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  1. Either way, I tip my cap to Buffalo. Just feels like we're in this place between braggadocios Steelers and Pats fans and the humble base of...idk...Panthers? Texans, maybe? As for the organization...for all the praise our front office gets and how they historically have developed good defensive units almost every year, we can't seem to put together a sustainable offense. And the two most prolific offenses in recent memory (2014 & 2019) did not reach the AFC title game at best. Can't even develop wideouts either. Maybe I sound a little entitled since the team has won two Lombardis in 25 seasons of football, but that's just how I'm feeling now. I just don't want Jackson to suffer the same problems or worse than how Flacco had to throw to a lot of veteran receivers.Or struggle to find an offensive strategy with strong success year to year
  2. I'm not a very boasty Ravens fan, but my god, do other fanbases HATE us this much? On the note of the was a hot mess. That's all
  3. Browns-Steelers looking like the most pleasing sight to see during this Super Wild Card weekend. Colts-Bills second and Bucs-WFT third
  4. Pretty sure I'm not the only one to share my thoughts, but ads on the baselines of NBA courts look hideous.

  5. I'll give it to the Vikes. Love how the purple off the uniform just pops. Can't say the same for the Ravens, but that doesn't mean it's bad. The Ravens purple is less saturated and I'm not saying that because of the lighting in the picture you used.
  6. Ravens plan to go with the standard purple jerseys again vs the Giants. Does that confirm that the CR uniform has been quietly phased out of rotation this year?
  7. Damn...I was expecting all purple. I'm calling CR next week vs the Giants in their CR Edit: after seeing the Jags opt for black pants, I think the Ravens were better off sticking to white pants with the purple jerseys for this matchup
  8. Since every league didn't get to bring back fans all at once for all teams, the first game with a sellout crowd for every team post-pandemic will be memorable. I was hoping that the first games with fans back would have that pageantry of honoring frontline workers in pregame presentations.
  9. IIRC, the Steelers wore CR for the Christmas Day game in 2016 and the game started early enough for a little bit of daylight.
  10. Sadly I didn't get my wish. Standard purple jerseys are confirmed for this Sunday.
  11. You and me both, but on the flip side, I want the Ravens to break out the CR this week. Don't mind if the uniforms are the same as the divisional playoff last season, but Ravens CR seems more appropriate than black for a day game for instance.
  12. *sighs* Well...looks like Pittsburgh might have relegated us to a step below the true Super Bowl contenders. Steelers won't have another tough opponent besides maybe Buffalo. On the other hand, we still have to visit Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving night and host the Titans the Sunday beforehand. The division isn't lost, but it's a tough climb considering what's ahead...and the crazy thing about it? I probably sound crazy since both us and the Steelers still have four teams sub-.500 down the stretch (fact check me, por favor).
  13. Without looking at other replies, I'm led to go with the Lakers white alternate, which they have worn in every Finals appearance since 2004 IIRC. Clean, straight forward, beautiful look...that's all that needs to be said. It was hard to really settle on one considering these facts: Miami didn't use any of their alternates this year and maybe several times in the 4 appearances with James/Wade/Bosh Set aside the memory of the last 5 mins, we can all agree that we'd give the Game 7 Cavs of 2016 a wardrobe change The Spurs didn't wear alternates in any of their 6 appearances Off the top of my head, I've only seen two teams win the trophy wearing alts (2016, 2019) That's just a brief rundown of thoughts going through my head, but that's just it. At the very least, the door is open now going forward with Nike's hand in getting every team an alternate jersey. Then again, it comes down to a team by team basis as we've seen with Miami leaving the Vice uniforms in the regular season drawer, for instance. We're going to see more memorable moments in Finals history with possibly the Bucks in their black fear-the-deer jerseys or (hopefully, one day) the Clippers in their white San Andreas-inspired uniforms. Feels inevitable at this point, especially if parity runs rampant in a post-LeBron NBA. Side note: Was the '95 Magic the first to wear alternate jerseys in an NBA Finals game? I'm led to believe that at the moment.
