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  1. This isn't exactly a concept, but I did a drawing of Patrick Peterson that I wanted to share and I figured here would be a good place. I used Sharpies, PrismaColor markers, ballpoint pens, graphite pencils, Crayola and PrismaColor colored pencils, and Crayola markers. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. First off is the Arizona Cardinals. I was born in Arizona, and I loved football growing up, so I naturally gravitated towards the Cardinals. Football is my favorite sport and the Cardinals are my team. I literally bleed my team's colors. First and foremost, I am a Cardinals fan. Secondary to them is the Phoenix Suns. I didn't follow basketball very closely until about two years ago, but I remember early on in high school for me was when the Suns were in that last championship push with Nash, Stoudemire, and Grant Hill. They're obviously not as exciting as then, but Steve Nash is my all time favorite athlete in any sport and I have a buddy who helps out with the team's training camp every year, so my love for them persists. Next is college football, where I love the Bayou Bengals. Geaux Tigers! My father is from Louisiana, and I have a lot of family out there - who've even got me on the field at Death Valley (not during the season, unfortunately) I even have a Fleur de lis tattooed on my forearm, but that's because of the family ties. The number of times I've been asked if I'm a Saints fan is getting out of hand by now. I'm sort of obligated to root for UNM sports teams, being from New Mexico. It's the university I most recently attended and I went to high school with a couple guys on the football, basketball, and track teams. The basketball is pretty big locally, the atmosphere at the Pit is great, and I enjoy going to those games, but I don't love love the basketball (or college basketball in general really) The football team is generally garbage as well, though trending - slightly - up recently. It's more of an obligation, really. I'm more of a casual baseball fan. I watch the World Series and that's about it. That being said, I'm a Diamondbacks fan. I went to my first game this year, a 1-0 loss to Pittsburgh but I really enjoyed the experience. I left that game with two new hats, and I'm not a hat person. Hockey I know nothing about. I guess by default it would go the Coyotes because I love me some AZ. But I just recently moved to California, just north of Anaheim. One of the friends I made out here is a HUGE Kings fan, and hates the Ducks more than I hate Alabama or the Seahawks. He's already bought me Kings merch, and is trying to get me to go to a game, so I suppose that if I do ever start following hockey, I'll start rooting for the Kings because of this guy. TL;DR Cardinals first. Everything else second.
  3. From the Cardinals Snapchat. They will be wearing their black alts against the Rams on Sunday.
  4. Exactly zero changes today, but a blast from the past in the AFC North today. The Steelers almost have perfect uniforms, if they just made two changes - revert the number font back to a block font, and fix their sleeve stripes. So that's what I did, returning Pittsburgh to an older era of uniforms, and bringing in a new throwback from I want to say 1969, but I'm not 100% sure. But that's beside the point - the uniform set is beautiful, and miles better than the bumblebee prison uniforms. (I know these shades of yellow look different, but that has to do with the lighting when I took the pictures with my phone. In actuality, the yellows in the three sets are the same) Another old uniform returns for the Cincinnati Bengals, a throwback to the Boomer Esaison era. Nothing groundbreaking, just a much classier look than the one they currently trot out every week sees a return to the field here. As always, C&C more than welcome:)
  5. This isn't just "He has a new team, so it's wrong." I don't know if it's me or not, but doesn't something just about Sam Bradford in this Eagles uni? The sleeves look too big, the helmet looks too big, and the jersey looks too baggy. I don't know how to explain it, because he had a kind of big helmet and did the baggy sleeves in St Louis, but it didn't look For comparison's sake, here he is in St Louis. He still has the baggy sleeves, but he actually looks like he fits in his uniform. Or one better, here he is back in college. He looks great here, like a quarterback, not like a little kid in large pads.
  6. This instantly comes to mind to me for Larry Fitzgerald. He had his diving touchdown against Carolina, his amazing game against Philly, and of course his catch and run in the Super Bowl that year. But to me, no play sums up the Cardinals - and Fitz's especially - amazing postseason run like this play. Everyone counted Arizona out, and then with this play, they just exploded and never looked back. I can still hear Dave Pasch on the radio call bright as day - "Throws it to Fitz, he's in double coverage - IT DOESN'T MATTER!"
