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  1. Reminds me of this childhood favorite:
  2. We haven't gone with a striped helmet since before Greg Schiano. Last year's set also did not have pants stripes. These are subtle changes, but I think important ones in that they incorporate a bit more black which balances out the look while also differentiating us from Wisconsin/Nebraska/Indiana.
  3. They should have just taken NC State's old digs: Put "RUTGERS" across the chest: And you have a modern day classic:
  4. Probably one of the few 90s designs I actually really like...
  5. That's ugly IMO, but if the recruits/players like it and if it sells at the student bookstore, go for it. Would have much preferred a more subtle application like:
  6. To play devil's advocate, "Row the Boat" actually makes some sense given that Minnesota is the "Land of 10,000 Lakes"
  7. I am sad that I missed out on all the Rutgers talk 5 pages back. Argh...
  8. Those look awesome. The way they incorporated the stripe in the sub layer is something I don't usually like, but it's done really well here.
  9. A bit cookie-cutter, but I kinda like 'em!