  14. To your point, all the Sixers alternates with that font have been beautiful. I, however, would make a case for the jerseys a few years back. They would just need some form of consistency between these two as far as number positioning and, obviously, a blue alternate.
  15. Raiders-Saints was a one-off simulcast to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first MNF game. If it was me handling the schedule, I surely would have had Chiefs-Ravens that week instead. ESPN is indeed pushing to have ABC simulcasts in the next TV deal with the NFL. And I have no doubt they'll get their wish. The ratings would easily trump any recent episode of DWTS. Not to mention, they can negotiate for better games on their schedule than in years' past, even though they may not have the flexibility of NBC and their SNF lineup.
  16. Cubs have really struggled to make a deep run since winning it all 4 years ago. Only one series victory in their 3 postseason appearances since then.
  17. I was HBP'd when he made that remark!!!!
  18. Seeing ABC flirt with the one-off returns of MNF and postseason baseball (depending on the longevity of this new format) has got to be very delightful. Makes me wish ESPN would use the network to carry more sports. They're heading in the right direction though by lobbying the NFL to get ABC involved and hopefully, Super Bowls back again as well. Not sure the same can be said for MLB because there's a very slim chance Disney would let Sunday Night Baseball take away the summer game show block on the same evening or let alone take up LCS and/or WS games when we've seen Fox get beat by some scripted shows and sometimes SNF, obviously, in the past.
  19. Slight update to the NBA on ESPN scoreboard tonight. The logo makes a toggling appearance next to the ESPN wordmark.
  20. Old news thoughts about Monday: Not panic mode after the Ravens L, but the pass rush has to improve to me the most before the playoffs. Defense had a rough first half before the offense figured out a way to get into some kind of rhythm. It's also important that the coaches don't beat themselves and the players find some fight within if we're trailing significantly. And also, I'm kinda glad the media is turning away from us right now. Might make the regular season easier to just go out and play without the hype of being a legit threat to KC....for now. I'd rather the Ravens make a deep playoff run as an underdog than an overwhelming favorite. Until then, gotta handle business against the Football Team
  21. They did go all-black vs the Jets on TNF last year too. I think they should do go all-black against what I expect to be white jerseys/red pants from the Chiefs. That to me seems like a better matchup than the white pants paired with the black jerseys. Still dying to see them pair the purple pants again like back in 2018, but I'm not sure how soon we'll see it again, if at all. And there is TNF at home vs the Cowboys right after Thanksgiving, so whatever pants isn't worn this Monday might be seen against the classic Dallas white or CR white uniform.
  22. Orioles got eliminated from the playoff race last night. I know, I know....I should not have expected such achievement in the first place being in a division with the deep-running Yanks and the BoSox winning WS titles every so often, but let me say this... This season was a pleasant surprise of success. For this team to have made it this far and be as close as they are is quite impressive. The hot start out the gate after an embarrasing Opening Day in Boston, sweeping the Phils in Philly, putting that losing streak to the Yankees to a hard end this month...Santander's fire hitting streak before his injury and many more hot stretches for the batters that I don't have time to list right now. Not to mention, some good gems on the mound from Kremer and Means down the stretch. Furthermore, to have done all of this without Trey Mancini as he was battling cancer was amazing. The pain of that rough week in NYC stings very hard now (1-5 at the Mets and Yanks after going 3-2 against both the week before at home) as it was pretty much our nail in the coffin aside from a near sweep by the potential AL East champ Rays. But a las, I guess I won't see the fun of October baseball again...yet. Call me crazy because this team should be losing game after game to get another top 5 pick for 2021, but I like what these guys have put together this year. Looking forward to what 2021 can bring as far as taking another step in the right direction...
  23. *Titans defense proceeds to miss every tackle* But seriously though, THIS is the way to go for the road jerseys IMO
  24. Only 3 QBs have ever worn 2 for the Ravens. The most recent to do it? Jimmy Clausen in 2015, which includes that appearance of the pants that caused a riot in the Flock lol The other 2s? Tyrod Taylor and Anthony Wright Also just remembered RG3 is the first 3 with the Ravens since HOFer Matt Stover.