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  1. With next week's Monday night marquee on the horizon for my team, I'll pass on that. I'm willing to bet we'll play more to our strengths throughout the game if all goes well.
  2. I guess the superstition got to them after having a horrid 10th season in 2005 and an injury-plagued 20th back in 2015
  3. I wonder if the Ravens didn't apply the 25th anniversary patch on the jerseys...haven't seen it in the photoshoots, social media posts, etc. Fanatics/NFL Shop doesn't even have it on the jerseys being sold nor is there a standalone patch. Maybe we'll only see it on-field at the 25 for gameday, possibly? Just a thought, but I'll wait to see if the Week 1 hype video coming soon previews anything for us.
  4. I think the Ravens will go for 3 games wearing black. They've done it the last two seasons. Interesting enough, in 2018, they wore it for 2 day games and the Week 17 late-afternoon match since they had all their primetime (road) games finished by the end of Week 4. My prediction for the three this year will be Chiefs (with purple pants), Cowboys (all-black), and Giants (with white pants). Also, I guarantee you they'll still wear white for the home opener vs Cleveland. I think they do it to take advantage of the fairly warm conditions assuming it's sunny that day. On the flipside, I think Pittsburgh will unleash their throwbacks vs the Ravens on Thanksgiving, the Giants will wear color rush in Philly (all their CR games have come vs Philly or Dallas...maybe one vs the Skins, but I can't remember).
  5. I'll start with some more recent absences and departures that have left my sports universe: ESPNews as an actual sports news network as opposed to now being the equivalent of ESPN 2. I find myself wishing I could just tune in and watch the anchors dish out news and highlights as the day in sports unfolds. I might add that as a compromise, I'd be comfortable with some form of SportsCenter on at every hour of the day, which is what they did in like 2010 if my memory serves me right. Gus Johnson and Marv Albert (yes, that Marv Albert) calling NFL games. Gus' NFL resume speaks for itself from the Stokley catch of 2010 to the Jags hail mary (same year, I think?). As for Marv, I think he was decent when he returned to CBS after the March Madness deal with Turner almost linked the two together. Shoot, while I'm on the Gus tab, I wonder if Fox would let him cut a deal with CBS/Turner to call tournament games....that, we ALL could agree on, is dearly missed. Locally, as an O's fan, I miss Fred Manfra and Joe Angel calling games on the radio. Angel retired before 2019 and Manfra stepped down midway through 2018. Thursday Night Football when NFL Network shared it with CBS. This was the best presentation I've seen so far from them. NBC was okay, and Fox has just a slight rehash of the regular NFL games aside from some graphics differences and the pregame show in NYC. Shopping for gear across the major sports leagues BEFORE Fanatics swallowed up their services. I miss the unique experiences in going to the NFL Shop website or flipping through that catalog. Same goes for the NBA Store,, etc. when the leagues all had their stuff under control. ESPN's 2-Minute Drill. Who didn't love a sports game show on TV? ABC Sports and ESPN as separate, but tightly bonded divisions.
  6. This new batch of uniforms is very hit-or-miss with me. I'm not surprised at the helmet design when you consider the look of the new horn in the primary logo, so I expected it for the most part. The gradients in the home jersey are a NO GO however. Also, the yellow in the road jersey worries me a bit. Looks to me like it easily disappears in the jersey, but at least the numbers are fine. So the roads need more blue in the pant stripes and somewhere on the sleeve to make up for that obscure yellow. And of coarse, the script is badly placed considering it's not a logo/roundel a la the previous Jets or iconic Steelers primary. Overall: 3/5 To me, solid yellow numbers on the home jersey or placing the script above the numbers would put it at a 4. Sadly, I kinda knew the Rams would mess this up somewhere along the lines even though I was hoping for good things.
  7. Of all the jerseys I own, the worst is a Steve McNair Ravens jersey. It was my first jersey ever and I've had it since 8th grade. Had a good 2006 season in Baltimore, then 2007....well, let's not talk about that year. Didn't get another jersey until I picked up Flacco's right after the lockout. Thankfully, my O's collection is Jones, Markakis, and Hardy, so all quality on the orange side of my closet
  8. Old jerseys with a new script....I like it. The KISS approach. Now the pewter alternate on the other hand....idk how to feel
  9. 5 minutes to go...the Bucs can see our burning desires
  10. I actually liked how Houston's previous road jerseys gave a downward arrow effect down the sides when the Nike era of NBA jerseys started. When I first saw it, I thought it was intentional on the Rockets' end though
  11. I wish Nike gave this jersey the light of day. Sadly, it's the Rockets who never went ahead to redesign based off of this beautiful alternate.
  12. 5 as a primary, 8 for the hat, and 4 as an alternate. Not an easy decision, but it's good to work with IMO.
  13. And (if not in unison with each league's return), the day fans can come back to the events. But like you, I'm hoping we the fans looking to attend are there with them once we're back up and running.