  7. That was my idea with the Detroit jersey, for it to be a one off. In my head, they would have worn it once and then never again. When I found that they do that, I just thought it was really cool! I love when teams change up their practice jerseys - they have less restrictions there, so they should let creativity reign. I also love Cleveland's camo practice unis, however terrible they may be. My thought there was that I could actually see the green Lions on the field within a reasonable stretch of the imagination. I had considered doing something like this, or adding practice jerseys to this series as well. I ultimately decided against it, but I may add them once I finish everything, or just start a new series. I think that could be an interesting thing to tackle. (Get it? Because it's football!) What I want to do, time permitting, is create a weekly uniform matchup for the regular season. To me, part of my series here is how often some of these uniforms will actually be worn during the season - such as the green Detroit alt. I would also like to see how some of my uniforms look against each other in a matchup. Again though, time permitting. And speaking of Pinktober and breast cancer awareness, I have a fun one coming up here pretty soon from Chip Kelly and the Oregon Eagles;)
  8. Finally! I've been hoping one of these NFL concepts would have a Mardi Gras Saints uniform! I've seen the Pelicans done, but not the Saints yet. I love it! Big, bold, and beautiful! Great work!
  9. Indianapolis today. I struggled with what to do with their uniforms; I wanted to make changes, but nothing too drastic. I really like what they have now, but I think they're missing...something. My issue is that I also really like the uniforms the Jets currently wear, but I feel like the two are really similar. With my first drafts of both teams, they wound up looking TOO similar. I decided to make more drastic changes for one of the teams, and wound up deciding on changing the Jets, so I just tweaked the Colts and even incorporated some of what I like from the Jets uniforms into these Colts. The numbers change to match the large font on the back of their helmets - which I love - the facemask is white now instead of grey, and the socks are white on the away unis. Also, the double stripes on the socks return. I also have updates to the Browns and the Lions today. For the Browns, I just added an orange alternate jersey. And for the Lions, I recently discovered their recycling awareness practice jerseys their quarterbacks wear for a week or so during camp. I don't know all the details, but for part of their training camp, the Lions have their quarterbacks wear green jerseys made out of recycled plastic bottles. I think it's a fun color, just purely aesthetically, and obviously, recycling is a good cause. So my thought for this jersey is, if they want to raise awareness even more, why not do it during the season, with the entire team, maybe for a nationally televised (Sunday/Monday Night) game? Because would you really put it past Nike to put a team that normally wears one color into a bright green? So what I did is keep my template from their uniforms exactly the same, and just changed the color of the jersey. Pants, helmets stay the same. Green recycled jerseys in place of the standard blue ones. C&C welcome and appreciated:)
  10. I'm not loving the navy alt for OKC. The orange stripe just I can't quite put my finger on why...could be just I don't think the darker blue fits the team's identity...but I'm absolutely loving everything else! You made the worst jersey in the league one of the best looking (in my opinion) with that vertical stripe! Can't say enough good things about the home and away. I even love the orange one, excellent work!
  11. You fixed almost everything wrong with these uniforms. Just fixing the shoulder and pants stripes improves the look significantly. That said, I'm not a huge fan of the return to block numbers or that you kept the drop shadow. I don't have a problem with their new numbers, but I understand why you changed them. I do think that if you changed the drop shadow to an outline, these would look even better.
  12. Three quick updates today. San Diego currently has one of the best uniforms in the league, but the problem is that they wear it very rarely as an alternate. All I did was make the powder blues the primary and changed the facemask and the away uniform to reflect that. A new throwback is also added. Chicago's stripes and numbers are changed to match the logo on the helmet - orange bordered by white - and a grey facemask is added. San Fransisco's sleeves stripes are fixed and added to the socks and the facemask is now red. Also, white socks are added to the white jersey with red stripes. And obviously, no terrible black alt for San Fran.
  13. A simple update to the Packers today. Most notably, the collar becomes a single solid color and a wordmark is added above the numbers. In addition, the socks now are all green and stripes are added. Finally, a thin yellow stripe is added to the stripe pattern to the pants and helmet, to match the shoulder stripes. It's a classic look that didn't need much. Enjoy! I tried messing around with a throwback because I wanted an Acme Packers uni but nothing came out the way I wanted, so just the primary home and away jerseys for now. I'll keep messing and hopefully something will wind up looking okay. Also today, I have two updates - an alternate pants colors for the Cardinals, and a red and white alternate for Atlanta.
  14. The grey alternate there is leagues better than the alternate they have now. I like that about this series - very simple, no gimmicks. You found what works for every team so far. Great job.