    The more I think about it, the more I think it might be fun to just go head-to-head in a thread, and have a little back-and-forth analysis between the two of us after every pick. Like a combination of Kiper/McShay doing their two man mock drafts with those old email conversations Bill Simmons would do with Malcom Gladwell on Grantland from time-to-time. 


    Or we could skip the whole thing. Not sure how interested anybody else is in participating in the mock anyway.


    1. DG_Now


      oh, no. Active roster only.

    2. DDR


      Good. That's what I was thinking, glad you're aligned.


      Alright, you're up.  

    3. DDR


      You still with this? 

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  15. It's neither. I didn't see the SF Giants/bowling ball/Grateful Dead mashup concept. If I had, I would've thought that concept was random, too.
  16. This is an exceptionally random concept series.
  17. Gotta love when the Boards turn your "b" bullet point into the cool guy sunglass emoji in the middle of a serious post.
  18. They ditched the "pair of tickets" design element that actually made sense in their identity, but kept the speech bubble element which never did.
  19. Yeah, you're right. Well-trod territory. I'll show myself out.
  20. They're not the Schooners. They're the Sailboats.
  21. I used to hate Skip Bayless as a person. I don't anymore, because I no longer think of him as an arrogant, idiotic sports shouter. I now think of him as an actor, playing the role of loudmouth troll. I still hate Skip Bayless, but now it's just the character he plays.
  22. "The crown is a reminder that we are all Kings. Derived from the primary logo, the crown is angled slightly to provide dimension and strength." Oh get the eff out of here, lofty design rationale.