  14. I've got two as far as NFL uniforms go. First off, the Cardinals. I'm okay with the home unis, at minimum. If they were to change wholesale within the next few years, I would rather they just strip down both uniforms where you'd get rid of the white and black everywhere except for the number and NOB. As for the road uniforms, I think you can make it work in a similar fashion. All white jersey, red NOB, same TV numbers as the chest and back seen here. Just get white pants and double stripes down the side and you're good. Secondly, there's the current Jags unis, which I do like. The "bland" design doesn't bother me at all. The only combo that might bother me is white-over-teal. But for the most part, everything else works for me when I see them on the field.
  15. Just a heads up: that pic of the 2011 screencap didn't load I'll assume you're well aware that the both teams (90/10 split that favors the Orioles) do indeed own MASN. If not, glad to have filled you in with new information Other than that, I'd like to assume the graphics department at MASN has been fallen lazy to some degree or the O's haven't invested in them too heavily. Maybe the legal battle between the two teams over this network might play a factor, but I doubt it's slowing them down as far as new graphics. What makes it more embarrasing is that it's the only team-owned RSN as far as the MLB scene goes whereas every other team is at least partially owned by a media company like a Spectrum or AT&T. If anything, maybe the change in ownership might be motivated to push out changes with MASN soon. The current owner's getting old and passed most of his power down to his son after the 2018 season, who's already making some non-baseball changes around the team. My honest opinion is that once the MASN lawsuit is over, the Nats will find a way to move to NBC Sports Washington and the O's probably sell off MASN to another company or keep it around and begin to invest in new graphics, hopefully in 2021.
  16. Ravens social media banner with a 2D version of the 25th-season logo. Edit: also saw this interaction on the Ravens Instagram...but does it confirm they won't be putting the patch on the jerseys?
  17. I pray and hope this isn't a lost season like when they celebrated 10 and 20 seasons
  18. That 70's Show (1998-2006): No episode with a scene in the Foreman basement was complete without that Packers helmet hanging out under the stairs. Not to mention, this from an older thread: _________ The Good Place (2016-2020): Enter Jason Mendoza. Quite possibly the biggest Jags fan I've ever encountered, and even moreso for Blake Bortles. Can't find the right screenshot, but he does play an exhibition game of Titans/Jags on Madden 18. And no, this isn't a typo considering that Bortles is no longer a Jaguar. But yes, that is Lisa Kudrow as a guest star in a fake Jags jersey from an episode that aired this January.
  19. This March has turned into something like that one day in July (looking at you, ESPYs night), but multiplied to infinity
  20. Although, I felt the now-retired package was more based off of CBS (the font choice feels more akin to that from their NFL graphics than anything at Turner IMO). Hopefully it pairs well with what CBS may bring with whatever changes come after Super Bowl LV, especially since they have the two most widely watched events of the year in sports next year
  21. I vividly remember the outrage in the 2017 MLB thread from when the Reds were wearing these on a night when Scooter Gennett went on to hit 4 home runs vs the Cards in traditional road unis.
  22. Too much gold I think. Would have rather kept the number, roundel, and champion logos in their standard colors with only gold in the roundel stars and maybe even to outline the number.
  23. Way-too-early thoughts on the Ravens' uniform matchups at home next year:

    • vs CLE - Potential MNF vs TBD (Let's wait on the Browns new set to decide)
    • vs PIT - Black/purple vs Steelers white/yellow
    • vs CIN - Purple/white vs Bengals Color Rush would be interesting
    • vs KC - Though I expect this game to be a SNF matchup at some point during the season, I predict purple/white vs Chiefs white/red
    • vs NYG - I'd like to see the Giants wear the Color Rush white against a non-division team. Maybe we'll see it vs Ravens in purple/black
    • vs DAL - This has potential to be an early season game. If it's a 1pm game within the first two weeks, expect white/purple or white/black to force the Cowboys into the special-occasion blue and grey. Otherwise, all-purple or all-black if primetime vs the classic Dallas white/grey
    • vs JAX - Purple/white vs Jags in white/teal or white/black
    • vs TEN - Assuming the Color Rush comes back next year, I say they wear it against the Titans white/navy.
  24. This is why I prefer FS Radio over CBSSR, where the hosts can hold their own ground. I could even put up with ESPN Radio, but sadly the ESPN affiliate here is a news station that would only air them unless it's any of the championship games. They'll put on Navy football any given Saturday before ESPN Radio. Also, while I'm on the topic, I want to rant about one local station in Baltimore. It's getting hard to listen to when the lineup of hosts is so thin, the 9pm-12am is sometimes working weekends. Then it in turn forces national radio to start early (9pm on Saturdays and 6 on Sundays without midday sports). I know terrestrial radio is a dying breed thanks to smart phones, unlimited data plans, aux cables, smart speakers, etc., but when I'm not in a music mood in my car, I'd much rather hear a local guy give his take on who the Ravens will sign this offseason at 9:24pm on a Saturday as opposed to CBSSR for the rest of the night.