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  1. Just completed my revised Timberwolves concept, with an updated color scheme (Darker shade of blue, more vibrant green, but still traditional). Wolves Home: Wolves Away: Wolves Alternate:
  2. FYI these are my first concepts done on inkscape, so they won't be perfect
  3. Hello again. I recently made a different topic similar to this one about the possibility of Under Armour taking over the NBA, however now we learned that Nike is the frontrunner. I have made previous concepts, but I have revised some. I have not included the brand because it is just a concept not based on previous uniforms made by other manufacturers. Revised Bucks Uniforms with Current Logos/Colors I will post my updated Supersonics and Timberwolves concepts in the near future, and also an alternate for Portland, along with redesigns for the Clippers and Raptors (Huskies). Tell me what you think! Bucks Logos, Colors, and Wordmarks Bucks Away: Bucks Home: Bucks Alternate:
  4. Love all of these. I love the idea of the Nets rebranding to mimic the Dodgers. For the Paces concepts I feel as if the purple and yellow makes them feel to much like the Lakers. Great job though.
  5. Minnesota Timberwolves Home/Away: Milwaukee Bucks Home/Away: Milwaukee Bucks Cream Alternate: Seattle SuperSonics Home/Away: Seattle SuperSonics Black and Yellow Alternate: Sorry for the confusion, what do you think?
  6. Hey guys. So this is my first ever post, so I'm still getting used to this Recently I heard that the NBA is going away from Adidas, and with the Bucks getting a new color scheme, I made some concepts of NBA uniforms. Also, I have SuperSoncis modernized concepts (because it was fun and I love their color scheme), and one for my hometown TWolves. Tell me what you think! I posted the concepts later down on this topic
  7. I think that it was a great rebrand, for a team with no tradition, it sure captivated an audience and helped kick start their new success. If someone has no history, don't honor it
  8. Love these, but maybe add either yellow or blue. Great work