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  1. Honestly the Falcons and Rams were oversights on my part, my mistake. The Steelers white facemasks were what was actually painted in Super Bowl IX.
  2. Revised Super Bowl I with a green endzone for the Packers.
  3. That's awesome! You'd think for the 100th season that the NFL would want to do something like this.
  4. Saw this in the Super Bowl Field Database thread - I've made a bunch of 1960's Super Bowl endzones for each team. Even though Super Bowl I had the NFL and AFL logo on both sides of each teams' wordmark, Iused the Super Bowl II endzone format (with the team logo and league logo) for this request.
  5. I loved their endzone in XV. The kelly green and silver was a beautiful thing. Unrelated - one of my first jerseys I had as a kid was a Ron Jaworski home jersey.
  6. Super Bowl LIV - The gold and red makes this field stand out. Good news to see that the actual field will use this color combo. Original Super Bowl LIV - TBD
  7. Super Bowl LIII - The yellow-gold looks much better for the Rams than the true gold from their St. Louis days.. Original Super Bowl LIII -
  8. Super Bowl LII - Decided to go with silver/gray for the Eagles this time, just as it was in Super Bowl XV. Original Super Bowl LII -
  9. Super Bowl LI - Aesthetics don't change too much from the original. Perhaps the paint doesn't fade too much like it did in the game. Original Super Bowl LI -
  10. Super Bowl 50 - Went with teal this time for Carolina. Not unprecedented for the NFL to change up during the helmet era. Dolphins went from aqua endzones in VIII and XVII to orange in XIX. Original Super Bowl 50 -
  11. Super Bowl XLIX - I can picture Malcolm Butler making that pick just outside that neon endzone of Seattle. Original Super Bowl XLIX -